Strain Spotlight: Txaki TX1 Feminised Seeds

Txaki (TX-1) Feminised Seeds

Txaki (TX-1) Feminised Seeds


This sativa-dominant beauty is more than just a bunch of pretty pistils – it is simply packed with potent medicinal potential!



Created by crossing the super-rare, much sought-after Mexican Tijuana with Medical Marijuana Genetics’ signature strain – the CBD-rich Candida (CD-1), the resulting Txaki (TX-1) is a finely tuned medicinal masterpiece which possesses a balanced combination of its parents’ best properties.



Lab tests on Txaki TX-1 returned some impressive results: a CBD level between 8.9% and 17.5% and THC level from 4.5% to 11.4%; a combination which delivers all of the medicinal benefits of each of these important cannabinoids, with a distinctly Sativa-esque cerebral effect.  Txaki TX-1 is a popular choice for cancer sufferers and also comes highly recommended as an effective way to alleviate the effects of ADHD, depression and anorexia.


Flowering time and yield potential

This gorgeous strain really likes to spread itself out, with the ability to grow incredibly large in both outdoor and indoor settings.  A flowering time of 10-11 weeks can yield impressive results of between 300 and 500 g/m2.



Earthy, with light lemon and pine notes, this delightful strain has a complex flavour profile with a wide range of subtle nuances that any Sativa connoisseur will appreciate.


Would you like to add some Txaki TX-1 seeds to your collection?

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