Cannabis Giggles – Win some Good Shit Man!

Make us Laugh

Make us Laugh


It’s a funny thing Cannabis. Funny in many different ways, but one way is, that it can make you laugh. In fact, you can easily expect to get a good dose of the giggles when you use it. If this has happened to you before you’ll know it can be about the daftest of things and you can laugh until it hurts.


To help you get the giggles for the next time, check out this collection of 10 Funny Cannabis things from the Internet.


Look out for our promo at the end of this post where you can win x10 Good Shit Feminised Cannabis Seeds from the ever generous Phoenix Cannabis Seeds for your funniest Cannabis Content / Post / Meme / Story.


Whoever makes us laugh the most – wins. Simples!


1 – Nurses Get High After Grandad Brings In Cannabis-Laced Cake to Say Thank You –


According to the story, Police were called to the hospital because staff felt relaxed. Maybe they should take it more often then. The cake, was supplied to the nurses by an old man who’d taken it from his grandsons 18th Birthday Party surprise. Not a bad present to be given, but I might freak out if I didn’t know what was happening to me. I see the story calls it ‘space-cake’ – I didn’t know it was still called this! I think edibles is the best way to explain it these days, is it not?


2 – Dairy Queen Worker Says She Was Sacked After Making Marijuana Themed Cake Due to Manager Mistake


Ok, this story was funny as first, until the employee was sacked. It all started innocently when a Mum asked for a themed birthday cake for Disney Character ‘Moana’. The request was misheard by staff and the employee produced this:


Marijuana Cake


An innocent enough mistake you might think, but the unfortunate employee was dismissed. Pretty harsh we think!


3 – Parents & Kids Smoke Weed


This is funny and educational. The guys at Strange Buds put this cool video together of parents getting stoned with their kids. They have some great conversations and could be a good idea to show any of your own friends and family to help break down those barriers. More of these please!


4 – Cheech & Chong – The Best Bits


This is considered one of the fundamental Cannabis Movies out there – Cheech and Chong. If you grew up of a certain era, it would be your go-to film for Cannabis Comedy. They made a few movies but ‘Up In Smoke’ is one of the best! Help yourself to the best bits with the link in the title. Let us know your favourite stoner movie in the comments.


5 – Vault Memes


Mike Tyson Cannabis Theeds


We don’t take ourselves too seriously at The Vault. We like to make our own memes and if you follow us on Facebook (Or Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest for that matter), then you will find funny memes like the one we made above. Iron Mike is seen here dispensing some good advice! Go get those ‘cannabis theeds’ guys and gals! 😉


6 – Funny Cannabis Memes on Google


Cannabis Seeds Memes


Google is the go to place for most things these days, and that includes memes. There are endless amounts that you can feast your eyes over on a Google search. Keep your eyes out for any new Vault ones that appear too!


7 – Cannabis Joke 1


Why did the cattle rancher give up his small Cannabis Farm?


The Steak Were Getting Too High!


8 – Cannabis Joke 2


When Was Cannabis First Used?


In the Stoned Age


9 – Cannabis Joke 3


I’m thinking of leaving the rat race and becoming a Cannabis Farmer.


It’s a ‘Kushy’ job.


10 – The Vault on Pinterest –


The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store on Pinterest


You may not use Pinterest a lot but you’ll find lots of great Cannabis Content on there. We drop all of our funny posts and memes on there so it’s definitely worth a follow. You could even have your own board full of funny memes and jokes.


What’s your funniest Cannabis page / meme / joke or post. We’d love to see them. Please drop them in the comments section BELOW and we’ll throw in 10 Free Good Shit Feminised Cannabis Seeds from Phoenix Cannabis Seeds for the winner, chosen by #TEAMVAULT


Good Shit Feminised Cannabis Seeds


Winner will be announced on Fri 25th Oct!

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50 thoughts on “Cannabis Giggles – Win some Good Shit Man!

  1. What part of the body do pot users talk about the most…wait for it… while passing the joint and holding their breath they say…EAR
    Much better when you tell to someone in person cause you can go through the motions and physically pretend to pass the joint while saying … ear

    1. Confusis say “Man who stands on toilet gets high on pot.”also say “Man who put penis in hole in ground finds piece on earth.”

