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Fastbuds Cannabis Seeds

Fastbud Seeds


Fastbuds Seeds waste no time at all in getting a fantastic offer up for #TEAMVAULT but act quickly on this one folks as their is limited stock availability!


Buy any 5 pack from Fastbuds and get a FREE Stardawg Auto

Buy any 10 pack from Fastbuds and get 3 FREE Stardawg Autos


This is of course, on top of all the other offers currently live at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store, check them out on our cannabis seeds offers page.


Fastbuds SeedsFastbuds Seeds

With years of experience, fruitful work and close cooperation with some of the best growers in the States, FastBuds Seeds have decided to create their own seed bank in Europe.

Founded in 2010, Fast Buds has set out with one primary goal in mind – To present people with the most fashionable, trendy and superior Autoflowering genetics California has to offer and introduce them to growers around the planet.


Stardawg Auto Fems


Stardawg Auto Feminized Stardawg Autoflowering sparkles and dazzles with glistening resin crystals.  It regularly features as a bestseller at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store!

It is a cross made from two hybrid cannabis strains viz. Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg. Stardawg is an indica/sativa/ruderalis hybrid and one which grows well indoors as well as outdoors needing enough room for its lateral branching.

It has a striking aroma of pine and lemons in the grow room and that in itself is enough to raise the spirits.

In 8 – 9 weeks from germination growers will harvest between 400 – 600 gr/m or 50 – 300 gr/plant in 8 – 9 weeks from germination. Buds are quite light green with orange pistils.

THC production is very high with CBD levels of 1%. The effect is fast and powerful. No creeper, Stardawg will reveal its full-on mind-body effect in 5 minutes maximum.

Mentally stimulating but physically relaxing, it has shown to be a good strain for nausea as well as to stimulate appetite. Its use is also indicated for the following: Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, Stress, Migraines, AIDS, Tumours, Asthma


Why not head on over to The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store and pick up some Fastbuds Seeds now, whilst taking advantage of the discount code VAULT15 for a whopping 15% discount off your order of FASTBUDS Cannabis Seeds.


Win 5 x Stardawg Autos from Fastbuds

We also have 2 prizes of 5 x Stardawg Autos to be won!  Simply post a comment below to let us know your thoughts about Fastbuds Seeds and their strains in particular the ever popular Stardawg Auto to enter.


Winners will be selected using random number generator and will be contacted via the email address used to post with, which will of course remain private!  Winners will be announced on the 26th of Nov.



The 2 winners are M.A and Adam D. who both win 5 x Stardawg Autos from Fastbuds.  I have already sent you an email to arrange delivery of your prizes!


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Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries and some remote, less enlightened planets outside the core systems.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


86 thoughts on “Fastbuds Seeds – Bonus Freebies at The Vault

  1. That looks a superb cola, if I could get a result anything close to that I would be a happy man.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I have never tried any Fastbuds seeds before,these Stardawg Autos look awesome.
    Im rather fond of Auto’s,the Myth’s that surrounds them are simply untrue in my experience.
    Ive had great results using various training techinques etc.
    Thanks for another Fab Comp/Giveaway TeamVault.

  3. The Vault was my religion. I was blown away by the speed of delivery from across the pond to the USA. I certainly miss the huge and on point display of autos. I would love to be sponsored by the vault as I was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. My IG page is Peat_m_auto and @jerzeeautoflower. Please help me heal.

  4. Wow what a awesome prize love fastbuds and totally love stardawg this would be a dream
    Thanks for the chance #teamvault

  5. Stardawg autos sound sweet as, still trying to get round to trying 420fastbud seeds this would be the perfect chance #TeamVault always ?

  6. The Vault and all these contest and promos have sparked my interests all over. I wanna try this one, and that one and of course those too. Thank You so much so many times over for the Super HUGE selections and chances to win. You guys Rock!!!!

  7. Fast buds have the worst germanation rate of any elite auto breeders, i have a near 100% germanation rate with Sweet, about 95% with methisto, one tou pop them you have little trouble but for the price and trouble the suck!

