The Vault Are Now on Snapchat – Are You?

Team Vault On Snap Chat

Team Vault On Snap Chat


The Vault are on all the main social media channels as you’d expect! We have both a Facebook page and Facebook Group, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to name but a few. We’ve now decided to hang out on Snapchat, so have set up a new account and you’ll be able to communicate on there with us too! Scroll to the bottom of the post to connect. In the meantime, read on for all the info including some cool Cannabis-related accounts for you to follow.


We want to jump on the platform to make sure our message, great products and cannabis content is getting out as far and wide as possible plus we want to welcome new people to the #TeamVault community that might not have heard us before (how can that even be possible I hear you ask).


The platform operates differently to most social media pages in that your content (video or images), disappears within 24 hours or instantly depending on what you decide to use it for. There are various features like filters and lenses etc, so its a fun and engaging app to use.


For the stat’ nerds out there here’s a little more information about Snapchat (stats courtesy of Statista)…


  • As of Q1 2020 there are 229 million daily active Snapchat users worldwide
  • Over 210 million Snapchat’s are created every day
  • Snapchat is the 2nd most used mobile application on the planet
  • It has been downloaded 53.5 million times
  • Nearly 1mil lenses have been created
  • The average user opens the app’s camera around 20 times per day
  • Nearly half of Snapchat’s users watch the discovery feature


As well as following The Vault, you might want to consider following these other Cannabis brands and celebs on there:


1. High Times

SnapChat High Times


Everyone should be aware of the High Times brand. They’ve been around for donkey’s years providing us with great content even before the Internet came upon us. Expect to see celebrity take overs from the and some of the best weed content on the web (not including The Vault of course).


2. Weed Humor

SnapChat Weed Humor


You know we love a laugh at The Vault and have probably noticed we love to share a meme or piece of Cannabis-related banter to keep you happy. Well, to continue that trend we recommend you drop the guys at Wedd Humor a follow. They’re ‘top bants’ when it comes to their quirky weed humour!


3 – Merry Jane Media

SnapChat Weed Humor


MERRY JANE is the world’s leading multi-media & lifestyle company that’s creating the new mainstream culture by connecting cannabis and pop culture. Those words were taken directly from the Merry Jane site and we can’t disagree. Be sure to follow them on The Snapchat for more great Cannabis content!


4 – Snoop Dogg

SnapChat Snoop Dogg


No Cannabis content post is complete without the Snoop ‘D-O Double G’. If you’re not following the man himself already, now is your chance. To follow the above accounts quickly, simply open your Snapchat and take a picture of each of the above images. This will take you directly to their accounts so you can follow them.


The Vault on Snapchat

So, there are 4 accounts to get you started. Let’s now get you hooked up to The Vault account. We will be sharing behind the scenes content and running promos on the platform alongside sharing Cannabis-related jokes and memes. We will also be featuring our in-house canine friend, ‘Ozzy’ who will be helping us with promotions and the like.


The Vault Snapchat Code


We’d love for the community who are already on Snapchat to both follow us but connect with one another. If you’re happy to do that, please drop your links in the comments, if not simply add us directly by taking a pic of our snap code.


Also, if you have any ideas of the type of content you’d like to see us share, then, by all means, let us know.


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