Best Way To Take CBD

Best Way To Take CBD

Best Way To Take CBD


CBD is becoming more and more popular in modern pharmaceuticals. As it becomes normal to use an aspect of cannabis for relaxation and recovery the number of ways in which you can administer CBD to yourself is increasing. However, it can be hard to tell which is the best method for you. So we are going to have a little look at all the different ways that CBD can be administered and figure out which ones tend to be the most effective, and which ones would be best for you specifically. 




Most of us will have heard of taking CBD in an oil form. This is definitely one of the most popular methods and CBD oil is extremely easy to get your hands on. Most pharmacies will stock some form of it and failing that it is sold all over the internet. Oil, or tincture as it’s otherwise known, is probably the easiest way to take CBD. The way that oil is often taken is sublingually, which just means you put the oil under your tongue. This allows the oil to diffuse through the mucus glands and into the bloodstream. If you are on the move and just need a quick dose of CBD this is likely one of the best ways to get it. However, some find the taste of the oil unpleasant and instead add it to food or drink. This may not act quite as quickly as the sublingual method, but will still provide decent effects from the oil. Using CBD oil comes highly recommended to most people, and the oils do come in a variety of flavours. Usually, the effects will be noticeable in about 10 – 15 minutes. It is also easier to sort out your dosage when you are just using oil. 


Skin Products


CBD is often used for joint pain and skin issues as well as anxiety and other internal problems. Therefore a number of companies have created CBD skin products such as creams, serums, lotions and gels. These will usually contain CBD as well as ingredients that will help the CBD be absorbed by the skin. Normally these would be used to target specific areas. For example, if you have an issue with your hip joint you can apply the cream directly to the hip and allow it to soak in. Targeted relief is just one of the pros of using CBD skin products. Though creams are absorbed through the skin there are also products that work transdermally. This means they will be taken beneath the top layer of the skin and introduced into the bloodstream. Usually, these products will come in the form of patches or something similar. This also allows for fast and effective relief without having to ingest the CBD orally. 




For those of us who don’t want to put oil droplets into our mouths or who prefer a slow CBD release, edibles may be the best option. CBD edibles are ingested and will be released through digestion, just like a normal cannabis edible. This means they may take longer to kick in but they will also last longer and maybe be more effective. Gummies can also be carried around in your bag so if you need a little chill out helper on the go they are easily transportable. Edibles are another one of the most common ways that people ingest CBD. You just need to watch that you avoid taking your edibles on an empty stomach as it could cause negative side effects that totally defeat the point of taking them. It will also slow down the effect of the edibles and you may not feel them as strongly. It is usually good to just take your edible at the end of a meal to ensure you feel the effects as fast as possible. 




If you want to feel the effects of your CBD as quickly as possible then vaping is usually the best way. There are plenty of vapes that can take CBD oils etc rather than just CBD strong cannabis strains. Due to the fact that you are inhaling the vapour of the oil, it is likely to hit much faster than if it is being digested or introduced through the skin/mouth. By vaping, you can really figure out your perfect oil ratio and you will feel the calming effects almost instantly. You also may not need as high a dose of CBD as many people who smoke report feeling effects from even low amounts of CBD. However, the main downside with vapourising is the fact that it can be a little inconvenient. If you need to take your CBD a number of times during the day it might be difficult to keep popping outside to use your vape. If you are just taking it in the morning and evening at home then vaping could be perfect for you. There are a variety of different vapes available to if you think this is the option for you it may require a little more research. We still don’t completely know the potential damage that vaping can do to the lungs. If you are a non-smoker, don’t vape weed or in any way try to avoid inhaling substances you may want to go for another option. 


Is It Possible To Overdose?


This is a very common question when it comes to ingesting CBD. Essentially it is very difficult to overdose but experts still recommend exercising caution. You probably shouldn’t take more than 750 mg a day unless your doctor has told you otherwise. Below that any kind of negative effect is very unlikely from using CBD unless you eat an edible on an empty stomach. Then you may experience some slight nausea or anxiety. 

So the ideal method of CBD ingestion completely depends on what you are trying to gain. Have a think about your reason for taking CBD and then apply it to the method that suits you the best. 


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