How To Make Ultimate Cannabis E-Liquid

Cannabis E Liquid

Cannabis E Liquid


As people, we’ve always put more trust in things we can make at home than those we buy. We have absolute control over the ingredients, the process, and, ultimately, the result.


Now, consumers have always seen cannabis as something of a right that has been denied to them. Many users would grow their weed if it were legal (and some of them do in places where cannabis is permitted). So, it comes as no surprise that many of them attempt to make their own THC e-liquid. You can either buy this through Vaporizerchief Head Shop.


We’re going to discuss how to do this, but first, let’s talk about safety.


SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Caution is of the Utmost Importance


Making your own cannabis e-liquid may seem simple, but it can be quite dangerous if not done correctly.


You shouldn’t, by any means, attempt this if you don’t have experience with chemistry or at least some sort of professional assistance.


There is a method that we didn’t go through within this article where home growers use Butane to extract THC from the plants. This process can lead to a radical accumulation of Butane as it is heavier than air, which can ignite and cause a massive explosion.


Even the other options have their own set of dangers, and our recommendation is that you buy your THC liquids from a verified seller and manufacturer to ensure safe use.


Even homegrown plants can be problematic for consumption, let alone the byproduct.


The method:


As we’ve already established – this is more of a cautionary article than one instructing you on how to do it.


We’re going to outline the process used in DIY THC liquid extraction. Make sure you do additional and thorough research before you even think about attempting it.




  • 6 Grams of high-quality weed (the amount can be increased, but most people will do it with smaller amounts for safety and simplicity
  • EJ Mix (contains: Propylene Glycol, PEG200, PEG300, and PEG400)
  • High proof grain alcohol (never use Isopropyl or other rubbing alcohol – most people use Everclear or Alcool)




  • A quality cooking pot
  • Two mason jars
  • Baking sheet
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cheesecloth
  • Oven

The process:


  1. Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation is the first step in creating a cannabis e-liquid. We do this because we want to convert the THC-A, naturally found in cannabis plants, into THC.


This is a process that usually happens while we burn or vaporize cannabis, but since some vaping equipment may not reach the desired temperature, we do Decarboxylation just in case.


The process is simple, grind your buds to fine dust, place some aluminum foil over the baking sheet, and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 225-250 F.


  1. Prepare to boil


Take your buds out of the oven, put them in a mason jar, and then pour alcohol until your cannabis is just a bit more than covered by the liquid.


Do not put a cover on the top of the jar!


Fill your pot with 3.8 cm of water and place the jar inside the pot. This precautionary measure ensures that your alcohol doesn’t ignite. As it is extremely flammable, this can be very dangerous.


  1. Open a window and prepare for cooking!


First of all, make sure you ventilate the room as the smell will be pungent.


The goal here is to boil away some of the alcohol while the alcohol that remains soaks up the active ingredients from the plant.


You will need to continually stir the cannabis until a part of the alcohol evaporates, and the remaining alcohol is still enough to submerge the entire plant content. The liquid should turn a dark color from the process – the more plants you use, the darker the liquid should be.


  1. Add more alcohol and filter the product!


Once the initial alcohol has evaporated to the desired measure, do a refill to get the amount back to its initial level. You can add a bit more even – but just a bit.


Grab your cheesecloth and put it over your other jar, and pour the liquid through it. Make sure you drain the plants of any alcohol they have inside. Try CBD vape oil on Ecigclick.


Take the new jar and put it back to boil, but make sure that the temperature difference between the water and the jar isn’t too great, or it might crack!


Boil until you have 5ml of liquid left – you can test this with a syringe.


  1. Adding the EJ Mix


To the amount of 5ml liquid you have left, you add 20 ml of EJ Mix, a carrier liquid for the active substances.


After this step, you can boil your mixture one more time to evaporate all the alcohol, but some users prefer the taste it gives to the liquid, so this is up to you.


The final liquid should have a dark brown, greenish color.


When you are ready to test it, filter it again, and try it out.


Again, making E-liquid at home can be a dangerous process, and if you do it wrong, there can be serious threats to your health. Only those that have the necessary know-how should attempt this and even then, with caution.


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