How Cannabis Can Help With Menopause Symptoms

How Cannabis Can Help With Menopause Symptoms

How Cannabis Can Help With Menopause Symptoms


Change is a factor that is common in every woman’s life. From a young age, change starts with your menstrual periods as you hit puberty, increased hormonal changes with age, pregnancy, and above all, with menopause. However, many symptoms come with these changes that you may not be ready for, especially during menopause.

Understanding the different symptoms you are about to face in the pre-menopausal period, menopause period, and post-menopausal period is essential in running your life as close to normal as possible. Besides, identifying a solution that works for you during this period can be difficult. However, cannabis can provide essential help with menopause for all women.

Here are the different symptoms of menopause and how cannabis works to provide relief for each.

Night Sweats and continuous hot flashes 

Night Sweats

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As menopause kicks in, some of the first indicators are hot flashes. The second includes profuse sweating during the night, which profoundly impacts your sleep. Body temperatures may increase with 1.5 to three degrees, depending on your body responses.

Cannabis plays around with the neurotransmitter promoting serotonin production. Hot flashes and increase in night sweats being a chemical reaction, serotonin works to provide relief. Also, you might consider cannabis-based therapy or take actual weed and relax in the mood that ensues as a way of relaxing your nervous system. As a result, the hot flashes disappear, giving you the much-needed relief.


Low bone density 

As menopause kicks in, calcium and other minerals that make your bones stronger are put under different uses. They provide you with a remedy for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Therefore, bones lose their density levels as none is replacing the mineral reabsorption taking place. Cannabis contains high levels of CBD oil that work to improve on your bone density loss.

It prevents the symptoms of arthritis by providing relief from pain and possible inflammation. As a result, the body can reserve its bone conditions, ensuring that the bones retain their nutrient content. In combination with resistance exercises, your bone density levels remain at healthy levels.

Anxiety, mood swings, and possible depression 


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Menopause comes with low levels of estrogen, which profoundly affects the production of serotonin and the functioning of other neurotransmitters. Therefore, you end up experiencing different moods. These moods may become erratic depending on the situation and can result in anxiety and sometimes depression.

Cannabis activates and supports serotonin receptors counteracting the effects of anxiety and mood changes. Besides, cannabis strains have many extensive benefits that lift up your mood and relieve stress as well. This particular strain improves your social capabilities, makes you interactive, and can have a euphoric effect on you.

With the strain, getting to sleep is easy as it induces sleep reducing your anxiety and depression. Good night’s sleep ensures your rest, and thus your anxious and depressing thoughts are set aside. Besides, if you are facing pain or injury, the cannabis strain lifts the pain giving you relief such that you sleep better.

Menopause induced insomnia 

With the hot flashes and night sweats, you lose your regular sleeping pattern. Anxiety and depression or mood differences also play a massive role in the amount of sleep you get. These hurdles are on your to-do list, and finding a suitable solution can present many difficulties.

However, cannabis strains, such as the Sativa, will not only eliminate some of these hurdles, it will also induce sleep. Such strains have profoundly relaxing and calming effects that slow your heart rate and make you feel quite lazy. Therefore, falling asleep is quite comfortable with your whole body in relaxation mode.

Weight Gain 

Weight gain and Cannabis

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The decrease in estrogen decreases the rate at which the body burns fat and calories. As a result, you not only gain weight but also increase the risk of contracting different lifestyle diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases e.g., heart attacks and diabetes, among others.

Cannabis-based CBD provides an essential solution in improving your health status during menopause. Refer to the list of best CBD brands for more information.  It enhances the metabolism rates, helps maintain weight, and above all, works to provide relief for individuals with diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. It helps regulate blood sugar by controlling the production of insulin and other related elements.


Genitourinary Syndrome

With menopause, sexual health, and bladder control is a priority. The decrease in estrogen limits blood flow to the pelvic area. As a result, your vagina becomes extremely dry, which can result in pain during sex. Therefore, you might need a lubricant that can be uncomfortable. Cannabis offers one of the best solutions to keep your sexual health intact.

CBD and THC are the major compounds present in cannabis. These tend to enhance your sexual mood and can act as vasodilators for individuals suffering from this syndrome. Also, it provides relief from inflammation. Marijuana induces muscle and nerve relaxation, which reduces the effects of menopause. Getting yourself a CBD infused suppository and other products in this period may give you the satisfaction you need.

Mental Stability 

Memory loss is a common symptom of menopause. Less estrogen profoundly impacts different brain functionalities, including memory retention. The hormones are responsible for neuron functionality in the brain, especially the hippocampus. Thus, it profoundly affects your memory retention rate, learning and creativity, and above all, emotion control.

CBD present in cannabis promotes better synaptic plasticity and induces protections for all of your brain neurons. As a result, it makes it easy to retain your memory capability during menopause. Besides, some strains cause creativity, and you might complete your project or think of a new one.

CBD has a calming effect, improves your mood, and allows you to relax, getting a handle on your emotions. Besides, it has essential nutrients such as omega 3s, 6, and 9 that promote brain growth and health.


Cannabis with both THC and CBD compounds provides essential benefits for women going through menopause. However, be sure to seek more information on the cannabis strain you are about to use. It will ensure that you do not suffer severe side effects from using the wrong strain. You can also use a vaporizer if you are interested in vaping Cannabis. The right strain to lift your menopausal symptoms will help in facing the period much efficiently and effectively.


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