Picking Your Perfect Strain

Picking Your Perfect Strain

Picking Your Perfect Strain


Choosing a strain to smoke may seem easy, just go to a person who has it and purchase it right? Very much not right. Each person has a completely different type of brain and a completely different personality. This means that every one of us will be affected differently by strains. Even if our friends hand over a joint and say “this is just really chill and relaxed” you might be asleep within 5 minutes. One that for other people is “happy and uplifting” might give you severe anxiety. It is so important to figure out what your perfect strains are so you can enjoy recreational and medicinal cannabis to the fullest. 


Remember Your Past 


One of the easiest way to figure out your favourite strains is to remember what you’ve smoked and how it has affected you. By keeping any labels, packages or bottles you’ve been given weed in you have a definite idea of what works and what doesn’t. Because there are so many hybrid strains out there if you know what works for you it’s easy to look for new strains that contain a strain you like. Giving yourself a base and using the process of elimination is a perfectly good way to find your ideal strain. 


Recreational or Medicinal?


It’s important to make a distinction between these to pick a good strain. Recreational users will probably prefer something with higher THC whereas medicinal users might appreciate higher CBD. THC is the active ingredient that makes you a little loopy in one way or another. To get that good powerful messed up high you want plenty of THC. Those who want to be able to use their cannabis as a painkiller or something similar probably don’t want to get too high. CBD gives us a lot of the best physical attributes without the mind-bending ones. This just means they can usually be smoked during the day or some can be used for sleep without giving any kind of weird head spinning. 


How is Your Tolerance?


On the same level, we need to think about what our tolerance is like. Mine is low so I either choose something with low THC or something chill that I can just smoke a little of at a time. Some people need huge amounts to get high if the THC percentage isn’t up there. Again this is one you may have to figure out through practise but if you know your tolerance always ask about the THC level. 


What Kind of High?


Probably one of the most important aspects of finding your perfect strain is how do you like to get high? Most of us will know about the difference between Sativa and Indica. Full Sativas tend to be uplifting and euphoric whereas Indicas tend to be relaxed and soporific. However, because so many strains are hybridised, we can get different combinations of the two. Sativas can make you euphoric, or chatty, or anxious, or happy, or creative, or social, and just a whole bunch of other upper effects. Indicas can be relaxing, sleepy, couch-lock, paranoia, and a variety of downer effects. If you know whether you like an upper or a downer you are closer to figuring out your perfect strain. 

Then think, if you want an upper do you want to use it to socialise and chat to friends, maybe to watch a funny film and just find everything insanely hilarious, maybe you’re going to have a fancy dinner or a massive take out and you just want to be ravenous?

If you want a downer do you need it to get to sleep at night, to sleep through without dreaming, to relax and deal with stress, or to just completely shut down your body so you can just lie there and chuckle at cartoons? 

Hybrids of the two can be perfect for anyone who isn’t sure. Sativa/Indica crosses are often euphoric yet relaxed or giggly yet chilled out and can give the best effects for most people. 

Figuring out the sort of high you’re looking for is a massive step towards finding your strain.


 How Do You Like It?


There are a lot of different ways to get weed into your body. Some people smoke, some use bongs, some vape, and some prefer edibles. Some strains lend themselves to different methods. Have a look into the strain your considering and see if people like to bake with it or prefer to just straight smoke it. This can help you find the strain that fits your lifestyle. 


What Do You Like To Do?


The kind of activities you enjoy will make a big difference to the strains that work for you. If you’re a super active person you probably don’t want something that will make you melt into the couch for hours on end. You might want to go for a big walk when you’re high and so might prefer a Sativa heavy hybrid. 


Mental Health


This is a big one that people may not think about, if you have mental health issues you need to be careful. We are the types who get affected differently by strains and can’t just trust what our friends say. A happy, heady and perky Sativa to someone might cause severe anxiety or paranoia in someone with mental health issues. Maybe look into medicinal strains first that have lower THC and higher CBD, after you have an idea of your vibe with weed you can start playing with higher THC and see how you feel. Please do not leap in head first it just isn’t safe. 


It’s not easy to find your perfect strain but if you consider all of these factors you should find it easier to pick something out. If you think you can trust your bud grocer ask them about the strain before you buy, maybe even by a little first just to see. Once you find those perfect strains you are set to just have the loveliest time. 


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