Feminized vs Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

The difference between feminised and auto flowering cannabis seeds

The difference between feminised and auto flowering cannabis seeds


What’s The Difference Between Feminized And Auto-Flowering Seeds?


The introduction of several strain variations makes it certain that the cannabis plant tends to offer a lot. Still more, is the freedom to cultivate it with its seeds as a natural remedy. At present, there are two more types of cannabis seeds apart from the regular ones, which are auto-flowering, and feminized.


For growing cannabis, selecting the right strain is not the only important decision to make for having a fruitful harvest. Choosing the right type of seeds can contribute significantly as well.


While there may not be any apparent differences between the two types, they both are genetically different. This results in a few vast differences along with the distinct pros and cons.


The type of seeds in use for cultivating marijuana decides what quality of crop you will get finally. However, identifying the right kind of these seeds can be somewhat challenging, particularly if you are a beginner in this field. To make this easy, it is wise for you to know the differences. So, read on…


Overview: What are Feminized Seeds and What are Auto-flowering Seeds

Knowing the difference between auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds starts by finding out what they are. So, what does feminized seeds mean?


Just as the name indicates, feminized seeds are those that yield only female plants. A pure female plant inhibits, amongst the issues that cultivators come across, its dealing with the plants of the opposite gender. Thus, there is no pollination possible for these cannabis plants. There is no production of seeds when they are budding.


Many growers who seek to cultivate weeds go with the feminized seeds. This is because a female cannabis plant produces only smokable cannabis blossoms. Further, it has more quantity of active compounds such as THC and CBD than its male counterpart.


A hot ongoing debate here is that are feminized seeds always female? Genetically, yes! However, when they germinate, some males could be seen if they are cultivated correctly.


Now, let’s find out what are auto-flowering feminized seeds. Auto seeds require a specific growth cycle and are independent of the photoperiod. As these seeds are the result of natural germination, they bloom when their time arrives without depending on the removal of males or transitioning the light cycles.


For flowering, the plants of these seeds need a shorter period of around eight to nine weeks. A few Indica strains also have a short blooming cycle. Thus, they are ideal for those who want the yield within a short period.


Further, cultivating auto-flowering plants is beneficial to those who prefer to be unobtrusive and quick in whatever they do. They are suitable for those who are unfamiliar with changing light cycles. In addition, these seeds do not require the same care level as the feminized seeds require.


Comparison: Pros and Cons of Both Types of Cannabis Seeds

Growing the auto-flowering plants indoors gives you the benefit of enough control time. In other words, you will have time to control their sizes as per your pot size. Thus, larger pots will give bigger yields and smaller pots will give small yields.


Further, these seeds are resilient and resistant to pest and frost. Thus, you can nurture them anytime and anywhere throughout the year. However, it is not recommended growing them in a very cold area.


Auto-flowering seeds have high CBD and simultaneously low THC content due to the presence of ruderalis genes. Thus, they are ideal for medicinal purposes. CBD ensures controlled marijuana effects and nil psychoactive THC effects. On the flip side, the low THC content means no additional kick, which is a put-off point for those who want it.


Unlike auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds rely on photoperiod for growth. As a result, the cultivator can control as well as change the lights and lengthen the vegetative state for up to the desired period.


Further, you can prune them without any damage, which is not possible with the auto-flowering ones due to a short time falling short of recovery. You can germinate as many feminized cannabis seeds as desired. They are ideal for those having some hands-on experience in cultivating cannabis.


So, Which Seeds to Choose?

Well, the correct reply depends on what you want, the yielding area, the intended flowering time, the extent of cultivating experience, and the yield you want. If you are an experienced cultivator, it is more preferable for you to choose feminized seeds. This is because the yields are typically higher and of top quality.


However, you may select auto-flowering plants, as per the situations you have. For example, selecting them is wise while planting on a balcony due to the restricted height and cultivation simplicity. Prudence is the key here.


You should choose auto-flowering seeds if you wish to cultivate very quickly without any complexity while benefiting from the powerful resistance to temperature changes.


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