  2. 2 a.m in toronto my friend and i had munchies.we stopped into a burger king and back then they had an open type flame under the grill. the clerk dropped a hot dog onto the grill , it rolled off. this is all in slow motion , a hush fell over the stoned group of people. what now ? how can he get the hot dog out of the flames. As the smoke started he deftly grabbed his tongs, but the smoking hot dog was up against the window and he dropped his tongs in there as well. We all laughed until our sides hurt from watching this mini cosmic drama.

  3. got pulled over for a brake light being out the officer noticed my little vape device in the cup holder and pointed at saying <<> i replied they are saying the same thing about you guys 😛 he did not laugh

  4. I don’t know how I can post a meme on here cause it says I can’t, heres a joke ANY OTHER SEED BANK THAN THE VAULT!!

  5. The first time I smoked I got uncontrollable giggles that later turned into me scared af but still laughing, kinda similar to the fear people have with clowns not really being happy under that smile. It started when I went to stand in front of a mirror to see if smoking had changed my physical appearance. While examining every inch of my face and forgetting what I was doing staring at myself in the first place, I overheard my pals in the next room placing wagers on what I was in there doing. After a few off the wall guess I heard someone hit the nail on the head,”I bet he’s in there just staring at himself”. It was at that moment a laugh would start that would last for what felt like hours..not regular 60 minute hours, but DMV hours. Everyone had a good laugh until it wasn’t funny anymore…everyone but me. I continued to laugh and laugh even when no one was laughing anymore, to the point where I was being told I need to calm down. At this point I had tears flowing. These weren’t those knee slapping, gut wrenching tears of laughter, well they were, but not really. These were now tears of fear masked behind a face full of joy because on the outside I couldn’t stop laughing, but on the inside I was in total fear that I would never be able to stop laughing.

  6. My wife was hinting around for a anniversary gift, she said she wanted something that goes from 0
    To 300 in five seconds. So I got her a scale…… that’s when the fight started

  7. una mamma và dal dottore,.dottore sono preoccupata per mio figlio il dottore signora mi dica il problema dì questa preoccupazione è dottore o scoperto che mio figlio si fa le canne di mariuana il dottore ma no non si preoccupi l’importante è che non le mangia ??

  8. This happened in 1989, I was living in a shared house, and had a party… there was this know it all guy saying g hes smoked this and that blah blah blah… we all know the sort… well I had partaken in a little weed, and hatched a bit of a plan… I went into the mrs hamster cage, picked all the hamsters shits out. Squeezed them all together, made it into a small block wrapped it in foil…. I went back down to the party with the POT and and said this was some stuff I brought back from Morocco. Have you ever had to stop yourself from laughing your guts up when on pot… well I did “great poker face” I watched him open the foil sniff it. “Think I might have peed a little” he burned a bit off into a joint and smoked it…….. yes he was saying it was the best stuff he had ever smoked. he Was acting like he had smoked a 9 bar all on his own…. never forgot that night…. special thanks to HAMMY for his contribution.

  9. Something alil personal me and my buddy were smokeing after he returned from vacation during a smoke sesh we just finished and he layed back on a treadmill looked up and said there was a crack in the ceiling but he wasnt looking at the ceiling he was looking at the underside of a banquet table lol but after that we looked at the ceiling and in fact it had a crack lmao but it was his first time there after being back weird but funny

  10. One of my cats like to eat a raw cannabis leaf whenever she can.

    The other likes to sleep with her nose in my shoes/sandals. I call that aromatherapy for cats.

  11. First time I ever made a tinture with glycerin I liked the spoon and bowel. Some time later I had to go to the bathroom. I was locked to the chair. I was alone but got my wits about me and realized what happened. I knew I would be ok in a few hours. Looked at the clock it was 12:15. I waited what I thought was an hour and tried to move. Could not. Looked at the clock expecting at least 1:00. It was 12:20. About an hour later I crawled to the bathroom. I laid on the floor wondering how I was going to get to the toilet. Well I couldn’t but I did have the great idea to get into the tub. Got one leg in but not the other. The sliding door rail caught my pajamas and ripped a good half of it off. Fell asleep that way. Woke up the next day to the worst pain in my life. I was in the rail one testicle on each side. I still twinge when I think of it. Next thing I was aware of was the neighbor lady laughing at my naked butt. She asked if I needed help and she helped be to bed. Urine and all. I couldn’t handle it I had to move and switched to stavias.

