Suffering from Postpartum Depression? Cannabis Can Help

Cannabis and Postpartum Depression

Cannabis and Postpartum Depression


Pregnancy and motherhood are terrific, but they may come with distinct challenges. Thousands of women experience postpartum depression (PPD), with some progressing to psychosis. During the initial stages of PPD, you might mistake it with baby blues. Luckily, we have the Cannabis plant to our rescue, from the cannabis seeds to its alternate derivatives, marijuana can help you in dealing with many psychological conditions like PPD.


When you suspect a PPD case, you need to properly screen, diagnose, and treat the affected person, to avoid devastating effects that can be harmful to the mother and the family. Postpartum depression impacts differently with the most common symptoms being anxiety, depression, or even psychosis.


Many women treat postpartum depression using traditional methods such as SSRI medications, therapy, and the use of antidepressants. Some are lucky, and they relieve their symptoms with those methods, while for others, it does not work. Fortunately, most women are finding relief from postpartum depression with cannabis.


Postpartum depression

Postpartum Depresison and Cannabis


PPD is a mental health condition that affects women after giving birth. It presents symptoms like irritability, mood swings, depression, and inability to sleep. These symptoms usually manifest within the first six months after delivery, and they may extend for longer if the mother does not get treatment.


Though it is not clear what causes PPD, the most probable cause is fluctuating hormone levels, especially progesterone and estrogen.


Scientists classify PPD as a critical depressive disorder, and it affects about 15% of mothers. The number of mothers suffering from PPD may be higher than this, as most women feel guilty about PPD, and they fail to report their symptoms.


Symptoms of PPD

A woman may get baby blues within the first month after delivery, but if it exceeds beyond that, it is considered to be postpartum depression. Mothers suffering from PPD may experience the following:


  • Thoughts of violence and suicide.
  • Too much or less sleep.
  • Lack of appetite or overeating.
  • Numbness
  • Feeling of anger.
  • Being constantly overwhelmed.
  • Guilty about your motherly performance.
  • Failure to bond with your baby.

Cannabis for postpartum depression

Marijuana and Postpartum Depresison


Medical Marijuana can help to treat depression in both women and men. When a woman gives birth, the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones may drop, making them experience an uneven mood. When the estrogen level drops, the level of anandamide will also drop, resulting in a mood swing.


The other name for anandamide is bliss molecule, as it helps regulate appetite, mood, and create feelings of joy. Anandamide is an endocannabinoid, which is responsible for good impressions.


New mothers experience a fluctuation in hormone levels, and they operate with low levels of anandamide. Fortunately, cannabis can help to correct this imbalance. Whether you consume cannabis seeds or vape CBD oil or other strains it can all lead to positive results.


THC is a psychoactive cannabis derivative, and it shares almost identical chemical structures with the anandamide. It also interacts with similar receptors throughout the body. CBD does not have psychoactive effects and it inhibits the breakdown of natural anandamide in your body.


Cannabis helps in treating PPD by THC replacing anandamide and CBD protecting the natural anandamide present in the body. Marijuana will also help to alleviate the most common symptoms of PPD, such as anxiety, sleep, and loss of appetite.


According to this study, cannabis can alleviate the symptoms of PPD and make you feel better. Pink Kush has a strong THC potency, and it may provide faster relief from symptoms of PPD.


With the recent wave breaking the stigma around cannabis, it’s availability is no longer an issue, you can buy Cannabis products including cannabis seeds easily.


Is cannabis safe to use when breastfeeding

Marijuana can be a better alternative to anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs, for the mothers suffering from postpartum depression, and they are not breastfeeding. A recent study suggests that cannabinoids can pass through breast milk and cause adverse side effects to the babies. This is why there is a restriction on the use of cannabinoids by breastfeeding mothers.


CBD can be safe for use by breastfeeding mothers, as it is non-psychoactive, and it does not get you high. Although CBD passes through breast milk, it has a variety of benefits like treating anxiety, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and PTSD. CBD is safe for children, as it can help them cope with serious ailments.


Mothers suffering from postpartum depression and are not breastfeeding can use both THC and CBD products to alleviate their symptoms.



PPD can present shamefully, and most people associate it with stigma. Many women suffer in silence, and they fear to report what they are experiencing. Some of the PPD symptoms can lead to devastating results and seriously affect the mother and the entire family. Mothers should know that it is not their fault to suffer from PPD, and they should not feel shame to ask for help and support.


Marijuana provides numerous health benefits such as reducing pain and inflammation and treating the most common symptoms of depression and anxiety. Cannabis products like Cannabis seeds, CBD products etc are gaining more and more popularity in the medical industry for their multifold benefits, today, these products can be consumed in many ways like in the form of edibles, tinctures, and oils, etc. Vaping is also another method for consuming cannabis, check out gosmokefree uk for reliable vaping gear. If you are not a nursing mother and suffering from PPD, consider consulting your healthcare provider about consuming cannabis to alleviate your symptoms.


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