The Vault at Glasgow’s 420 in 2017

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Jack_ChrisThe pro-legalisation event – organised by our good buddies at the Glasgow Cannabis Social Club (GCSC) – was attended by hundreds of awesome, beautiful, free-thinking folks from all walks of life who gathered peacefully in Glasgow’s George Square to connect with one another, raise awareness and show their support of the cannabis legalisation movement.


The Vault is thrilled to have been there to represent this worthy cause, meet so many cool people and be a part of the bigger global picture, as folks in diverse locations all over the world held similar events as part of the celebrations: We only wish it could be 420 every day!




10 thoughts on “The Vault at Glasgow’s 420 in 2017

  1. Would love to see something like this joining the Texas cannabis business association. Love you guys been a customer since 2014.

    1. Hey Horace – sure you can. We don’t have credit card facility right now for US customers but we are working on it.
      There are other ways to pay howver 😉

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