  12. Not funny but my dog quite often will come and cuddle upto me whilst I’m smoking a fatty and I’m pretty sure that he gets lean of the smoke !!!!

    It does make me feel bad at same time but it dnt seem to affect he so that’s good

  13. Younger days I was out driving some country backroads and enjoying some great bud. Police officer pulled me over so I hid my pipe behind my back… officer walked up and asked “paying attention to your speedometer” ? I was baked and said ” dent in my speedometer ?while tapping it” LOL.
    Officer was cool, said put out my incense … pipe was still smoking…. he let me go.

  14. Another time…. brother and I were headed to Nebraska from Kansas. stopped late at night on the side of the road for some reason…. smoking some KGB and Kansas state police pull up… wind window down and the smoke would have impressed Cheech and chong. Those 2 young officers explained Kansas law real good. On the road was a white line not 5 feet in front of my camaro…. Nebraska state line. Officer had me pull forward onto the other side of the line… he said “we are Kansas state police, not Nebraska, have a good night”… they did take our weed though.

  15. When I first started to use marijuana id always be so stoned and my favorite munchies was cereal….seemed like every time I went to make a bowl of cereal stoned the milk went back into the cabinet and the bowl of cereal went into fridge lol to this day if I get super stoned I still end up putting milk back into the cabinets lmao!!! Probably won’t be good enough to win but its worth a shot lol! Good luck everyone fingers crossed I can grow some smoke that makes me put the milk away in the cabinets c’mon!

  16. After my neighbor cut down a big tree in his backyard on Monday I remembered he had a birthday coming up on Saturday. So I called the DEA to let them know there were drugs hidden in my neighbors tree. Next day a bunch of DEA agents show up with chainsaws and start cutting up the tree in search of the drugs.. My neighbor gets home from work and calls me and asks if I had any idea who cut up the tree. I said yeah….Happy Birthday.

  17. Back, way way back, to when I was 13ish maybe 12 yrs old couple of us decided to have a 420 party. Now I’d been smokin a while by this point but never did “edibles” my buddy had raided his brothers grow and had a sack full of …. water leaf (Hey man back then i just didn’t know ), so our ingenious plan make brownies. Didn’t know to even decarb so you can see where this mess is going. So we chop this mess of shit leaf with scissors big stems and all, dump 2 or 3 cups of the leaf into a brownie box mix. The resulting mess looked like you’d dumped chocolate over salad. We figure ****it don’t gotta be pretty and grab that and a jug of water and go at them. Now they couldn’t even be cut so we’re just stuffing handfulls of this mess and trying to choke it down. Gagging on stems, chugging the water to wash it down. And of course the bonus of going through all that and not even catching a buzz. Sucked then, but a funny memory now.

  18. Q: How do you know when you have smoked enough pot ?

    A: When you start looking around for the directions on how to use the lighter.

  19. I had just bought a new lawnmower. I called my good friend Ricky to come over and check it out. Once he got here we partaked in smoking some killer cannabis. After it had soaked into my body i was feeling lovely. Now is when i was going to show off my new lawnmower. (WRONG ANSWER) Started it up showing how fast it would run and turn on a dime. But didnt know it could climb fences,and that’s just what she did. Yes the lawnmower took off like a bat out of hell and climbed right up a 6 foot fence. There the lawn mower was standing straight up in the air and there I was laying on the ground. I bet we laughed for 2 hours. And still today 20 years later,we still break out laughing over it.

  20. I told my wife I was gonna start smoking pot. She said if I did she’d leave me. I guess it’s true what they say…
    Marijuana truly is an effective way to get rid of aches and pains. :p :p :p

  21. The police finally caught the guy who cut off my arm.
    People say he’s evil, but I think he just needed a shoulder to cry on… ^^’

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