Five Reasons why The Vault Should be Your Only Seedbank

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

Choosing a seedbank might seem like a bit of a daunting task at first, especially with so many firms out there competing for your hard-earned cash; but when you look at your options really carefully, it becomes clearer with time how you can sort the good from the bad – or the downright ugly.


The Vault is confident that you will find everything you need right here – we’ve got literally hundreds of reasons why you should make us your only seedbank…But we know that you’ve not got that much time to waste, so we’ve shortened it down to five top reasons so you can make an informed decision about what to do.  One thing’s for sure buddy: The Vault is ready and waiting for your order – and we will make sure that you are not disappointed!


Please note: We are also one of the few cannabis seedbanks that can currently accept international credit card payments AND we even guarantee our international orders.


Reason #1: The best freebies on the planet!


The Vault appreciates your business – and we also love nothing more than putting smiles on the faces of our valued customers.  For these reasons, The Vault is committed to giving away more freebies than any other seeds site on the planet!


  • You’ll get FREE premium seeds with every single order
  • Large order? We reward your loyalty with EXTRA FREE seeds, in addition to the FREE premium seeds that you’ll already get just for ordering with us!
  • We even allow you to choose your own freebies!
  • On top of this, we regularly run massive FREEBIE promotions on featured seeds, meaning that you can always depend on The Vault for some amazing bargains! Just look for the “Promo” on our menu when navigating our website


Reason #2: Low cost, high quality seeds


Seed collectors shouldn’t have to pay through the nose in order to build up their collections with world class specimens: That’s why The Vault team is constantly working hard to make sure that our customers get the most ‘bang for their buck’ with every order


  • You won’t find cheaper prices from any other UK-based seedbank – our best price guarantee means that if you do spot a good deal elsewhere (not counting discounted items or special offers), we’ll refund you the difference and throw in a couple of awesome FREE White Widow seeds with your next order!
  • By working with an extensive network of the world’s top breeders, we have been able to source the finest seeds on the planet – so quality is never an issue
  • Similarly, we have built up amazing relationships in the industry that allow us to offer our goods at prices which represent amazing value for money


Reason #3: Fanatical Customer Service


We’re proud of the fact that we put our customers first – no matter how big or small your request may be we are on hand to help.  Whether you wish to get in touch via telephone, email or hit us up on our live chat support system, you can expect to receive only the finest, friendliest customer support on the planet.


Beyond this, we are active on all the major cannabis seeds forums and across all the big social media platforms, to ensure that no customer question, big or small goes unanswered!


Reason #4: Reliability


We’re the seedbank that’s built to take a licking and keep on ticking – when you absolutely, positively cannot afford to take any chances; you need to choose The Vault:


  • We provide ultra-discreet stealth shipping options with guaranteed delivery (where tracking is available) at NO EXTRA COST to you
  • All seeds are sent in the original packaging, so you can be sure that the correct seeds will make it to your collection fully intact
  • Legions of collectors all over the world have made The Vault their trusted, go-to source of cannabis seed genetics


Reason #5: Super-rapid delivery


Few things in life can be as frustrating as ordering a bunch of awesome new seeds for your collection and then having to sweat it out waiting and worrying that they might not make it to you – This is why, at The Vault, we work hard to ensure that all orders are processed as quickly as possible, to ensure that they can be securely shipped off to you in double-quick time.  We regularly receive comments from our customers telling us that they are amazed by how much quicker we are than other seedbanks they have tried before: Something that always makes us smile!


Need any more reasons?


While the five reasons we’ve given you so far tell you why The Vault should be the only seedbank you’ll ever need, we should also remind you that we are more than just a business: #TEAMVAULT cares deeply and passionately about the cannabis seed industry – and the genuine need for reform to make nature’s miracle herb legal all over the globe.  No matter how much The Vault grows as an organisation, co-founders Jack and George remain hands-on figures who will continue to steer the wheel to maintain The Vault ethos throughout all divisions of the company.


The Vault regularly participates in activism events and has reached out to many likeminded groups who are fighting for real change as far as cannabis legalisation goes so that we can work together to make a positive difference.


Beyond this, we maintain an active presence on all of the big canna-community websites out there, including Grasscity, Best Seedbank, Rollitup, 420 connect – as well as across more mainstream social media channels; Wherever you look, you’ll find impartial reviews on The Vault all over the place, so you can see what the canna-community thinks of us in their own words:


  • Read What people say about The Vault on GrassCity here
  • Check out our review on Best Seed Bank here
  • Find out what the Rollitup community thinks here
  • Check out our Facebook reviews here

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I manage a lot of the day to day activities @ The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store, especially marketing which I love and of course I write most of the blog content for The Vault as well as occasionally guest blogging for other companies in the industry. I am also passionate for the use of cannabis extract medicine to treat cancer and the reform of the current laws. However I do not recommend anyone to break the law, all we can do is work together and hope for reformation.

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons why The Vault Should be Your Only Seedbank

  1. Twice ordered from The Vault and twice delivered quickly and discretely. Top quality seeds – I got nearly 100% germination and they really are feminized – 100% female 🙂
    What more can I say? perhaps the large number of absolutely lovely buds? or how about more than a year’s supply from a packet of 10 seeds… enough said

  2. The vault is most definitely my only bank from now on. Have dealt with several others over the course of my life some good some bad but let me tell you none compares to the vault. They have this business perfected. I just read this article because I figured it’d be good for a laugh (lol at the few things in life quote in reason 5)

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