Top Board Games to Play When High

Top Board Games to Play When High

Top Board Games to Play When High


Board games aren’t just the perfect companion when hanging with friends at home but a powerful ally after consuming cannabis in any of its shapes. Winning is not the goal anymore, having fun is. When you’re under the effect of cannabinoids, complicated strategy games might not be the best choice. Instead, you should try games encouraging interaction among the players. Lies, betrayals, accusations, laughs… those are the perfect spice for a fun board game night. A cannabis high board game night. The following games might give you a good time, the same as the ones they gave me.


Secret Hitler


Secret Hitler is, probably, one of the more random and fun games to play with a group of friends. It’s all about reading faces, lying, and playing dirty to win. There are two teams: the democrats and the fascists, and among the latter, there’s a special role: being Hitler. Roles get assigned randomly by shuffling cards and assigning one to each player. Does it sound simple? Then wait, because the fun starts when nobody knows who’s who. 


One of the players starts as the President, and the one next to this plays Chancellor. You’re members of the German Parliament, and you have to discuss and approve bills that can be either democratic or fascists ones. The President borrows 5 bill cards of which 2 of them have to be discarded, and the Chancellor has to decide which bill will be approved. 


And the fun starts: to trick or to be tricked, that’s the question. Who’s your ally? And, most importantly, who’s the Secret Hitler? Will he make it to the power? There are two ways to win: having approved more bills than your rivals or if you’re a Democrat, by killing Hitler. 




This game should be considered a classic. Even though it sounds a bit fast-paced for a stoned night, its simplicity and your lack of reflexes can create incredibly funny moments for you and your friends. 


Matching a thousand +2 cards, playing many Reverse cards at the same time and not knowing whose turn it is, skipping your pal 2 or 3 rounds in a row… UNO is that kind of game designed either to destroy friendships or bond them for life. 


To avoid disputes due to make up rules or cheaters, the manufacturer provides its rules both on a PDF and responding to doubts via Twitter.





Beware of the beast. Werewolf is one of these games really famous in some countries but completely unknown in others. The plot is simple: there are two werewolves in town and the villagers need to find them before it’s too late. 


This is a game for at least 7 players since you need a moderator and 2 werewolves. The rest of the players will be villagers, in which you’ll find 2 special roles: a seer and a doctor. All of the roles must be secret.


Mechanics are simple: there are moments of the day –  Night and Day. Everyone should close their eyes. During the night, the firsts acting are the werewolves. Both should decide which villager should be killed while the rest are asleep.


After the killing, the Moderator will awake the Doctor. This one should pick a random person to heal, without knowing who’s been chosen by the werewolves. If the Doctor randomly saves the victim, the Moderator will let everyone know.


When the Doctor goes back to sleep, the Seer will take action. This person will open their eyes and will point someone at their choice. If this player is one of the Werewolves, the Moderator will nod or give a thumbs up. If it is not, the Moderator will give a thumbs down.


After this process, the Day will come. And with it, the killed (or saved) villager and the further discussion. Who’s who? You should persuade the rest and take decisions: either to kill someone suspected to be a werewolf or just keep playing rounds until either the Villagers or the Werewolves win the game.



Never turn your back on the classics. They won’t let you down. It doesn’t matter if it’s the classic version for 4 players or the crazy one for 6 players, it’s just such an easy and addictive game that you won’t need to give your 100% to have a fun night.


Do blockades for ages, wait patiently to capture your opponent’s piece, run away into safe spaces… you don’t need a really complex game to spend the night.



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*Article was written by Lui Gee


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