Films You Should Not Watch High

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Of course, this concept is entirely subjective and I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t watch. However, as someone who understands roughly how the human brain reacts to weed, I can confidently say that these films are not ones to watch when stoned. Some of you may take this article as a challenge, which is also fine. Just be prepared for your fragile high brain to melt out of your ears and never be the same again.




A personal favourite film of mine, but one that follows the journey of a heroin addict in Edinburgh. There are a number of reasons that this is not a good film to watch when high, primarily because a good amount of the film is dedicated to expressing to a sober mind some of the horrors that come with a drug altered view of the world. Trainspotting is already an anxiety-inducing film for many and will not be helped by an easily swayed brain. We also definitely need to recall the various first-person views of babies with spinning heads and sinking into carpets which are likely to trigger some pretty unpleasant visuals. A fantastic film to watch while sober, definitely not when high.


Requiem For A Dream


I’m sure that not one of you is surprised to see this film here, those of you who have maybe already seen it. For anyone that hasn’t please trust that with this one I just know what I’m talking about. This film is described as a psychological drama which I find to be a bit of an understatement. Once again a film about drug addiction leading straight into terrifying delusions and a whole host of other anxiety and stress-inducing scenes. Once again, please just trust me on this one.




This trippy and phenomenally made film is an absolute must-watch as long as you are completely void of drugs. The film takes us on a journey with a group of students who travel with their friend to celebrate a traditional Midsommar. This leads us through an extraordinary and somewhat drug-fueled experience that left my brain in much worse a state than it found it. Once again this film is designed to be trippy without any support from weed, so can definitely and easily overstimulate those who aren’t prepared. I would have to say this is another one I would recommend just not watching high, just don’t do it.


A Clockwork Orange 


I would suggest not watching this film high for several reasons, but primarily for the terrifying brainwashing scene. The flashing images and intentionally stressful content is definitely enough to trigger an extremely bad time. The rest of the film also contains several violent scenes, bizarre and trippy visuals, triggering scenes and mentions of sexual assault, and a lot of very confusing language. The point of this film is to confuse and shock the audience in a way that makes us consider both the violence of youth and the pointless and violent nature of the prison system. It’s also a fantastic film but one that needs the full faculties that your brain has to offer.


Ichi The Killer

For a lot of you, this may just be a film you shouldn’t watch…like, ever. This film is described as “action crime” but I suppose that depends on how horrifying you find people hanging from hooks. This film contains sexual assault, extreme violence and graphic gore. For anyone who is usually a fan of these things, give it a sober watch. For everyone else maybe just avoid it altogether. Ichi The Killer is not for the faint of heart and will likely trigger a panic attack in anyone who has had so much as a toke.


The Descent 


This one I actually couldn’t watch at all because I’m entirely too claustrophobic. Anyone who wasn’t before will be after trying to watch this subterranean horror. This film repeatedly crams us into small spaces with no hope of escape while being pursued by unknown underground creatures. This is not the film for anyone who struggles with anxiety disorders or has any kind of fear of small spaces. I guarantee if you try to watch this film high you will end up sprinting out of your house just trying to get to the most open space possible.




I may have strayed into a psychological horror theme here, but I do think they are likely the worst ones to watch high. This particular trauma triggering masterpiece is about a quest for revenge by a young woman on those who abducted and tortured her as a child. She joins with another abuse victim and the film takes a rather strange and extremely dark turn. I would recommend this film to those who want something artistic, beautiful and genuinely disturbing. Do not watch it high though, as you may have understood from the title of this list.


Event Horizon


To be honest, this is likely one of my favourite horror sci-fi films, and Sam Neil is always a delight. Event Horizon is about a space mission that encounters a crack in reality that essentially leads them to hell. For when it was made it does boast amazing effects and the storytelling is, in my opinion, fantastic. However, the journey to hell means that the film is full of graphic gore and horrifying mind games in a way that will not sit well with a stoned brain.




I’m finishing with this film because it has a slightly different reason for being on my do not watch list. I thought that the combination of real-world and fantasy might be a fun stoned watch, something a little different. I was wrong in so many ways, primarily because fun isn’t a word I would associate with this travesty of a film. Watching this film high I think only increases the level of boredom experienced as we plod through a poorly structured combination of worlds that doesn’t provide us with the best bits from either. Don’t be tricked by the potential of this film, it isn’t fun to watch high or otherwise.


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