5 Myths About Overdoses of Marijuana

Guide to growing cannabis indoor

Guide to growing cannabis indoor


The use of marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes is associated with numerous misconceptions and myths. There are millions of people around the world who view weed as a dangerous drug that leads to a set of detrimental effects upon a regular user. At the same time, there are many proponents of recreational and medical weed that claim it to be a natural remedy for numerous health problems as well as a harmless way to relieve stress and just have a good time. If you ever smoked weed, you might already know that it really does make you feel better and help you relax and have a good time.


A variety of myths surrounding weed are mostly caused by people’s lack of understanding of what marijuana is and how it works. AskGrowers experts take a closer look at the issue of overdose in this article and try to debunk some of the most common myths about marijuana and the possibility of cannabis overdose. We are going to delve deep into this issue and see whether you need to fear weed, or maybe it is better to make a good friend of it.


Myth #1: You Can Die of Marijuana Overdose


Let’s get this one out of our backs first. You cannot die of weed overdose, and there has never been a single case of people dying of smoking too much weed. There’s literally no chance of you smoking so much weed in one go that you just overdose and die, so relax. But! There have been numerous cases of people doing stupid things while high on weed, which led to them hurting themselves and even putting their lives into grave danger.


Let’s be straight here, if you smoke weed, better do it in a safe and familiar environment so that you don’t hurt yourself in any possible way. Marijuana changes your perception of reality to a degree, depending on what kind of weed you smoke and how potent it is, but in any case, it does change the way you perceive the world around you. This distorted perception of reality can shift your behavior towards being less rational, which can lead to some dangerous situations. So, if you smoke weed, it would be a good idea to just stay where you are, enjoy your time, don’t do anything risky, and just relax. This way, you minimize the risk of getting hurt. Remember, regardless of how confident you feel while high, you are not in your normal state of mind, and this can influence your decisions and behavior.


Myth #2: You Can’t Overdose on Marijuana


Well, this one is a bit tricky. Have you ever heard of bad trips? Make no mistake, these are not fun at all, and there’s a chance of having this kind of trip even on a small dose of weed, so it’s hard to tell whether you can overdose on weed or it’s just something that happens because of different factors that just result in this kind of negative experience. According to WeedMyths, you can smoke so much weed that you just go nuts and get all of those negative cannabis overdose symptoms like panic attacks, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.


On the other hand, there are reports that state that people can smoke a lot of weed without experiencing any negative outcomes. So, where does it come from? Not clear, and at this point, there are no studies that prove the connection between the amount of smoked weed and the probability of getting an overdose and a consequent bad trip. On the other hand, it might depend on the quality of weed, its strain, potency, and your own predisposition to depressive thoughts and panic attacks. All of this can contribute to you having a truly negative experience with the weed, so be cautious.


Myth #3: Weed Is Not Addictive


Let’s begin with a simple fact that weed makes you feel good. That’s true, you feel relaxed, happy, creative, and just generally great. So why wouldn’t you want to feel like that more often? That’s where the problem lies for some people who cannot control their desires, so they start to pursue whatever makes them feel good. Smokers can develop a psychological addiction, which can certainly produce a negative impact on the quality of their lives. This is why marijuana users can definitely build up an addiction that can lead to some seriously negative outcomes.


Alright, at this point, some might say that weed is an addictive drug, and that is why it is dangerous. But let’s not forget about such things as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and even sugar that too are addictive and harmful to people in high doses, but there are not so many people saying we should ban alcohol or coffee or tobacco. Most people don’t see those substances as harmful or dangerous, but in their essence, some of those might be much more harmful than weed.


You can say that weed is addictive, but so are most of the good things in life. Weed does not cause a physiological addiction like heavy drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Those types of substances impact the human body on a large scale, causing severe damage to several bodily functions. Heavy drug addicts have been reported to experience seizures, severe pain, internal bleeding, brain damages, paralysis, and of course, overdose and death. These symptoms have never been reported among marijuana users, so it is not as detrimental as some people would want you to believe.

Myth #4: Holding Smoke in Your Lungs Enhances the Effect


This is a myth common among the youngsters smoking weed who think that the longer they hold the smoke in their lungs, the better the trip will be. This is not true. The THC contents of weed absorb into smokers’ lungs immediately, and it is enough to just inhale it for a couple of seconds and exhale without holding the smoke in much longer. More so, holding smoke in for too long causes redundant damage to your lungs. Besides, it is just irritating and can cause heavy and unpleasant coughing, which is undesirable in any case.


Besides irritation and unnecessary stress you put your lungs under, holding your breath for too long increases your blood pressure, which is not a good thing. It is not recommended to hold the smoke in your lungs for a prolonged period of time as it does not provide any benefit to you and does not increase your high while producing damage upon your respiratory systems. The smoke itself is not good for you, and keeping it inside for too long makes it even worse.


Myth #5: Marijuana Smoke Causes Lung Cancer


This is not the myth but rather a statement that needs proving. There are no definitive studies proving that marijuana smoke is somehow related to lung cancer. As much as with marijuana overdoses, there’s just not enough information for us to say anything definitive here, but we can still use basic logic and make an educated guess on whether cannabis smoke can produce lung cancer.


Alright, there’s a clear connection between tobacco smoke and cancer, and this has been proven by many studies over decades. Tobacco smoke contains twice as many chemicals as marijuana smoke, which means that it is potentially twice as harmful. This effectively means that there still are potentially dangerous chemicals in marijuana smoke that are certainly not good for your lungs. On the flip side, people do not smoke marijuana as much and as often as they do regular cigarettes. If you are a moderate user, let’s say you’d have one or two joints once in a while, your chances of getting cancer from smoking weed are really low. People who smoke regular cigarettes usually smoke dozens of cigarettes a day, which is much more harmful than a single joint every once in a while. More so, for most people, even a single hit would be enough to reach high, which reduces a marijuana smoke inhalation to a bare minimum. Here, we can conclude that even if marijuana smoke can produce cancer, you chances of getting it are extremely low compared to regular tobacco smokers.


Wrap Up


So, here you have 5 most common myths about weed and its potential hazards like overdosing, getting addicted, and even developing lung cancer. Some of those myths can be easily debunked, the others require more studies. One thing we can say for sure is that you cannot overdose on marijuana and die because of it. Also, with almost complete certainty, we can say that marijuana is less addictive than most substances that are considered less harmful and that it is certainly less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. And also we must not forget that cannabis has many benefits from a medical point of view. Yet, you do need to keep in mind the potential hazards of abusing this substance and just be mindful of your consumption rates.


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