Perfect Stoner New Year’s Party: Part 1

Perfect Stoner New Years Party Part 1
Perfect Stoner New Years Party Part 1

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Since we are in that section of time where this year has the audacity to end even though I swear it literally just started, it’s time to start getting some New Year’s Eve plans together. If you and your friends enjoy a smoke there are better ways that you can add this into your celebration of the New Year in a more fun way than just rolling a joint. There are tons of fun things you can make such as food and drinks. You can plan lots of weed-friendly activities and if you have some real stoner buffs in the group maybe it could be fun to put some games and quizzes together. I’ll even have a look at the best strains to smoke at your party and the best ways that you can prepare your home for your guests. 


Best Strains 


If you’re feeling generous then maybe you will want to put out a little selection of strains that your guests can enjoy. Almost like a cheese board but for weed, also definitely have a cheese board…obviously. These are thought to be the very best strains for the New Year’s Eve party. 


Blue Dream  – This lovely little hybrid is a fantastic party strain. She is long-lasting, cerebral, energetic and generally uplifting. People can get so tired around this time of year. Coming out of huge family Christmas celebrations, dealing with holiday travel, dark and cold weather, just lots of stress. This is a perky strain that has just a touch of that relaxing Indica that will put everyone in a great mood. 


Girl Scout Cookies – You’ve likely heard of this strain before, definitely one of the most popular on the market for a long time now. She is another one that is going to bring the mood up but also provide some serious relaxation. If you are having a chill night in with a few friends this is the strain for you. 


Green Crack – This baby is essentially cannabis rocket fuel. If you’re having a big, high energy party then this is the perfect strain. It’s cerebral and stimulating with a great social edge. Perfect for those who are already in the party mood and for those who are just exhausted and struggling to get into the spirit. 


Bubba Kush – Now this one is definitely a full Indica and any guests partaking should be warned that too much will have them out for the count. However, if they are super stressed, maybe socially anxious, struggling with chilling out for any reason, this is the strain. Just a little bit will take the weight of the world off your shoulders and open you up to a fun and relaxed evening. 


Party Preparation 


So next we need to figure out what kind of party you are looking to have. It could be anything from a shindig where weed is present to literally weed themed. There are a few things you need to make sure you have sorted out before you start letting your guests in. 


Playlist  – Obviously you are going to need a playlist which very much depends on your friend group and the music you are into. Make sure that no matter what the genre you don’t go for any songs that last too long, lyrics are usually a good idea, and plenty of things you know people will recognise. 

It’s New Year’s so no matter what genre you want things that are fun and upbeat. Songs that fit well behind conversation but that people can also dance to. I know it’s tempting to just throw on your usual playlist full of songs you love, but nothing is worse than being high/drunk and suddenly a 7 minutes dark wave instrumental coming on and just destroying the vibe. Go for things everyone will like, not just the genres that you and a couple of others are definitely into. 


Alcohol – So this really depends if this is a party full of stoners. Obviously, weed and booze don’t go well together for everyone. Personally I wouldn’t provide alcohol, especially if I’m planning on providing weed, but allow people to bring their own booze especially if they aren’t smoking. 


Smoke Station – This can be a really cute addition to your selection of strains. You can provide a mix of skins, tobacco, grinders, maybe some pipes, whatever you like really. Obviously this is completely optional as is providing strains, probably an idea for the wealthier among us. Or it could be cute to make it a potluck, everyone brings their own weed and paraphernalia. 


Smoking – Make sure one of the first things you do is ensure that everyone knows the rules about smoking. It can be tough if you live in a flat or you have a lot of people to not end up with your house stinking. If you live in a warmer climate you should ensure windows etc. are open. However, if you are dealing with the cold there are a few things you can do. 

You can put down blankets on all of your furniture so that they can just go into the wash afterwards. 

Maybe limit the number of joints on the go at any one time so that you can minimise the amount of smoke in the room. 

You can also request that people smoke out of certain windows or in certain rooms that have extractor fans such as the kitchen. 

The last thing you want to do is have all of your fabrics smell too strongly or upset your neighbours. 


Invites – Keep a close eye on your invite list. You don’t want to have too many people all crammed together if you are going for a weed themed party. Make sure everyone knows to ask if they want to bring anyone and don’t invite hundreds of people thinking that just a few will show up. Too many different people stoned together can be a bit much and if you are providing strains you don’t want it all to vanish before you’ve even started. 


Come back next time for part 2 where we have a look at some fantastic party food and drinks! 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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