Cannabis and Cannabis Seed Laws, UK

Cannabis and Cannabis Seed Laws, UK

Cannabis and Cannabis Seed Laws, UK


Cannabis and Cannabis Seed Laws, UK


Imagine walking into your local garden centre and being refused the purchase of a common plant or more to the point, imagine booze was illegal or outlawed, you wouldn’t be happy would you? This is the reality for Cannabis consumers, both medically and recreationally.


Smoking a bit of weed is perfectly normal. Taking a plant from the ground and applying some fire to it (by way of a lighter), has a psychoactive effect on you or some form of medical benefit via the CBD qualities it possesses. So why, in that case, is it still illegal in most countries. Absolute madness, I’m sure you will agree.


Given that Cannabis is becoming ever more popular, there are many new consumers coming from all walks of life who are interested in consuming it legally. We speak to all sorts of customers from the young to the elderly and more and more often, the sick.


When we get an incoming call we are restricted in what we can say to our potential new customers. We cannot and do not give advice on growing or germination as this would be against the law in the UK. We sell seeds on the basis they’re being used & stored as souvenirs, or as bird food etc. until the time the law changes and allows you to grow.  it is perfectly legal in the UK to buy, sell and store cannabis seeds to preserve the genetics for when the law changes.


Now, we’re all adults here, so we can only assume that some of you (all of you), are looking to grow the plant for one reason or another.


With that being said, you might be concerned about the laws and what would happen should you be found to be growing. For that reason, we thought we’d help you by looking at the current laws here in the UK and beyond.


Here are a list of things to consider:


It is completely legal to buy, store, sell and trade the seeds in the UK


This applies to both online transactions and over the counter


It is illegal to germinate the seeds / grow marijuana / buy it / sell it


If proven that you are growing the seeds you may face a fine or even prison time


We reserve the right to refuse to sell cannabis seeds if we suspect you may grow them in a country where it is illegal


Let’s take a look at Class A, B and C drug laws in the UK right now…


Class A, B and C drug laws in the UK


This was taken from the government’s website in the UK. As you can see, Cannabis is a class B drug, alongside other well-known names such as amphetamines, ketamine, synthetic cannabinoids and the prescription drugs, Ritalin, commonly dished out for kids and adults with ADHD / Adult ADD.


If you’re caught producing or supplying then you can face 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.


Now, what we have to say, is that things are changing in the UK. Unofficially, some UK police divisions now take a more relaxed view of the law with some forces actually coming out and saying they will not actively pursue small time growers. This is good common sense and allows the police to focus on more serious crimes. That said, you should always consider the actual law, and not what you hear from some news stories (if you are in any doubt then please do your own in-depth research in relation to your own local laws regards cannabis and cannabis seeds).



A caveat to the above is the sale of CBD products in the UK. You’ve probably noticed all the various products around with things like creams to juices, all bearing the non-pyschoactive side of the plant. It is legal to buy any CBD product in the UK if it has less than the 0.2% psychoactive element, being THC. As ever, tread with care, but you should be fine if you comply with the 0.2% THC level. (if you are in any doubt then please do your own in-depth research in relation to your own local laws regards cannabis, CBD products and cannabis seeds)


Recent Stories

There are some real-life examples of people being caught. Sometimes, the police take glee in catching ‘criminals’ and display a picture of a very minor haul from someone, which in turn usually results in bad PR for the Police as they look a little bit pathetic for taking a small amount of Cannabis from a user (which as it happens is a warning and £90 fine for possession in the UK)!


Story 1 – Dover Cannabis haul hidden in Cheese – Two men from Holland attempt to bring £5mil worth of Cannabis into the UK


Story 2 – Man Who Uses Cannabis for Depression Taken to Court – Now we can see why story one will land you in trouble, but this kind of things is madness –


Story 3 – Sadik Khan – Time for Cannabis Re-Think To Cut Violent Crime – The London mayor is thinking about taking this common-sense approach to cutting violent crime in the area.


Story 4 – What prohibition’s failure means for the legalisation of cannabis. –


Rest of the World

Some countries have taken huge steps with Cannabis laws. Canada famously legalised it last year, for both medical and recreational purposes. The US is said to have around 11 States where it’s been legalised for buyers over the age of 21. There are also rumours that traditionally more strict countries like Thailand are mulling over legalisation too, realising the financial gains to be made.


Just recently, some UK government ministers from all parties visited Canada to see how legalisation was changing things. Overwhelmingly they came back with positive stories and judged that the UK should be fully legal in the next 5 to 15 years (fingers crossed its much quicker than that!).


The Future

As touched on above, things are changing for the better across the globe. Governments are waking up and seeing the benefits of legalisation across the board. For us, it’s the only sensible thing to do. The plant has so many medical benefits and even recreationally it will be less harmful for human consumption than alcohol or other hard drugs. In America, for example, there are positive reports of Cannabis helping with the opioid epidemic they’re having.


Cannabis Community

If you want to discuss this with the wider Cannabis Community, then you can search out various third party forums on the net, who’ll have dedicated topics based on legalisation. You might also consider joining The Vault’s Facebook Group, which is completely private and will allow you to ask questions to our engaged audience. You can join here:


Of course feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below too!


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Remember: It’s illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries. It is our duty to inform you of this important fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws. The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes. All of our content is provided for educational purposes only.

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  1. Here’s the Question, If I am a licensed Medical Grower in Canada, can I legally buy seeds from a UK seed Company and legally have them safely shipped too me at my Canadian address? Medical patients in Canada have very little access to cannabis genetics through our Licensed producers, not to mention only 2 of these corporations even offer seeds, so consequently a patient like myself with 2 grow licenses one is even court protected, still has to break laws too access our strain specific cannabis, because of Government sanctioned, corporate monopolized weed. Please don’t let your government destroy your cannabis community like they have done in Canada, Commercial Corporate weed will wipe out 80% of cannabis genetics within 5 years at this rate.

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