How Medical Cannabis can help you sleep better

Medical Cannabis can help you sleep better

Medical Cannabis can help you sleep better



With the advancement of medical science, doctors and researchers joined hands to discover natural methods to cure diseases. In that light, marijuana came to view due to the quality of its chemicals. Cannabis has gone through years of deliberation among researchers. It was bound to a template for a lengthy period before it’s advantageous side was showcased.

It has proven its effectiveness through its exceptional contribution towards diseases like epilepsy and seizures.

However, as recent discoveries have shown, marijuana is not only beneficial for these diseases but is also of importance in cases of conditions like depression and insomnia. Cannabis strains are now recommended by doctors to treat a wide variety of conditions that have affected lives for decades. Cannabinoids are responsible for these qualities as well.


Cannabis as an effective medicine for anxiety

Anxiety is a serious condition where a patient is consistently upset, demotivated, and suffering from low self-esteem, increased heart rates, a prevalent feeling of tiredness, etc. Due to the conflict-related to the anxiety of whether it is a medical condition or just a passing phase, patients who need help do not get much of it.


Doctors and researchers have established that cannabis, or marijuana, has qualities that can effectively treat this condition and bring back an individual to the normal course of life.  A study conducted in 2014 by EBSCO declared and provided sufficient proof about the incredibly positive effects of weed in reducing pain and anxiety, two symptoms that are commonly associated with depression.


From studies conducted at the University of Buffalo, scientists concluded that brain chemicals called endocannabinoids, which are also responsible for an individual’s mental stability has suppressed secretion due to chronic stress and other related mental disorders. This is combated by the cannabinoids in marijuana that promotes the secretion of these chemicals.


Marijuana helps cure insomnia

As with depression, insomnia, too, is a condition faced by millions around the world. Marijuana has shown remarkable effects it has with regards to curing insomnia. There are three kinds of marijuana strains that have different effects on the body.


1. Sativa: The Sativa strains act as mood uplifters and make the patient feel energetic and happy.


2. Indica: Indica induces the feeling of relaxation and calm in the patient. Usually, doctors suggest this strain to treat insomnia.


3. Hybrids: Hybrids are an amalgamation of Indica and Sativa, and their composition varies according to the manufacturer’s discretion.


Ingestion of marijuana can manifest in any form.  Although smoking is the easiest and the most popular method of consuming marijuana and is preferred by most, some patients are seen inclining towards vaper pens. You can also prepare diy vape juice with varying dosages and strengths. In recent times, the use of these devices has escalated just as much as the method of rolling a joint and smoking.


With the growing market of cannabis, there are a plethora of choices available, you can choose from Terpenes, Tinctures, etc.



Given the array of scholars concatenating to research about cannabis, the other qualities of this plant will not stay hidden for long.


FDA, in tune with governments across the United States, are beginning to recognize the effectiveness associated with the chemicals contained in pot. Weed has been legalized in 33 states across America so far and is being considered at some other places, too. Marijuana, in a journey that has come this far, has been the evidence of good health. It has endorsed the secretion of chemicals like endocannabinoids. Together with the variants, marijuana is now regarded as a natural method to cure numerous diseases.


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