New Promo: 40 Premium Royal Queen Seeds Up For Grabs!

Royal Queen Seeds Promotion

Royal Queen Seeds Promotion

Who would possibly pass up on the chance to win up to 40 super-premium seeds from Royal Queen Seeds?  We’re pretty sure that if you are reading this, you’ll already be itching to find out exactly how to enter this amazing competition – so go ahead and read on for the low-down buddy…

What Prizes Are Up For Grabs?

The Vault has teamed up with our good buds over at Royal Queen Seeds to bring you an amazing assortment of prizes.  With four methods to enter, you’ll have up to four different chances to bag a 10 pack of awesome seeds: Or you could pick and choose which entry methods to go with – we’ll leave that up to you!

If you choose to enter via Facebook, you will stand to win the following Royal Queen Seeds:

10 x Royal Cheese (FAST) Feminised Seeds

Enter via Facebook Here and like, comment and SHARE THE POST

If you choose to enter via GrassCity, you could win the following Royal Queen Seeds:

10 x Blue Cheese Auto-Flowering Seeds

Enter via GrassCity Here and simply comment on the post to register your entry

If you choose to enter via Rollitup, you could bag the following Royal Queen Seeds:

10 x Pineapple Kush Feminised Seeds

Enter via Rollitup Here and simply comment on the post to register your entry

And finally, if you enter via The Vault’s blog, you could win the following Royal Queen Seeds:

10 x Royal Bluematic Auto-Flowering Seeds

To enter via The Vault’s blog, simply leave a comment on this promo blog post!

And there’s more…

If these amazing prizes weren’t enough, all four winners will receive a fistful of Royal Queen Seeds branded Rolling Papers + Tips – AND an awesome The Vault T-Shirt!

UPDATE 31/05/17 Winners selected by random number generator and announced:

Facebook part was won by Dianna Donnelly

GrassCity part was won by FuZzYBuDs

Rollitup part was won by HemiSync

The Blog winner is Scott – I have emailed you via the email address you used to enter

If you didn’t win this time around then never fear as we will be back with a new competition soon 🙂

In the meantime why not check out our other offers currently live on the site, including some awesome free seeds from Royal Queen Seeds with all orders placed –

How to Enter

Simply choose which platforms you would like to enter via and then like, comment and share the promo post  as detailed above – and you’ll then be in it to win it!

The winning entries will be picked at random and the winners will be announced on Wed 31st May.

Good luck, have fun and remember to pass this promo on to your best buddies (on the left hand side!).

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Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries; therefore, it is our duty to urge you to obey all of your local laws.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, novelty or collection purposes.

171 thoughts on “New Promo: 40 Premium Royal Queen Seeds Up For Grabs!

  1. In it to win it… The Vault Rocks!!!!!! …. I wont buy my seeds anywhere else… Best seed store on the planet!!!!

  2. May 30th … My Hatching Day.
    May 31st … Royal Queen Seeds Awesome Promo Giveaway!
    What a Great Month!!
    Many Thanks to you All at The Vault
    And at Royal Queen Seeds.

  3. The Vault has the best selection, best free seeds w orders,Best giveaways & The Best customer service.
    Don’t settle for less order Your seeds from the Best!!

    Thank you Royal Queen and the vault for all you do.

  4. Well I got my seeds, shirt and papers this last Saturday and they made it through customs with no problems. Thanks again I look forward to growing these out.

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