Spooky Season Stoner Snacks Part 1

Spooky Season Stoner Snacks Part 1
Spooky Season Stoner Snacks Part 1

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It’s October and that means one thing, I get to be weird all month and no one can say a damn thing about it. I was rummaging through my partner’s baking box the other day because it was a container that I hadn’t rummaged through before, and I found a very exciting item. I found bat shaped cookie cutters which means that the rest of this month will be practising bat cookies and making literally everyone eat them. The main thing I’m excited about is making some extra special cookies for the hallowed day itself. Plus it’s my mum’s birthday, yes I was birthed by a literal witch, and I think it would be a fun treat. Of course, if you are having an all hallows eve party you’ll want a few different options for your terrifying assortment of guests. So how about we have a gander at some of the most popular halloween party food, but make it just a little more fun. 


For these recipes you will need cannabutter and cannaoil so let’s do a quick refresher on how to go about making them yourself. 


Cannabutter/ Cannaoil


You’ve probably seen me talk about this a couple of times so I won’t go into too much detail. There are plenty of online walkthroughs if you want a little more direction. 


You’ll need to decarboxylate your weed first which is pretty straight forward. Just grab however much you want to use and grind it up before spreading it on a baking tray on top of some baking paper to stop it from sticking. Pop in the oven at about 100 degrees celsius for no more than half an hour. Keep checking on the weed to make sure it isn’t burning. 


Once you have that you’ll need however much butter you want to use, a saucepan and some cheese cloth. You may also want to give the decarboxylated weed another grind to make sure it’s fine without being a powder. Melt your butter in the saucepan and add your weed just a little at a time. Make sure the heat is low and let the butter simmer for about 45 minutes. Keep stirring it and again watch out to make sure the butter doesn’t burn. 


When it’s done pour the mixture through the cheese cloth into a container and leave it to cool. Once it’s room temp pop it in the fridge and after a couple of hours you’re good to go. 


Canna oil is basically the exact same, just replace the butter with oil. 


Shortbread Bats


This is such an easy recipe, it’s literally three ingredients but you can mess it up like I did last night when I made them. Though I just stopped this sentence to go and try one of the second round that I made and it was amazing so let’s go. 


You’ll need: 


125g of butter (I like salted) ((Replace any amount of this that you like with cannabis butter depending on how strong you want them. In theory you could replace the entire amount if you want them to be super powerful)) 

180g plain flour 

55g caster sugar

That’s literally all you need for the biscuit part, then you can put in whatever you like. I put in chunks of chocolate. 


Warm up your butter in a bowl, ideally for 10/15 seconds in the microwave but on the hob is also fine but don’t liquify it. Then pop this in a big bowl with your sugar and mix it till it’s in a lovely smooth paste. No one will judge you for eating some of the sugar butter, because no one will know. Then add in your flour slowly as you stir it into the butter sugar. After a while it will turn into a slightly squishy dough. 

I like to roll it into a tube and wrap it in clingfilm, then you put it in the fridge for about half an hour so it can get a bit more structure to it. 


Then roll out your dough with a rolling pin, but make sure you keep it nice and thick. If you are using larger bat cutters I suggest doubling the recipe because as I discovered if shortbread is too thin it just turns into burnt sugar around the edges and it sucks. Once you have your nice thick bats, pop them on a greased or buttered up cooking tray and in the oven at 180 degrees C for about 15 minutes. I check them after 10 usually and keep them nice and far apart as they might spread a little. 


Then once they are golden brown just pop them on a wire cooling rack till they are room temperature. Then you can leave them as they are or get those icing tubes and put cute little bat faces on them or whatever. 


Now I’ve accidentally used my word count on one recipe so let’s see if we can squeeze in a quick one then keep going in part 2. 


Blood Punch (featuring weed) 


Making weed drinks is always a fun way to liven up the party because it takes really very little effort. However, it may take some time so preplan if you wanna do this one. 


You can use either pomegranate juice or cranberry juice for this one. The best way to infuse cannabis with juice is to take your decarboxylated weed, put it in the juice, and seal it away in a dark space for a few days. Once it’s ready just use your trusty cheese cloth then mix your weed juice with some pink lemonade and some lime juice then you have it! Blood punch featuring weed. Make sure to warn people before they get stuck in, don’t want to have too many cups of that stuff. 


If you are really intense you can add alcohol but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it. 


Come back to part 2 for some more spooky season stoner snacks! 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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