Can Weed Help With Sex Addiction?

Can Weed Help With Sex Addiction

Can Weed Help With Sex Addiction


Cannabis has been used for some time to aid with recovery in addiction cases. Many alcoholics or those addicted to harder drugs have found cannabis helpful when weaning themselves off. This is largely because it allows for the same brain reaction of taking a substance but usually one that is less physically addictive and less damaging overall. However, that is when we are discussing substance addiction, what about sex addiction? Society tends to view sex addiction as people with high sex drives trying to shirk responsibility for their sexual activities. Unfortunately, the reality of this addiction isn’t even nearly so fun. We know that cannabis can have an effect on sexual appetite and experience so is it possible that those suffering from addiction could use it as a recovery tool? Let’s have a look at some studies and see what we can figure out. 


What Is Sex Addiction?


Those who suffer from sex addiction often have other underlying disorders that alter their ability to control their impulses. This is what can lead to other forms of addiction, a desire to get a hold of endorphins without considering the consequences like others might. Unfortunately, like all addictions, it is extremely difficult to control. Some people may think sex addiction is just flitting around banging whoever you want all the time but this isn’t true. It means chasing the endorphins that come from sex no matter where it comes from. Sufferers will often engage in sexual activity with people they aren’t interested in, will require more and more intense fetishes in order to reach gratification, will engage in sexual activity even when they don’t actually want to, will neglect other obligations and people in order to have sex, and many will completely stop enjoying the act of sex all together. Many who struggle with sex addiction will find the act itself robotic and joyless, simply seeking emotional or chemical gratification from their partner. So basically, sex addiction really sucks and can be as destructive physically and emotionally as other addictions. 


How Weed Affects Addiction


Usually cannabis is used in order to ease addiction rather than as a treatment. We have known for some time now that simply going cold turkey on most substances is dangerous and doesn’t work. Many heroin addicts die because they quit, experience horrific withdrawal, then use the same amount again and die of an overdose since their body has purged the drug. This is just an example, but alcohol withdrawal and that of other harder drugs can be excruciating and bad for the body making it likely that the user will relapse. Studies have found that cannabis, especially when it’s high in CBD, can ease the cravings of recovering heroin users. It also reduces other awful symptoms such as depression, anxiety, physical shaking or spasming, headaches, nausea, the list goes on. So we know from the get go that cannabis does have a history of helping those struggling with severe addiction to recover. Sex addiction does come with it’s own forms of withdrawal which can make it very hard for the sufferer to not just pick up the phone and invite someone over. More likely than not someone that they will regret. Just a few of the withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, irritability, debilitating loneliness, depression, mood swings, and other bizarre cravings. 


How Weed Affects Sex


When I started my research I came across a number of articles calming that cannabis was responsible for wild and risky sexual behaviour in users and can even be a cause of hyper sexuality. While this is certainly true of some strains, it is absolutely not the entire range of effects cannabis can have on sex. Obviously, when smoking a more sedating strain, sex is going to be one of the last things on your mind. Then there are strains that may not massively increase drive but do increase sensation and will improve the act of sex all together. So there are a couple of ways that different strains could help with sex addiction. Initially, the same way that they help with other forms of addiction. By easing and reducing the symptoms of withdrawal while the sufferer is trying to recover. Reducing the levels of anxiety, insomnia, and other disruptive and even painful things that could be fixed temporarily by a knee trembler could make a huge difference. As someone who has experienced addiction I know first hand that getting past the initial cravings is a huge part of recovery. 

Another way that it could help, though I haven’t found specific studies to support this theory, is the increased sensuality and sensitivity that some strains can provide. During sexual addiction the act of sex becomes mechanical. In my experience reconnecting with the way that other people experience sex is vital to recovery. It’s easy over the years to forget that it can be more than just lying there and trying to convince yourself that this makes you attractive while you wait for an endorphin flood. I would recommend trying to completely cut out sex and find coping mechanisms or use medicinal cannabis initially. But when you’re ready, and if you have met a sexual partner that you truely feel you connect with in some way, an experience of heightened, sensual, slow and present sex can be incredible for reminding you what it can be. I will reiterate, this section is purely based on my own addiction experiences and everyone will react differently. 


If you truly feel that you might be a sex addict then you should go to your doctor. Use words like joyless, numb, uncontrollable, craving etc to describe what you are going through so they know you aren’t just running on an intense libido. For some recovery is harder than others, so find a way that works for you. Cannabis may very well support your recovery but don’t be afraid to seek out groups or other forms of therapy. As always, do your research and if you are reading this because you are struggling then know you are not alone and you can recover. 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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