Why a Vape Pen Should Be Your Go-To Cannabis Product

Cannabis Vape Pen

Cannabis Vape Pen

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The cannabis market, and industry, are growing more with each day. This is mostly thanks to vape pens – the essential part of the whole trend – that took the world by storm a few years ago.


The legal cannabis market is growing and maturing steadily. The reasons why so many people love vape pens are many. They’re tasty, potent, with no lingering odours, compact and easy to carry.


Both avid consumers and newbies are equally fond of vaping because it’s easy to get into it.


If you fancy a vape pen yourself, let’s see a few reasons why this should be your go-to cannabis product or CBD vape oil by Ecigclick.




According to many vapers and cannabis consumers, vape pens with cannabis oil are considered the next step in the evolution of cannabis products. They are straightforward to use and simple to maintain. More importantly, these pens can be used pretty much anywhere, without attracting too much attention.


If you get a vape pen with disposable cartridges, it gets even easier to use them. Simply replace the prefilled cartridge, once it’s empty, and continue vaping. However, make sure you choose responsible brands that are using recycled vape cartridges to make your contribution to reducing waste.




The trouble with marijuana is its distinctive smell that comes from firing up the dried herb. Using a vape pen with prefilled cartridges frees you from this trouble. Since a vape pen heats the cannabis oil instead of burning it, there are no lingering smells or smoke to worry about.


A vape pen heats your product until it starts vaporizing, allowing the consumer to inhale the vapour. If we add the fact that you can choose from a wide range of different flavours, you won’t be having any trouble with smoke or smell.


This is probably the reason why vape pens are widely accepted in public places. The smell of the vapour can have a natural smell of marijuana, but only if you choose a vape brand that includes such oils in their offer.


Easy Portability


In the past, vape pens used to be huge. Fortunately, modern vape pens are far from that. They are small and sleek, extremely easy to carry around. Most vaping devices are 6 inches long or shorter. They are designed to fit comfortably in your backpack, laptop bag, purse, pocket, etc.


You can easily take your vape pen with you wherever you go. And to additionally spice things up, a vape pen saves you the trouble of packing a bowl or rolling a joint. Simply take a puff when you feel like it.




One of the biggest reasons why so many people are buying into this vaping trend is an incredibly wide range of amazing flavours. From aromatic and tasty popular flavours to natural cannabis, weed lovers get to choose from a huge selection of favourite vapes.


The flavour pretty much depends on the type of cannabis extract. Vape pens manufacturers use these extracts to form their products. Some extracts retain the terpenes; others don’t.


Since terpenes are what gives your strain that natural flavour, you should go with terpenes-rich vapes if it’s a natural flavour that you’re after. A little word of advice – avoid vapes with flavour additives as these can negatively affect your health.




Another huge reason why cannabis lovers turn to vape pens more often is potency. Cannabis extracts in vape pens are far more potent than your average marijuana flower. The majority of vapes give 60% THC and more. Top-class vape pens reach up to 90% THC, or even more.


The higher the potency, the less often you have to use it to achieve the same effect. When compared to smoking flowers, using a vape pen does so much more in terms of potency. A vape also provides the desired result much faster than any smoking method.


Should a Vape Pen Be Your Go-To Cannabis Product?


While it’s true that vaping isn’t entirely risk-free, it’s much healthier than smoking. It’s even more so if you’re using CBD oil that allows the consumers to enjoy a wide range of health benefits.


Truth be told, a vape pen allows you to enjoy your bud in a more flavorful way, which is probably the biggest reason why vape pens are so popular today. To make sure you reduce any potential risk to your health, we recommend that you stick to reputable brands and licensed dispensaries.


The fewer flavour additives it has, the better the quality. One thing is certain – vaping and vape pens are here to stay. With all the research around cannabis that’s taking place, we can safely say that vaping will continue to be one of the most popular and enjoyable ways of consuming cannabis.


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