Strongest Sativa Strains

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Strongest Sativa Strains


Sativa strains are the favourites of many smokers. Primarily due to the fact that they are usually happy, uplifting, creative, productive, and social. They are also perfect for medicinal users who require pain relief during the day. Most of these strains, due to their strength, probably aren’t ideal for daytime medicinal use by anyone who needs to go out and be productive. There are hundreds of fantastic and powerful Sativa strains on the market. The following list is just a few of these incredible strains, but they are all powerhouses in their fields. 


Durban Poison


Let us start off with a famous Sativa who is known for its high THC levels and its extremely energetic high. It is also an extremely versatile grower which makes it ideal for all types for growers. Usually, the THC hits around 20 – 25% and right from the start, the up can hit hard and without warning. The flavour is spicy with a hint of cloves and aniseed, which makes it a lovely autumnal smoke for a walk in the park or a film with friends. It is perfect for anyone suffering from depression, pain and stress but can cause a touch of paranoia so is not recommended for those suffering from anxiety. 




This powerful Sativa dominant strain is seriously impressive with her 25% THC levels. Definitely not the ideal strain for beginner smokers as she definitely has serious power behind her. She is a combination of Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue, two extremely popular strains. Shogun kicks in immediately and is the perfect strain for creative projects, motivation in a joint. This is a great strain to tuck into on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea and a to-do list. She produces impressive yields and will grow well indoors and outdoors. 


  1. Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze is an infamous strain and when introduced to her it doesn’t take long to understand why she has Amnesia in her name. She has a fascinating genetic background including Hawaiian, Thai and Afghani genetics. This delightful combination of genes went to Holland, where they were expertly crafted into what would become one of Amsterdam’s most popular strains. She has an amazing flavour of citrus mixed with spice and pepper. Though this strain is extremely powerful she can also provide amazing focus, making her good for creative types. 


Hawaiian Snow


This sassy little multi-award winner is well known for her 100% pure Sativa genetics and her delightful high. The THC levels usually sit at around 23% and the yields are extremely impressive. The effect is long-lasting and extremely uplifting which makes her a perfect social strain. She is also often used by those who experience chronic pain or who suffer from depression. She will grow to be quite tall with stretched out branches, due to the large yields her frame may need a little support towards the end of flowering. She needs to be well looked after while she is growing, but is manageable by most levels of grower. 


Strawberry Cough


Another award winner that does what it says on the tin, in some ways, this is a good thing and in others possibly not. It has an absolutely delicious strawberry flavour and scent but it does usually cause a bit of a cough. However, after the coughing, the effects of the strain kick in and create a beautifully relaxed feeling throughout the body with an uplifting and but soothing mental effect. This means the strain is often used to treat loss of appetite, fatigue, stress and pain. Visually this plant is extremely impressive, as the temperature is turned down it takes on stunning purple hues that will light up any crop. 


Moby Dick


Moby Dick is very aptly named, definitely the white whale of anyone chasing the strongest Sativas. The THC levels of this strain usually hit around 27%. It was created by combining Haze and White Widow, two strains well known for their quality. Hardly surprising that Moby Dick has won a few awards, all 1st place trophies. The effect is usually one of pure contentment and happiness which makes it excellent both as a recreational strain and as a medicinal one. It is usually used to treat migraines, muscle spasms, pain and fatigue. Along with the excellent high, this strain has a beautiful scent of vanilla, lemon and eucalyptus. 


Y Griega


This baby was born of Kali Mist and Amnesia, two top tier Sativa strains. Usually, the THC level sits at around 27% and it is often considered to be a primarily medicinal strain. Not only is it excellent for easing pain, nausea and loss of appetite but can also work as an anti-inflammatory. This strain is definitely a full upper that provides an almost caffeinated buzz. A great strain for being productive and motivated, especially for creative pursuits. Once the energetic aspect wears off the smoker will softly float down onto a lovely silky pillow of mellow relaxation. Another interesting aspect of this strain is the ridiculous height it gets to when grown outdoors. It can easily reach 11 feet so will need a little bit of extra growing room. 


Mother Gorilla


Mother Gorilla doesn’t have the insane THC level of some others in this list, but she definitely deserves to be here. Usually, she will show about 18% THC but she still has a potent yet relaxing effect. She also has beautiful colouring, a mix of dark greens and bright purples. This goes well with the delicious fruity scents and flavours of the strain. Though she has low CBD she is often used by those who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or lack of sleep. 


These are just a few of the many amazing and powerful Sativa strains out there. Sativa’s are largely uplifting and happy strains but some are more relaxing, some more energetic, some more motivating, and so it is important to find the perfect strain for the individual grower. There is always a perfect strain. 


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


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