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As we all very probably know, we are coming to the end of Earth Month. Personally, I’m not totally sure why we just have one month for eco-awareness. We must keep an eye on our carbon footprint all year round if we don’t want to start hanging out with polar bears. That may sound nice but I reckon you’d get about 3 seconds of enjoying the fluff before diving into the great beyond. Anyway, one of the best materials we have at our disposal is hemp, which of course comes from all of our favourite plants. Cannabis produces hemp as a side to the lovely little bundles of THC and it can be used for a wide variety of things.


Why Is Hemp Eco Friendly?


Hemp needs very little water to thrive and grow healthy. Other plants that are used for fabrics etc require a vast amount of water which is obviously not great for the planet. On that same note, hemp doesn’t really need pesticides. When hemp is grown in large quantities there is little need for herbicides and pesticides and this, in turn, protects the environment, biodiversity, and leaves water, air and soil uncontaminated. Because it does not need a great deal of either of these things and grows so quickly, it is an extremely sustainable source of fuel and fabrics. The cost for growing hemp is also much lower, meaning that hemp products are more readily available to the public than some other forms of sustainable items. The more people can afford to purchase eco-friendly products the greater the effect on the planet.


What Can Be Made Out Of Hemp? 




Hemp makes an incredible fabric as it is strong, soft, durable and extremely eco friendly to manufacture. Over the last decade, several companies have appeared selling all hemp fibre clothing. I’m sure the first image that comes to mind is shapeless sack dresses, but that could not be further from the truth. These are just a few of the many companies that sell fashion-forward hemp clothing.




This company produces a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing, a lot of which is ridiculously adorable. They are particularly aimed at the outdoorsy types and sell a variety of fashionable, comfortable and durable clothing perfect for the earth-conscious adventurer.


Hemp Blue


One clothing item we may not have expected to get in hemp is jeans, but here we are. Hemp Blue are a hemp denim manufacturer that combines the two fabrics to create harder wearing jeans that are better for the planet. Again you wouldn’t find more fashion-forward jeans at a high street shop.


I Love Bad


This organic underwear company is great for all of the other bits and pieces you may need. They sell underwear, blankets, t-shirts, towels and oils. Their styles are minimalist and not hugely varied but they are perfect for anyone who likes a clean-cut and simple style.




Though we may not yet find quite as many homeware hemp items, the market is definitely starting to emerge. Once again since hemp is so hard-wearing but soft and comfortable it is perfect for bed sheets and furniture fabric.


Drapers Organic


This company sells a wide variety of hemp homewares. They primarily focus on hemp shower curtains but also sell hemp beanbags, cushions, blankets and fabric.


The Hemp Shop



These guys sell a wide variety of hemp products. They are a good one-stop-shop for hemp toiletries, clothes, oils, all sorts of things. Worth having a look at their homewares section.


It is also easy to buy hemp bedding, wall hangings, furniture and all other types of stuff. Anything you need in that department just have a google and you are sure to find some great items.




The beauty industry has recently been flooded with customers crying out for sustainable, planet-friendly products. Luckily we very quickly found an answer in hemp. Now we can get hemp-based body lotions, face washes, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, you name it you can very likely find a hemp version of it. These are one or two companies that currently supply hemp beauty products.


The Fay Farm


This body lotion comes very highly recommended is often recommended for minor skin conditions. Everything sold by this company is organic and hand made, so definitely have a good look at their other products.


Hemp Beauty Pro


These guys have a very wide variety of products that range from skincare to body to bath and beyond. They even sell CBD chill out gummy bears, which is pretty exciting.




This great shop allows you to shop by your needs. Whether you want hemp beauty products for wellness, detox, protection, muscle relief, rejuvenation or for skin tone and texture there is something for you.




If you are working in an industry that uses a lot of rope, plastics, insulation, wood, coffins you name it you can find it in hemp form.




This is an innovation that I find particularly cool. This company creates flooring that can replace wood flooring and save a lot of trees. It is just as sturdy and as hard-wearing but without the tearing down of multiple forests so your floor can look pretty. I’m exaggerating but at this point, we need to.


Hemp Houses 


Again this is a cool project that uses a hemp mixture, called hempcrete, to build houses. We are just starting to learn the difference hemp can make in construction, hopefully replacing harmful synthetic materials.


Hemp Plastic


I’m sure we all know how damaging single-use plastics are to the environment, especially if we fail to recycle them. Hemp plastic is sustainable to make, biodegradable, and just as durable as other plastics. This could make a huge difference to the planet if we support it publicly.


Essentially what I’m hoping we have learned today is that we can use hemp to make pretty much anything. The only difference being that it is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, unlike most of the materials that we currently use and then discard.


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