Brexit Notice from The CEO

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The Vault Cannabis Seed Store Brexit Notice


Hi #TeamVault Community,


Firstly, we hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and we kept you happy with our Merry Seedmass Promo!


As you all know, 2020 presented us all with certain challenges due to the Covid19 situation. We met with those challenges and continued to provide our customers with the best possible service in the circumstances. A key way of doing this was / is to keep you guys informed of any updates we had. For that reason we started a blog post on Covid 19 which you can read on The Vault Blog.


As we move into 2021, we are presented with a new challenge and that is Brexit.


As you may know, The Vault is a Spanish company with offices both in Spain and the UK. Our main distribution centre is in Spain and when you order from The Vault your seeds are mainly sent from Spain.


Right now, in Spain, they are also dealing with UK style weather conditions and have had heavy snowfall to contend with. This and Brexit has meant there are slight delays to current orders and we ask for your patience whilst the backlog clears. Once this does clear, we actually anticipate having orders to you quicker than they were back in 2020.


We’d just like to reiterate it’s business as usual and you can trust the Vault to look after you as we always do, with things like guaranteed shipping. Please just bear with us if your order takes slightly longer than usual.


A secondary effect of Brexit that is not only hitting us but other companies who deal trade globally is that of pricing. We are doing our best to keep prices as low as possible for you but new taxes and logistics costs means all seed companies, not just us are having to adjust accordingly.  Rest assured though that we will remain open, will ship faster than our competitors and will do our very best to keep costs down where possible.


Our UK customers will now enjoy VAT free shipping so in effect a price drop for you!


With that all said, we do always offer various discounts to help make things affordable for you guys and it’s no different here as you can use a 10% discount code of Brexit10 to make a purchase today. We are fully stocked and you can shop from our normal range of seeds. The Vault is very much still open for business.


Some breeders are encountering problems in getting their seeds out due to changing legislation so we would advise that if you are planning to make a purchase in 2021 then do so at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment as stock levels are going to be inconsistent for a while until we all figure out the best way to get back to “business as usual”


Please keep your eyes on this post for further updates.




Vault CEO


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


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28 thoughts on “Brexit Notice from The CEO

  1. Thank You, Team VAULT!! As a customer, providing that information, is a great help. You don’t trip too bad when mail drags along, late to get or can’t get a update. You already know kinda what’s up and on the same page with the Vault. Plus as always, you got da bestes in Customer Service with Cameron!!! Thanks for the info Vault. I know what’s basically up and why. thanks.

  2. i found this seed bank was good..nice strains..its up there with the best of them and being spanish im equally happy because i know good genetics and breeding come from spain.shame about brexit but the discount comes in handy for people ordering alot of seeds..lets hope this pandemic has given breeders time to develop some super strains and stabile varieties

  3. Ty. The Vailt is always aweso.e a b out keeping us updated and that is definitely good business. I refer everyone I know to the vault just because they take such pride with everything they do. I also moderate many forums for growing and will continue to promote as much business your way as usual. The Vault is the #1 go to for souvenir seeds.

  4. Sorry you all are having to deal with these things. 😞 Thanks for the information. Can’t thank #Thevault enough. Karma is definitely on your side and along with many customers that will always be a part of #TeamVault. 💚Wishing you all the best this year and many more to come. 🌱🌱🌱

  5. Hi I ordered some seeds a few weeks ago your saying there’s a delay on shipping do you no how much longer or if they are on there way Iv tryed tracking the parcel but don’t understand the language on delivery app thanks

      1. Hello. Has the shipping gotten up and going again? I received an email a week ago saying my order was packed and ready to ship but the postal service couldn’t reach the warehouse, but it would ship as soon as they could. I’ve tried contacting customer service but I’m sure they have a lot of emails. Thank You.

      2. Hi buddy, just spoke to the customer services team and they’re on this one for you now. You will get an email response from us today! Hope this is ok? Thanks, Gary

  6. I’m so pissed with the effects of BREXIT on my right to purchase good quality seeds from my regular supplier Dinfem I used that company for 8 wonderful years I also used Royal Dutch seed bank which at times was hit and miss with the quality of their products but I can’t even purchase from them.
    I basically need reassurance from you guys that your products are genuine and not a rip off as I’m currently looking for a regular supplier and have been ripped off a couple of times from seed banks I used over the last 6 weeks plus.

  7. yeh i think the guys need a break same here waiting on order but willing to wait due to current situation so keep up the good work guys and stay safe

  8. Right on! I have been more than satisfied with your shipping practices! I have always received the package every time, even during this pandemic! So I know you guys are doing what you can to remedy the problem! Thanks for all your efforts & the great work you guys put into every order!

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