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Gary Eff here with another ‘Effing’ brilliant promo – this time for the biggest day in the Cannabis Calander – 420. We have so many things going on here that it’s been hard to keep up. We’ve brought together some of the World’s Top Breeders alongside a super special star prize, with thousands of seeds to give away and offer. That super star prize is The Vault Truck…

You are also getting additional Barney’s Farm Freebies on all orders and a 15% disount on The Vault Web Shop.


VaultTruck Seedbank


The Vault Truck is the handywork of one of our delighted customers – Timmothy Standish. He was delighted with the customer service that he was given by fellow Vaultee, Cameron. That delighted, that he set to work and gifted us The Vault Truck and send it to us all the way from Alaska, USA to Sunny Scotland. A great testmonial that includes gifts – The Vault would like more of these 😉 Hint Hint.

Tim then made us a purpose built 420 Vault Truck to give away to one lucky person, complete with Vault 420 and a personalised number plate on the back.


420 Seedbank


So, this 420, you now have the chance to win The Vault Truck – custom built by Tim.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply guess how many seeds we have in the truck.


Truck Seeds

Is it:


A – 127 Seeds

B – 132 Seeds

C – 139 Seeds


One guess per person please and all entries for this will take place on the Blog Post only. Various other promos will be run across all other active platforms that we are on and they will be listed below. We will run spot prizes daily too making more winners than we’ve ever had before at The Vault. #YouCantFaultTheVault!


The truck promo will end next Tuesday 23rd April – midnight UK time. We will randomly select 10 people who will then be added to our brand new prize spin board – with the winner being chosen Wednesday 24th April via video share.


Cannabis Prize Board


We intend to film the final spin to choose the winner. Please note, we will take your privacy into account at all times.


Freebie Seed Offer

You guys already get a free seed with all orders (upto 13 for a £200 Spend), but we are throwing some more in from the good guys and gals of Barney’s Farm. For every order:

1 Free Peyote Critical from Barneys Farm – For All Purchases on Seeds to qualify

2 Free Peyote Critica from Barneys Farm + the 1 above – Spend £50 or More on Seeds to qualify

3 Free Peyote Critical from Barneys Farm = the 3 above – Spend £100 or More on Seeds to qualify + Free Shipping

Remember this is on top of the other Freebies that you can get at The Vault.

Closes Midnight Tuesday 23rd April.


Prizes & Offers

On top of everything else we have around 1,000 seeds to give away in prizes over the 420 period (ours will close Tuesday 23rd April with the winner being announced the following day).

Huge thanks to those who contributed seeds and merch:

Barney’s Farm | Heavyweight Seed Co | Philosopher Seeds | Female Seeds | Bomb Seeds | Auto Seeds | Greenhouse Seed Co | Exotic Seeds | Phoenix Seeds

You will be able to win seeds and merch over the next few days with our spot prizes!

To begin with check out these prizes you can win and where:


Enter via Facebook to win:

30 Chem OG from Female Seeds
A T Shirt and some stickers and papers etc
Enter via Facebook by liking and commenting on THIS POST

Enter via Twitter to win:

30 Edam Bomb Seeds from Bomb Seeds
A T Shirt and some stickers and papers etc
Enter via Facebook by liking and commenting on THIS POST

Enter via Instagram to win:

30 Big Bang Seeds from Greenhouse Seeds
A T Shirt and some stickers and papers etc
Enter via Instagram by liking and commenting on THIS POST


The promo will also be rolled out in Six Forums. Those forums are Grasscity, 420 Magazine, Overgrow, RollItUp, IC Mag & AFN. Watch out for them.

Closes Midnight Tuesday 23rd – with Winners Announced the following day.



We never leave you guys without a discount so use ‘Truck420’ to get 15% off all seeds at The Vault for the next 10 days.




Legal Disclaimer: The competition winner will have their prize sent to them via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition seeds, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


329 thoughts on “Vault 420 Promo – Win a Truck Full of Seeds

  1. Hopefully it’s B as that freakin truck is the dogs gonnads in fact forget the seeds just send the truck happy 420 everyone

  2. I’ll go with B, 132. Looking forward to my awesome 420 seed haul from the Vault, the discount was great! I saved $25 and free shipping:)

  3. Knowing the Vault and this being a 4/20 celebration. I’d suspect they’d pack as many seeds in their awesome little truck as possible so I’ll say C-139 seeds.
    Though I would not have been surprised if there were a D-for All of the above.
    Good Luck everyone.

  4. Team #Vault always had the best give aways/ freebies.
    And their costumer service is second to none..
    My guess is, B:. 132

  5. I’m guessing C-139, Because You, Gary Elf, (& The Vault Team), Always Go BIG!
    Nice Truck, I work with wood and appreciate a beautiful piece of workmanship,
    (I would hint for more as well Gary).
    Happy Easter! I hope your 420 was the Bomb.
    I always get your emails late, must be the “Pond” between us.

  6. Beautiful artwork filled with beautiful seedage! I’m going with B, final answer. Thanks for another awesome contest #teamvault

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