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One of my favourite things about weed is how multi-faceted it is. It’s fantastic for having fun, medicinal uses, calming CBD and hemp. We can use every part of the plant, and hemp is often used in sustainable fashion. Hemp is not only fantastic for the planet as a material but is comfortable and long-lasting. When we think of sustainable clothing it can be tempting to imagine shapeless unflattering garments that are more functional than fashionable. Luckily, as sustainability has increased in popularity and fast fashion seems to have had its day, this is no longer the case. These are just a few fantastic hemp-based fashion companies that everyone should check out.


Why Buy Hemp Clothing?


Before we dive in let’s have a look at all of the pros of shopping sustainable, especially with hemp-based clothing.


  • The tensile strength of the fabric is twice that of linen and cotton. This means that the clothes will last significantly longer and will be much harder to rip or tear.
  • It is extremely easy to maintain as it is resistant to mould, mildew, and fading because it is barely affected by UV light.
  • Hemp is far less stretchy than cotton, so it won’t lose its shape as it ages. This does mean that usually, most hemp fashion is quite structured.
  • Hemp grows far faster than cotton and can be harvested more frequently than wool. This makes it one of the most efficient textile plants.
  • Hemp is biodegradable and provides nutrients to soil when it comes to the end of its use.
  • The cultivation of hemp is significantly more eco-friendly than the production of cotton.
  • Hemp clothing is completely hypoallergenic so it can be worn by anyone.
  • It’s fibrous which means it is insulating in the winter and breathable in the summer.




This is probably one of the most varied shops around at the moment. They sell not only hemp clothing but CBD products, accessories, cosmetics, dog leads and cat toys. This may seem like they are trying to do too much but their products come extremely highly recommended by previous customers. This is a company that believes in hemp as a way to improve lives, in a wide variety of ways. Their goal is to provide eco-friendly hemp products that suit every aspect of life, hopefully, one day we can replace everything with hemp. They also hope to show even the most conservative people that hemp is not cannabis. That hemp should be fully legal to create hemp products and use it as a textile all over the world.

Both the men’s and women’s clothes are comfortable and fashionable, designed for a variety of bodies and lifestyles. They especially focus on their impressive range of durable and affordable activewear. Asatre even has a small range of hemp swimwear which is impressive.




This awesome underwear company works with beautiful natural hemp fabrics to create sustainable and hard-wearing undies. Now as a bustier lady I couldn’t find much in the bra department, but the variety of pants is amazing. They are still early in their journey towards providing the world with a range of exciting underwear, but they have a good deal to offer. They also sell their pants in packs so that their repeat customers can save a bit of money. Hemp is perfect for underwear because it’s naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, and super soft. Wama created their unique hemp blend to use for their underwear making it unique to their brand. The underwear comes in a small but gorgeous range of colours, and though the cup size variety isn’t that impressive the sizes do range from XS to 3XL.


Sweet Skins


Sweet Skins might be my personal favourite, a gorgeous collection of women’s clothes fashioned from hemp fabrics. This company supplies ladies with a variety of clothing, body care, delicates, maternity, accessories and more. The clothes have a soft but beautiful aesthetic and have been designed with real bodies in mind. Sweet Skins uses models of all shapes and sizes to ensure that everyone can enjoy these clean lines and delicate tones. There are also loads of patterns and colours to choose from as well as a real mix of styles. As one might expect a lot of the clothes are very comfortable looking, but some of the dresses could still definitely find their place on an evening out. The company is fully owned by minority women that started as a Saturday market before increasing so much in popularity that it took to the internet. Sweet Skins is a company to keep an eye on.


Tact and Stone


Now a little something for the fellas, a sustainable men’s fashion boutique that produces fashionable yet functional garments. Their website displays the quote “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” by Robert Swan. This company is dedicated to improving the men’s fashion industry in sustainability and quality to create eco-friendly fashionable options for men. They talk a lot about how wasteful the fashion industry is and how important it is for us to break the cycle. They even have interesting information regarding the wasteful nature of the fashion industry in their about section so that customers can educate themselves while they shop. Another fantastic aspect of the company is that when you are done with a piece you can return it to be upcycled and receive a discount on the next purchase. They also provide an extremely wide range of clothes, something that can often be missing with men’s fashion. They have everything from comfy t-shirts to gorgeous button-ups, shorts to trousers and a fantastic sportswear section. I would recommend that any men looking to improve their wardrobe and their carbon footprint check out Tact and Stone.


There are so many reasons to buy hemp-based clothes, and it’s easy to see from these companies that there is plenty available for all types of customer. We need to make the effort to buy sustainable, long-lasting, eco-friendly clothes and put a stop to fast fashion. Even if it seems initially like it’s more expensive, in the long term it can also save a lot of money.


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


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