Common Issues When Growing Weed

Common Issues When Growing Weed

Common Issues When Growing Weed


Growing cannabis is probably one of the most rewarding horticultural experiences. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more difficult. I mean, if it was easy I think everyone would be doing it. Cannabis plants are often not growing in their natural habitat when being cultivated by an individual, so there are a number of things that can go wrong. If you’re not ready for these possible issues then there is a good chance you will lose your plant or your crop. Many of these problems can be rectified if you catch them in time. So let’s have a look at some of the most common issues that growers encounter. 




This is especially common with first-time growers who are anxious about the health of their plants. It feels like the more water the better should be the rule of thumb with most plants. This is definitely not the case when it comes to cannabis. Overwatering can lead to a variety of issues and will cause the leaves on your plants to droop. It can also mean that they lose nutrients and struggle to take in light. Usually, this is caused by watering too regularly rather than giving too much water at one time. It can also be caused by the medium becoming waterlogged due to not enough air circulation. If you notice your leaves drooping and turning yellow. If you notice this happening try to give the plant more time between each watering. Also, check that water is properly draining from the bottom of the pots. You should water your plant every two to three days and you can use a finger to check the moisture of the medium when watering. If it feels waterlogged there is likely an issue with drainage. 




Yup, it is easy to go too far in either direction. If you don’t give your plants enough water this can also stop the plant from being able to absorb the nutrients it needs. If your plants are thirsty you will notice that the texture of the leaves becomes thin and papery. They will also start to droop and possibly discolour due to the nutrient shortage. It is pretty easy to tell when your plants aren’t getting enough water. This could be because of the obvious you not watering it enough or it can mean that the plant is outgrowing its pot and needs to be moved. If you think for a second your plant is thirsty just water it. You can check the medium with your finger or pick up the pot and see how heavy it is. If the soil is completely dry or the pot is too light you need to increase watering. 


Too Many Nutrients


Again, this sounds kind of silly because surely the more nutrients the better? That’s not the case and if you overdo it on nutrients your plant will not know what to do with itself. This is a common mistake with first plants because anxious plant parents just want their babies to have everything they need. Not only will this mess your plants up but it will cause a nutrient lockout, meaning the plants just stop taking in nutrients altogether. If your leaves start to droop, yellow, develop brown spots or in any way look weird and you know it’s not the watering it will be the nutrients. Just reduce the nutrients you are giving your plant, it may not even need extras. Keep watering and the excess nutrients in the soil will flush out after a while. 




Mildew is a serious big bad and can spell absolute havoc for your plants. If you notice anything that looks like a white powder then trouble is a’brewing. Fear not, there are ways to sort out powdery mildew if you catch it in time. Usually, mildew will occur if the humidity is too high, if there is no airflow or poor ventilation. Often mildew will appear if you are growing indoors or in a greenhouse, it is much less likely outside. If you start to notice this powdery substance on your leaves you can treat it with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and water. You will also need to try to fix whatever caused the mildew in the first place. Check the humidity of your grow space and ensure that the fans and vents are all in good working order. 


Root Rot


Again this is extremely common for first-timers in the same way that overwatering is. It can be an easy oversight that there isn’t enough aeration in the growing medium. There are a number of related issues that can lead to root rot. Usually, it is caused by foreign organisms working their way into the soil and the roots. You can either treat the roots directly or you can clean the area while checking for light leaks and reducing the heat in the grow room. Honestly, if you can avoid disturbing the roots and hopefully the root rot will sort itself once you’ve taken the appropriate steps. 




Pests are extremely common for beginner growers as they can generally be difficult to keep away. The most common pest is the spider mite and these little buggers can rip through a plant in no time. If you notice little white dots on your leaves it’s likely mites. Insects can lay their eggs in the growing medium or can just get into the grow space through vents and other gaps. First, move any infected plants out of the grow room before the bugs spread. The eggs will likely be laid under the bottom of the leaves if they aren’t in the soil. Killing the females is the top priority as without them there can’t be any more eggs. How you deal with them is up to you, there are organic pesticides that should kill them which can be bought from most gardening shops. You can also bring in ladybirds or other predatory bugs that just want to snack on your invaders but not the plants. The easiest way to avoid any kind of infestation is to keep the grow room ridiculously clean. A drainage issue.


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Photo by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol on Unsplash

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  1. I tried to grow with what I thought was a good light but wasted money on light that isn’t strong enough. I would love to get it right with an awesome light system u are giving away. Never have been successful growing anything. Hope luck comes my way.

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