What are the best UK weed vaporizers?

Pax Davinchi

Pax Davinchi


Each year, many of us make quitting smoking our primary New Year’s Resolution. As we approach 2020, this is truer than ever before due to UK consumers becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of smoking.


As such, a perfect gift for anyone hoping to quit tobacco in 2020 is a dry herb vaporizer. Vaporizers use technology to provide a similar sensation and experience to vaping whilst minimising harmful toxins and carcinogens.


Below are two vaporizers that should be on your Christmas list; one manual and one electric.


Crafty Plus Vaporizer

Despite being launched over half a decade ago, the original Crafty is still one of the best herbal vapes that money can buy and frequently featured on the best-seller lists of the majority of weed vaporizer shops in the UK


As such, 2019’s Crafty Plus has no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it fine-tunes the original Crafty and has improved battery life and better vapour production.


Why should you buy the Crafty Plus Vaporizer? The Crafty Plus features hybrid heating which is unique to Storz & Bickel products. Typically, dry herb vaporizers either use conduction or convection heaters.


Conduction vaporizers heat by direct touch. As a result, they are very powerful and fast, however, they can burn your stash and do not taste as nice.


On the other hand, convection vaporizers heat by creating an atmosphere of warm air which in turn evaporates the cannabinoids in your weed. They are slower and less powerful than conduction vapes but are more effective and generally, taste nice.


The Crafty Plus’ hybrid heating system implements both the benefits of conduction and convection ovens whilst cancelling out their disadvantages.



Dynavap M 2019

Dynavap is to manual vaporizers what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. Over the last few years, Dynavap has steadily been building its reputation in the UK and are now recognised as the ultimate manual dry herb vaporizer. Their latest model, the Dynavap M 2019 cements this legacy even further. Not only is it powerful, but it is also virtually indestructible too. Its entire body is made from stainless steel so it should last many years.


Out of all vaporizers, the experience offered by the Dynavap M 2019 is probably the closest to actually smoking a joint. This makes it a great choice for those who are trying to quit tobacco.


Furthermore, unlike most manual vapes, the Dynavap M 2019 provides users with the ability to customize their vaping experience. By applying heat to the tip of the cap you invoke ‘convection’ heating which provides only thin vapour but is flavoursome. Conversely, those who are fond of thick clouds can invoke conduction heating by applying heat further up the body, though this method does have the disadvantage of not tasting as nice.


Why should you buy Dynavap M 2019? Typically, manual vaporizers have no way to gauge what temperature the oven is at. As a result, users tend to take a hit too early and enjoy no vapour or hit too late and risk burning their herbs. The Dynavap solves this problem with their innovative ‘VapCap’ feature. When you apply heat, the ‘VapCap’ is designed to click once it hits around 215c which is the perfect temperature to vape. It’ll then click again once it’s temperature falls below 150c to remind you to add more heat. This feature results in perfect vaping sessions every time.


Pax 3

The Pax 3 is quite possibly the best looking cannabis vaporizer you can find in the UK. If I were a betting man, I would bet that when designing their range of vaporizers, the engineers at Pax Laboratories took inspiration directly from Apple.


The Pax 3 has a sleek and compact body that is built of a single sheet of anodized aluminium. On its body you’ll find no buttons or ports. Instead the device is charged by a magnet and the buttons are hidden underneath a mouthpiece that is also flush to its body.  Also, like Mac products, the lights on the Pax 3 do not blink or flash they breathe, a feature that is definitely superfluous but make the vape feel luxurious all the same.


However, looks only count for so much. Devices at the Pax 3’s price point are expected to perform. Thankfully, it does not disappoint. It is powered by a massive 3,500mAh battery that’ll turn your cannabis to vapour in under 20 seconds; only the Firefly 2 Plus is quicker.


What should you buy the Pax 3? These days, pretty much every branded dry herb vaporizer has a smartphone app. Typically, these apps allow users to further customize their vaping experience by adding the ability to change the temperature of the vape. However, the Pax 3’s app takes personalization to another level; it adds vaping modes.


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