Meet the UK’s #1 LED lighting manufacturer

Invisible Sun Led

Invisible Sun Led


It’s not often we share details of other companies as recommendations but here is a UK based LED company that we have had the pleasure of getting to know recently and we think you should check them out too if your on the hunt for your first or even your next lighting solution.  Click the link below and check them out and make sure to use the discount code SUNLED10 for a 10% discount!


Invisible Sun LED


Invisible Sun LED was established in July 2018 by two green fingered friends with a passion for horticulture. Having family rooted in the LED sector, they set out to manufacture and improve horticultural lighting in the UK. Thanks to help from connections, a direct to consumer UK Manufacturer of LED lighting was born.


Manufacturing in the UK they are able to respond to changes in available technology almost immediately, delivering straight to consumers. They test, configure and place their own LED lighting arrays using the best available LED’s on the market.


All Invisible Sun LED products are based around the latest Samsung LM301H white diodes and Samsung LH351H red diodes. Sourcing direct from the UK agent and using the highest bin flux LED’s. These lighting technologies are superior for indoor horticulture and produce some of the highest Lm/W readings in the industry.


The ISH lighting range offers reduced heat signatures, better penetration and higher photon production when compared to traditional lighting. This gives rise to improved yields and flowers. These amazing benefits all come at a reduced energy cost saving at least 40% vs HID. Invisible Sun LED PCB’s will still run 90% efficient after 50,000 hours, well over 5 years of constant use.


Invisible Sun LED lighting products are designed to be utilised in all growing environments from home gardens to commercial scale operations. They come with a 2 year guarantee and 3 year warranty as standard. This company offers UK customer service.


If you want the best for your indoor garden, use this exclusive to Vault subscribers 10% discount on your first order: SUNLED10.


Happy gardening.


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12 thoughts on “Meet the UK’s #1 LED lighting manufacturer

  1. All right I’m growing with a 600 and 1200 ,2000watts phlizon led lights first time growing with led and I’ve got to say wow but I’ll be the first to say I don’t know that much about it so what can you teach me

    1. Phlizon like many other Chinese manufacturers put the wattage value of what it replaces in comparison rather than real wattage drawn from the wall!

  2. Congrats to The Vault for working with Invisible Sun LED, my fave light company, and as a bonus its UK made. Go check them out best out of the rest!

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