The Arthritis Foundation On Using CBD For Chronic Joint Pain

CBD Oil for Arthritis

CBD Oil for Arthritis


Over the last few years, CBD has become extremely popular. People try it for various purposes, such as for sleep or pain relief. However, there’s no guidance on using CBD in a safe manner.


Recently, the Arthritis Foundation released guidelines for those who want to use cannabidiol. This is the first guidance of its kind. The reason for this is to provide people with some sort of clarity for using CBD, regardless of the lack of science-based evidence proving that it can be used to relieve pain.


Kevin Boehnke, who works at the University of Michigan as a research investigator in anesthesiology, said the public’s interest in CBD had to be acknowledge. He went onto say that it was important to put together guidelines and what the state of the science currently was. Boehnke helped create the guidelines for the Foundation.


The Foundation has strongly urged patients to not discontinue using medicine prescribed to them by doctors. Boehnke said the guidelines are not telling people that they should try CBD. Instead, they’re letting people know what they should do if they want to try it.


As reported by, the United States Government passed the Farm Bill. In that bill, hemp was removed from the list of controlled substances. CBD doesn’t cause people to get high. THC is the compound that causes the high feeling users experience with marijuana.


Since the passing of the bill, regulating CBD is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration. However, they have yet to regulate it. As a result, CBD products have exploded in popularity and the brands marketing them make all sorts of claims, such as it’s good for pain relief, stress and insomnia to name a few. This is why those with arthritis have taken notice of CBD.


More than 2,000 patients were surveyed by the Arthritis Foundation. Nearly 80 percent of the 2,600 patients were either using CBD for joint pain, have used CBD or were thinking about using it to treat athritic pain. The group said that more research would be needed to prove CBD’s safety, as well as efficacy, if studies do reveal that it can be used as an effective pain reliever.


It’s not known when those studies will be finished. However, the Foundation recommends starting off slowly if you want to try CBD. Start with low doses and as time goes on, keep an eye on symptoms.


THC might be a good alternative to CBD if CBD does not do a good job at relieving joint pain. THC is legal in many states in America. Once again, the Foundation recommends using THC in small doses.


The Foundation recommends patients to work alongside a doctor when it comes to using CBD and THC products. It’s also important to find products that use third-party testing. However, locating reputable retailers can be a challenge and this is due to the lack of oversight from the government.


Boehnke said consumers have to do their research. He continued to say that sometimes studies show that the CBD in a product doesn’t actually match with what the label is saying. Some other experts have call guidelines on substances in which regulatory guidance doesn’t exist is not responsible.


Dr. Pieter Cohen, an expert who studies ingredients in drugs in market, said before CBD products are recommended to the public, labels that reflect what’s inside the products should be accurately reflected. He said the public needs to know that the dose they are taking is completely safe. He added that as of now, this is not the case.


For those who want to use CBD anyways, the Foundation recommends using CBD oil found in liquid drops or sprays. Patients use these products by holding them under their tongue for 60 seconds. This method means the ingredients go right into the bloodstream.


Do Not Vape CBD

The Foundation recommends staying away from CBD lotions and edibles. This is because nobody is 100% sure how the ingredient interests with the system when it’s eaten. They also don’t know how it acts when it’s absorbed by the skin.


The FDA has only approved one CBD drug, which has been heavily researched. The drug is Epidiolex. The drug is formulated to treat various forms of epilepsy in kids.


Some doctors have been asked by 90 percent of their patients about CBD. One doctor is Eric Westerman, a Denver-based rheumatologist. He sells and markets a CBD product formulated to treat pain.


Westerman said he and his group conducts heavy research on the product. However, he does agree that all CBD products should be tested for safety and efficacy. He added that he isn’t concerned too much about CBD, but he is much more concerned about contaminants that may be present.


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