Christmas Presents For Stoners

Christmas Presents For Stoners
Christmas Presents For Stoners

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We are getting on into December now so for anyone who still has purchased a gift for that special stoner someone in their life, this is a list of all the best gifts that any weed fan would love to have this Christmas. Don’t worry we are going to look at a wide range of prices and gift styles so hopefully there will be something for everyone. I’ve just realised that it’s the 20th so probably gonna want to get on it, or hopefully you live somewhere where these things can be found in shops. I mean really if you are reading gift ideas this late that’s on you. 


Storage Jars


These are fantastic because they come in all different shapes, sizes, prices, and literally every single stoner could use one. A lot of people store their weed in bags or maybe a mason jar but this is definitely not ideal, especially if you’re a slow smoker. 


Weed storage jars are special because they are specially designed to keep weed at the perfect level of humidity to maintain the THC levels over longer periods of time. Some of these jars are absolutely gorgeous as well so you can help a special someone create a beautiful display of their favourite strains. Some even have a little space for labelling so you can feel like a weed witch. That sounds so good to me I don’t know about anyone else. 


A lot of these jars are sold in normal shops as containers for herbs or sometimes wine so you may be able to purchase this in any normal fancy person shop. 


Grow Kit


This is the ideal gift for the aspiring grower and they range from extremely affordable to a little more expensive. No matter if you are purchasing for someone you are very close to as a main gift or even if you are getting something casual as a secret Santa for someone who has expressed an interest there will be something to suit you. 


Most kits come with a great range of stuff to get started including a pot, soil, a germination kit, seeds, booklets of growing info, and all sorts of other stuff. These might be an online purchase unless you live in specific parts of the world so get to it. 




For the foodie stoner in  your life there are tonnes and tonnes of fantastic cannabis cookbooks on the market. There are some very well known ones that should be perfect for most cannabis chefs such as the Bong Appetit cookbook which is extremely popular. It provides a master class on cannabis cooking which makes it perfect for beginners and experienced chefs alike. 

If you aren’t totally sure which book would be the best for you, definitely check out this great list of books put together by Delish. I guarantee you will find something that suits your gift needs perfectly. 


Novelty Stash Boxes


This is a really cute option if you are looking for something a little cheaper and maybe a little sillier. There are tons of different styles of novelty stash boxes that are made to look like all sorts of things. 

If you are Scotland based you might want to have a look at this very reasonably priced Irn Bru can. 

If you just want some great variety, have a look at this website that has buckets of fun and discrete cannabis storage boxes including water bottles, peanut butter jars, hair brushes, plants, basically anything you could possibly be after to hide your drugs in. 


Butter Machines and Electric Decarboxylators


This section is definitely for those who are looking to spend more on their beloved stoner. These pieces of equipment are fantastic for anyone who likes making their own edibles. Could pair fantastically with one of those cookbooks we looked at earlier. 

Decarboxylation can be a complete faff if you are doing it by hand. Not enough that you need a machine but it sure makes things a heck of a lot easier. Your basic decarboxylation machines will usually be upwards of £100 because they are pretty impressive pieces of hardware but there is still definitely a range of different types. 

You can also buy these amazing all one one butter infusion machines. Making cannabis butter can really be a long and arduous process but these machines make the entire activity a breeze. The Magical Butter all in one machine makes the process of creating cannabis butter so easy that you’re definitely setting yourself up for a whole bunch of edibles suddenly coming your way. So it’s kind of a win win. 

There is also a machine that creates cannabis oil which is usually better for making savoury stoner snacks. The LEVO II is pretty, comes in a bunch of colours, looks like any other high end appliance, but will make preparing cannabis oil incredibly easy. Once again it’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny. 


Novelty Nonsense


This category is definitely for those people in your life that you know like weed, but maybe you don’t know much else about them. There are hundreds of bits and pieces you’ll be able to buy online or in shops. Just because you’re shopping for novelty doesn’t mean you have to shop tacky. There are loads of fun but genuinely cute items you can get that won’t cost you much but will still make it seem like you care. 

One of your easiest options is definitely weed wall art. I’m not talking about the Rastafarian flag leaf or a cartoon woman with giant tits in a weed bikini. There is so much beautiful weed art on Etsy . This is a great gift for that person that likes to make smoking a part of their personality and a part of their home. 

Novelty items such as fun weird-shaped grinders or lighters are also a fantastic option. Some of these might be a little more expensive but so many are still super cheap and pretty well made. 

Then you’ve got clothing, water bottles, blankets, just anything really that is weed-themed makes a great gift for that stoner you just don’t know that well. 


Happy shopping!


Written by Tasha Porritt


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Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter. The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection, or novelty purposes.

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