Buy Heavyweight Seeds get FREE Heavyweight Seeds

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Heavyweight Cannabis Seeds


Heavyweight Seeds are back to deliver another knockout deal for The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store customers! (Plus discount codes and free seed draw further down the post)


Buy any pack of Heavyweight Feminised Seeds and get a FREE Heavyweight Feminised Seed! 

The free seed will be either a Monster Profit or a Budzilla Feminised seed, the freebie will be chosen at random.


This is of course on top of all the other Vault offers and deals currently live on our Discount Cannabis Seeds page!


Heavyweight SeedsHeavyweight Seeds


This Spanish breeding collective is known to produce true knockout strains that will leave your head floating like a butterfly and body buzzing like a bee:


We are, of course, talking about Heavyweight Seeds.


Formed back in 2008, this breeder has built up a strong reputation for producing strains that are highly consistent, stable and of the very finest quality, thanks to their philosophy of only working with the purest, tastiest strains available.


For strains with the best yields and the most potent knockout power, pick Heavyweight Seeds!


Monster Profit Feminised SeedsMonster Profit Feminised Seeds

The Heavyweight team looked at one another in awe, the smiles said it all. Not only had the scales tipped just over 800gms, the taste was so smooth, so sweet and exotic; nobody was moving. They said it couldn’€™t be done, but in just over 9 weeks of flowering there it was!


A massive central cola surrounded by branches barely able to hold their bountiful buds off the ground, glistening with crystals like a fresh dusting of snow.


Following exhaustive quality tests, Heavyweight are proud to launch the aptly named Monster Profit onto the market. Performing with great distinction under lights or outdoors, this beast cannot be tamed!


Simply outstanding results makes Monster Profit the ideal plant for beginners, although commercial growers will undoubtedly want to take advantage of the supreme quality and unrivalled yield this alpha female provides.


Budzilla Feminised SeedsBudzilla Feminised Seeds


Budzilla is a real monster and can produce up to 700 g/plant when it is grown outdoors. It is a combination between G13 and Skunk with a perfect indica/sativa balance. It tends to grow straight up and may need a little bit of trimming as it grows, this will create a bushier plant with the same insane yield.


Perfect for old school Skunk lovers who also enjoy the effect of a Haze strain. Its a perfect strain for social and creative pursuits with a sweet relaxation that creeps in later on.


It has a THC level of 22% so should be used with a little bit of caution and restraint. Budzilla is a feminised strain, which means that the seeds will all grow into female plants. This strain can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse and needs 56 days to flower.


We also have 2 prizes of 5 Monster Profit Feminised Seeds from Heavyweight Seeds to be won!


Simply comment below to enter.  Let us know your experiences (if any) with Heavyweight Seeds and their strains too!


2 winners will each receive 5 Monster Profit Feminised Seeds and a Vault T Shirt.


Winners will be selected using random number generator.  The giveaway competition will close on Tuesday the 7th July and the winners will be announced on the same day.  Winners will be contacted via the email address used to comment with but this will not be made public of course, just your username.


Won by Maxx and Jeremy Vincent, congrats! I will send you an email to the email address you used to comment with to arrange delivery of your prizes!


It is always appreciated if the winners can post some pics of their prizes and tag us and Heavyweight in your posts.


Why not head on over to The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store and pick up some Heavyweight cannabis seeds now, whilst taking advantage of the discount code Heavy15 for 15% of your order of all Heavyweight Seeds and don’t forget to check out our discount cannabis seeds page for all the latest offers, promos and competitions!


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Legal Disclaimer: The competition winners will have their prizes sent to them via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition prizes, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


95 thoughts on “Buy Heavyweight Seeds get FREE Heavyweight Seeds

  1. Heavyweight seeds looks like they have some winners.budzilla has my curiosity peaked as i would have chosen the same two to cross wanting to see the resulting dominant and ressessive phenos.they gotsta be good.would love a chance at growing some here in legal cannabis california.will send pics if i win of plants.
    Thank you,

  2. The Monster Profit and Budzilla strains look amazing, and I would love the chance to win some of these strains

  3. I have never grown any strains from Heavyweight Seeds but I have heard only great things and would love the chance to be able to grow some of these seeds

  4. Damn, I grew a heavy weight seed not too long ago, I think it was diesel drift? Honestly it grew a shit load at the same time, but if it was the drift one, it was a very good plant lol. Thanks Vault, George and Heavyweight!

  5. Sadly as illegal to grow in the UK I cant sow different varieties therefore unable to give an answer as to what I feel is the best plant to grow. The benefits from the medicinal plants are exceptional but costly to buy the products made from them. To much red tape for financial reasons I’d say.

  6. started my first grow end of feb..all 4ft+++. got busted 2 days ago 24/06..should see state of place.home now theo. these are deff worth a grow. had mine indoors,barthroom. with real cheep setup. all led only heat was from hot rad 4 hours 2 times a day. WE ARE ALL BEING WATCHED BE SAFE. BE CAREFUL. DONT TELL YOUR MATES/FRAINDS/ANYONE.

  7. Bought super kush in the last sale, as a uk experimental grower I couldn’t of wished for a better strain 3-15 plants in a few months, looking forward to seeing them flower. Heavy weight I,d give it a go next year albeit indoors.

  8. Never tried Monster Profit but would love to, looks like some killer strains from Heavyweight Seeds..

  9. Thanks George n Vault and Heavyweight Seeds for the chance to win. I have zero experience with Heavyweight.

  10. Ive never had the opportunity but i always welcome new genetics to play with. Pick me pick meeee! Lol

  11. Heavyweight is the champ in the ring! Check out the knockout hits they will give but the best thing of all is they don’t call them Heavyweight for nothing!

  12. I have to get my hands on some of these girls. So count bbn me in George. I haven’t tried heavyweight seeds yet. But I am looking for some serious strains that are big yielding and both of those look fantastic.

  13. These would be my first grown from this breeders but if the images are accurate I’m sure I can get the most from them given the chamce

  14. Heavyweight Seeds? I’ve heard the name. And if the yields I’ve read are true, Heavyweight Seeds is aptly named. They might not have a large selection, but what a selection! Feminized or Autos, incredible genetics and yields. I’d love to win & start a grow diary with Monster Profit… and maybe Goldmine. Why Goldmine? I remember Mazar & I remember AK49. I’d imagine Goldmine is the best of both!

    Thanks George Seeds and Team Vault for these awesome comps!

  15. Hey George! I haven’t tried anything from Heavyweight yet. But as always, I would love to give them a grow! Thanks for another great promotion. We love The Vault!

  16. i have never tried these seeds but Fruit Punch Feminised Seeds sounds nice next time i buy seeds will like to try them.

  17. 💚Great seeds selection from heavyweightseeds and heavyweightseeds strains are insane,hope to get the chance.Thanks

  18. Heavyweight Seeds are on top of my bucket list to try out indoors and outdoors,having these HIGH QUALITY seeds in my grow will be peak of my growing and experience such high class genetics is a blessing

  19. I hve never tried these strains yet.. I would absolutely love the opportunity to try these genetics

  20. ▪️Real Knockout Genetics▪️
    Those HS Monster Profit would complement my collection like a dream.!!! I would love to try them all,what a great giveaway.Thanks for the amazing opportunity The Vault & Heavyweight Seeds💪

  21. I would like to try this. I think I saw this one at a local online store named – THE GREEN ACE. Will definitely try it because of this review.

  22. Hi
    My expérience for growing is a 10 years, whith sensi seeds, Dutch Passion.
    I love Heavyweitchs, 🌱🌞🍀💚🤞

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