Happy Halloweed from The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

Happy Halloweed

Happy Halloweed


Dankness falls across the land:
For the time of 4:20 is close to hand.
Creatures crawl in search of bud-o-so-green:
That’s right buddy, it’s Halloween (or Halloweed as we say here in the Vault Towers.)


We have put together a little combo of special offers, discounts, free cannabis seeds, and even a promo to ensure your halloweed at The Vault is more treat than trick:


Firstly, we have a freakishly spectacular 13% discount code this year!  Just use discount code ‘Vault13’ to get a freaky 13% off any order you make this week. Shop at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store for all your discounted cannabis seeds.


Seedsman Seeds


We have partnered up this year with the “Spooky” Seedsman Seeds to bring you bonus freebies on all orders placed at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store.  This is ON TOP of all the other offers currently running, you can check them all out on our cannabis seeds offers page.


Halloweed Bonus Freebies

All orders will receive 2 extra freebies from Seedsman (on top of the Barneys Farm freebie)!  So even if you ordered 1 seed, you would receive a further 3, absolutely free.  WOW!

Spend over £50 and get another 2 bonus seeds from Seedsman so that’s a total of 6 freebies

Spend over £100 and get another 2 bonus freebies from Seedman Seeds so that’s a total of 9 freebies, all from quality, premium breeders!

Spend over £200 and you would be in line for at least 19 freebies, insane? yes we know.

Promo is live now and will close on Sunday 3rd Nov at midnight so get your orders in now!


The Halloween Freebies

You will be able to choose 2 bonus freebies at each level described above for your Halloween treat, so in the cart your choice will be between Blue Ice OG Fem or Blueberry Auto Fem, both from Seedsman Seeds.


Blue Ice OG Fem from Seedsman Seeds


Blue Ice OG Fem


Blue Ice OG is the result of the crossing of two of the most legendary and recognised genetics in the world. It is an explosion of unique flavours that only the crossing of these two genetics can give you.

We speak of a very vigorous and robust plant with thick and very strong stems, dense buds and full of crystals.

In cold climates, where the temperature at night does not exceed 12 degrees offers an explosion of blue and purple tones that makes it a beautiful plant full of colours in its flowering.

It is a plant not very large, but if very robust, it is perfect for crops where there is not much height, it is very easy to grow and not need much care. The strong, intense, lasting and very relaxing effect is perfect for those moments of life where you just have to relax and enjoy.


Blueberry Auto Fem from Seedsman Seeds


Blueberry Auto Feminized

Auto Blueberry is an auto-flowering Blueberry strain that was bred from a Lowryder #2 male plant and an old-skool Blueberry from Sagarmartha Seeds.

It is a very vigorous plant which grows rapidly before beginning the flowering phase. It develops plenty of side-branches which help to increase yields.

Potency from this strain is good and the flavour is very fruity although it should be made clear that not all plants develop the lovely colours that Blueberry has become famous for although some plants will, an outcome that becomes more likely with lower night-time temperatures as the plant nears maturity.

Just as with many of the Seedsman Auto strains there is a fairly high probability that elevated levels of CBD will be produced.


The Promo

To be in with a chance to win 10 Blue Ice OG Fem or 10 Blueberry Auto Fem just leave a comment below telling us which one you prefer, your experience with these strains if any; and your experiences with Seedsman Seeds if any.  Like the offers, this will close at midnight on Sunday the 3rd of November so get your order in quick.


Sorry for the lateness in updating this one all, I had some personal issues that delayed me from being able to get this announced.  Thanks to all that entered and took advantage of the amazing Halloweed promo in partnership with Seedsman Seeds.


The winner, chosen at random is roxA, congrats buddy you win: 10 x Blue Ice OG Fem from Seedsman Seeds, I will send you an email via the email address you used to post with to arrange delivery of your prize!


We will be back with more promos soon so make sure you stay tuned! #TEAMVAULT


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Remember: It’s illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries. It is our duty to inform you of this important fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws. The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes. All of our content is provided for educational purposes only.

152 thoughts on “Happy Halloweed from The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

  1. Blue Ice for the win!!! I love OG Kush and blueberry so it has to be an awesome mashup! I’ve grown Seedsman Northern Lights several times and she did well in both a 2’×2’×5′ cab w/soil and a 6’×2.5’×7′ closet in DWC. Became and absolute beast in the DWC under a 600w HPS.

  2. Blue Ice OG. Like the way og grows. Shorter outdoor season here so would do ok outside also. Liked the taste of any I’ve grown with blue n the name. Good luck everyone!!!

  3. Blue Ice sounds ideal for my small cabinet, but the Blueberry sounds good for the CBD ….talk about First World Problems!
    OK, a coin toss comes up with the Blueberry Auto please. Thanks.

  4. If I had a choice of growing one or the other. I would try the Blue Ice OG! I live above the 44th degree latitude line and I think this would be a good strain for the area! I don’t have any experience with Seedsman Seeds but what I’v Researched about them, they seem to be a good seed company! Thanks for giving me a chance to participate in this giveaway!

  5. Those Blue Ice OG sounds amazing. Would be nice to have them in my garden over xmas and new year. Fingers crossed lol

  6. Oh the blue og ice fem from would be a blessing! I wouldn’t have to wait until tax return to start growing again and we could have our medicine early this year!

  7. Blue ice OG ????
    I would be ecstatic to win either
    I have bought seeds from the vault I cannot fault them great genetics great prices amazing customer service I have never tried seedsman seeds before but I have seen other people crops from seedsman seeds and they always been impressive

  8. Blue Ice sounds great! I’d be happy with either one though. I’ve had blueberry genetics from other breeders and i thoroughly enjoyed the entire cycles.

  9. I would like to try blue ice .? So that I can compare it to my other strains . I grow star dog strains . Thick tight buds hard.

  10. I would like to open a branch here in South Africa, will get seedsman help me to do that , since the herb is Legal in South Africa, so the seeds are on high demand, looking forward to do business with you guys
    Big up seedsman

  11. Love to try the Auto Blueberry, I grew the regular version a few years ago and it was champion. It’d be nice to try one in a greenhouse in Spring, make the most of that new sun…

  12. Blue ice og!!!! I never grow the strain but og x blueberry has to be good!! Im growing blueberry from seedsman atm and she becoming a beast!!! Thanks for the promo!!

  13. Ive got a blueberry auto seed there that I’m going to grow soon! So I’d love to have blue ice og there to grow and see the outcome. Be cool if I got it but good luck to you all happy smoking

  14. Blue ice. Never tried it but the genetics sounds interesting. Very much appreciate the time you guys spend bringing on plants to the standard they are today.

  15. Blueberry auto, if you run them correctly, ecpesialy in the flowering phase you can get those wonderful color and flavor the strain is famous for, much more exotic, and i just love a challenge ill get those beans done right!

  16. Blue Ice OG Please, Liking the Ocean grown/Original gangster genetics .
    Seedsman have been selling great seeds for 25+ years.
    Big up The Vault & seedsman Colabs

    1. And looks like I didn’t follow directions, so I’ll add: I’m looking at a first grow so I’d go with the blueberry auto so as not to worry about light pollution, timing etc my first attempt.

  17. Hi George. so sorry to bother you but I was wondering if the winner had been decided for this contest? Thank you for all the great promos

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