  8. Looks like fire as always. The Vault comes through for us again.. Fastbuds are legit, and Stardawg sounds right up my alley..

  9. I’ve never had the opportunity to run FastBuds genetics, but have heard amazing things about them! The Stardawg Auto looks spectacular and I would love to have that view in MY garden! Thanks to the awesome people at The Vault and FastBuds for yet another opportunity!

  10. Fastbuds Lemon AK47 & smoothie auto, both very nice.
    Mephisto, Anesia seeds autos & fastbuds are the 3 top auto seedbanks.
    The Vault has both mephisto & fastbuds.
    Please consider Anesia seeds guys !
    Hopefully the vault will start stocking .
    Great of The Vault to do all these promotions

  11. I’ve been wanting to try fastbuds for a while stardawg in particular winning these would b absolutely wonderful. Thank u for the opportunity. Would b a awesome Christmas present ?

  12. Wow! Stardawg looks and sounds AMAZING! I would love the chance to grow these! I have not tried Fast Buds and always wanted to!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  13. The Star Dawg Auto looks spectacular. I would love any chance at all to win some of those beans. I have yet to try any of Fast Buds products but am very willing to try. Once again the Vault is doing its job with advertisement.

  14. I am going to definitely keep my fingers and maybe even my toes on this giveaway. I recently lost every plant due to electric failure and would love to win some of those fantastic looking autos. That is some nice selections on autos at Fastbuds. And thanks to the Vault as usual.

  15. Sir, I have been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome as well as PTSD AND IBS SPINDYLOSIS. A DISABLED VETERAN WHO HAS USED YOUR PRODUCTS AS THE ONLY TRUE MEDICINE THAT HELPS ME. I AM ORDERING THE 1st week of December since I get paid on the 3rd each month. I truly am very blessed ? to have you as my outlet for these autos.
    Thank you ? Hard to wait till December but thats what time it is lol ? the VAULT has the best products as well as Integrity.

    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Not really a grower of autos but these may change that…they look delicious…nice one George & Fastbuds 🙂

  17. I have never run fast buds auto, or any auto for that matter. Stardawg looks like some fire smoke. Thanks for another great opportunity from the Vault!

  18. I’ve grown the original Chem Dog and it was one of my favourite and Stardawg is really popular where I live so I know I could do great things with these. Fingers crossed I get a chance. Thanks everyone at the Vault the only seedbank I ever need

  19. Greetings,
    Fastbuds seems to be another hot Auto breeder, as is evidence with the desire shown here and would be a great addition to anyone’s genetic library. Stardawg is one strain that is on my to grow list, it sounds like a sheer delight to grow and to consume.
    Count me in #TEAMVAULT

  20. I love Fastbuds been a fan for years I’ve run several of there strains more than once ,This spring I bought a a pack each of Gelato,Purple Lemonade Smoothie,Zkittlez they were all amazing and I’m really loving the Zkittlez so much that I ordered another pack and have them 3 times back to back now, others I’ve had and loved are West Coast O.G.
    Gorilla Glue,Blackberry Kush, Fastberry I wont hesitate to run any of them again ,I’ve not gotten around to the others including Stardawg but after reading up on it ,I certainly would love to try it, Thanks for the chance

  21. I’ve been using fastbuds for quite a while, my go to strain is six shooter, a very good yeilder….girl scout cookies is also a favourite …. the stardawg does look pretty good…. thanks for the chance

  22. Fastbuds are some of the best genetics for my pain and ptsd these stardawg autos look amazing I can’t use a big tent as I have to have the tent waist height so autos are perfect for that and if I could produce anything like that picture I would be truly grateful
    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize George and the vault and thanks for being the awesome seedbank you are @fastbuds_genetics ??

  23. I love Fastbuds and their marketing team. My next run will be with their gear. Thanks George and #teamVault for another op to win some quality seeds from Fastbuds!

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