How to Use Your G Pen Connect Vaporizer

G Pen Connect vaporizer

G Pen Connect vaporizer



What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that lets people inhale substances like tobacco, cannabis, oil, or other herbs and blends. Some people also use vapes to consume drugs like tetrahydrocannabinol and nicotine. There are different kinds of extraction chambers in a vaporizer such as sequential venturi, straight bore, etc, usually made of glass or metal. These devices have separate slots for battery, raw material, heating chamber, oil, vapor pathway, and mouthpiece. Consumers inhale the extracted vapor through a hose or pipe.


Why are vaporizers becoming popular with time?


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Smoking involves burning or combustion, and people consume the smoke coming out of this combustion. Studies connect smoking to a lot of impurities that harm smokers in multiple ways. On the other hand, there is no combustion in the process of vaporizing. What we inhale from the vapes is the pure essence of the raw material in the form of gas or vapor. Some people choose it as a replacement for traditional smoking as vaping is a lot safer than cigarettes


Two primary ways of vaporizing:

Vaporizers employ two techniques to vaporize raw material. They are called Conduction and Convection. Conduction vapes are a bit old school and expose the content directly to heat. These kinds of vapes burn the raw material to a certain extent, but this process fails to deliver the goodness of vaping.


The convection process makes hot air passes through the device. This airflow leads to even heating and better vaping experience. However, the convection process is more complicated than conduction, and hence, these vaporizers contain a lot of intricate parts, leading to a higher overall cost of the device.


The predominant styles among vaporizers:





Desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers are the two primary choices on the market. The former is the bulky one that usually sits on a desk or table. These huge devices require running electricity for operation, although some have the option to insert small battery packs. Portable vaporizers are meant to serve you on the move. These are way smaller than desktop ones, and they run on rechargeable batteries.


Portable vaporizers are also of two types: Handheld and Vaporizer Pen. Handheld vaporizers are rectangular and fit in hand easily. This kind of vaporizer has a drawtube that is used for inhaling the vapor.


A Vaporizer Pen is sleek in size and looks more like an e-cigarette. The mouthpiece is located near the tip of the device and is usually made from a flexible material. The most famous among vaporizer pens is doubtlessly the G Pen Connect vaporizer with its innovative features and slender look. In this guide, we tell you how you can use your G Pen Connect vaporizer.


Some key facts about the G Pen Connect vaporizer:

The G Pen comes in a package that is as minimalistic as the vaporizer itself. The box contains a carrying case, 14 mm male glass adapter, 850 mAh battery, USB charging cable, replacement O- rings, and the main parts of the vaporizer. Some instructions are written on the paperboard, which will be helpful to new users. The G Pen comes in an all-black compact design and a metal finish, which makes it unique.


How to use the G Pen Connect vaporizer:


The Vaping process:

  • First, make sure the vaporizer is turned off while you load your favorite blends.
  • You can finely grind your dried blends beforehand to achieve the best results.
  • You need to fit the glass adapter to the bottom part of the device’s glass connector.
  • Then, slowly enter the device into the intersection of the dab rig.
  • Now take off the cap from the tank.
  • Put your dab in the ceramic bowl and put the cap back on its place.
  • Insert the battery in the magnetic connection point.
  • Now, press the button of the battery five times to turn on the device.
  • Select the voltage level by pressing the battery button three times.
  • Next, you need to start automatic heating by clicking on the battery button twice.
  • If you opt for manual heating, you have to press down the same button for 15 seconds.
  • After the heating process is complete, you need to increase the airflow by holding down the carb discharge button.
  • Now, your vape is ready, and you can inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece.


Cleaning and Maintenance: 


The ceramic bowl is an essential component of the G Pen, and you have to clean it regularly to have a hygienic vaping experience. You can wipe it clean with a cotton cloth soaked in a food-grade cleaning solution.


After a vaping session, try to have a burnoff in the device to eliminate the stubborn residue. You can do this by activating the manual heating mode, just increase the voltage level to the highest, and any leftover residue will be banished.


Clean the rig regularly by using substances like Isopropyl Alcohol and salt. When you finish using it put all the components back to the carrying case, and don’t forget to remove the battery before keeping it in the case.


Some noteworthy features of the G Pen Connect vaporizer that makes it stand out from the rest:



Portability is perhaps the G Pen’s USP. Even the compact carrying case is designed carefully to fit in your bag or trouser pockets. The device, with all its components attached, is sleek enough to fit in your palms. The weight of the device is also meager compared to other devices, and in terms of the overall design, it is undoubtedly a market leader.




The G pen uses some sturdy materials to stress on the importance given to durability. The metal casing of the battery, the housing of the heating element, the glass components, and the magnetic connections- all seem to be adequately strong and will last for a long time.




The G Pen gives consumers a lot of options in terms of temperature settings, auto and manual modes, compatibility with different sized glass adapters. You can replace all the components and accessories of the vaping kit, which is a great thing.


Vapor Quality:


The ceramic disk of the G Pen, along with its ceramic heating element, leads to optimum heating performance. The variable voltage options also contribute to the better processing of the vapor. The slow and low heating action of the G Pen can preserve the flavor of the added concentrates. With G Pen’s torch-less heating method, the essence of the concentrates remains unharmed, and this results in a richer taste of the vapor. So for a more customizable vaping experience, you don’t have to look further.


Battery Performance:


The 850 mAh battery of the G Pen is enough for your daily journeys. The battery life will vary if you use manual heating a lot or engage the higher voltage settings. However, the recharging process is still a lot easier than a butane torch.


Final Verdict:


With the increasing awareness about the risks of tobacco smoking, and because the G Pen uses a technology where the concentrates are vaporized below burning temperature, it has become more popular. With all the convenience that the G Pen offers, some people may still find vapes with torches more likable owing to their lower price. However, if you prefer quality over everything else, there is probably no other portable vapes that are as versatile and precise as the G Pen.


The G Pen lets you adjust the flavor as well as the vapor production, and is a lot safer due to the absence of any significant burning process. At this affordable price point, the control, compact design, durability, and experience that the G Pen offers is irreplaceable! Try it with your favorite concentrates and let us know if you agree with the impressions mentioned above of the G Pen Connect vaporizer.


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