Bonus Seedsman Seeds for 420 at The Vault

Bonus Seedsman Seeds

Bonus Seedsman Seeds


Seedsman Seeds are really upping their game to bring The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store some amazing promos and deals during 420!


They have already been running a promotion for some time now where you get a free random Seedsman cannabis seed with every pack of Seedsman purchased.  Click the image to learn more about this offer:


Seedsman Seeds


Now they are doubling this offer so you will still receive the random Seedsman Seed with every 3,5 or 10 pack purchased but as a 420 bonus you will also receive a free Gelat. OG Fem with every 3,5 or 10 pack purchased!  Wow!


This is live now right through to (and including) the 30th April!


This offer is on top of our other offers of course, you can check those out on our discount cannabis seeds page.  They are really starting to stack up now, so go ahead, fill your cart and be amazed at the freebies adding up!


Don’t forget.  Seedsman Seeds already have another 420 deal for The Vault customers – Spend over £50 and get another free Gelat. OG Fem.  Click the image to learn more about this deal:


Seedsman 420 Promo


Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman is a brand that focuses primarily on the protection of genetic variations and the different strains of cannabis that have occurred over the years. Their main aim is to keep these strains alive and well until such a time as governments begin to realise the therapeutic and medicinal properties of marijuana and how important they are to sufferers of debilitating illnesses.


They fully support the legality of cannabis as long as it is controlled and regulated for those who really need it.


Without these genetic variations being looked after cannabis is more likely to suffer from diseases and pests as they have no way of protecting themselves. This is why Seedsman feels that looking after this wide and exciting gene pool is so very important.


To help their customers they keep up-to-date information regarding cannabis laws on their website and hopefully one day they will be proven right and the controlled use of cannabis will be legalised.


Gelat.OG Feminised SeedsSeedsman Gelat.OG Feminised Seeds is a cross of Gelato and a selected OG Kush. Two west coast legends come together to spread Bay Area peace and love.


Get ready for generous harvests of highly potent indica-dominant weed that has an upbeat yet profoundly relaxing effect.


This strain grows well indoors and outdoors producing as much as 25% THC with low CBD content. Relatively short flowering times and great yields make this one a real winner for your garden. Gelato comes straight out of the Bay area where it has won great reviews for its rich, fruity, sweet scent reminiscent of dessert.


Gelato has parentage of Sunset Sherbert and GSC Thin Mints pheno which goes an awful long way to explaining both its sheer quality and tantalising taste. Pollen was supplied by a special selection OG Kush, another strain that will be familiar to all growers by now with its fuelly flavour and potent yet uplifting high.


Bonus: Get 15% off all Seedsman Seeds at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store using discount code Seedsman15 in the cart!


Let us know about your experiences with Seedsman Seeds and their strains in the comments section below.


To view details of all of The Vaults 420 Promos as they go live throughout April, visit this page


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Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.

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    1. We can accept credit card payments within the UK and EU only at this time.

      Unfortunately we currently have issues accepting card payments outside of the UK / EU this is due to changing legislation but is something all seedbanks face. We need to follow all the laws and we will not take risks regards credit cards as we value our customers too much. We are working on re-introducing credit card payments outside of the UK / EU as soon as we are legally able to do so.

      You can still pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer, bitcoin etc. just choose the relevant option in the cart and the site will guide you through the process.
      Also if you wish to pay by bank transfer or bitcoin we will even give you another 5 seeds for free, worth over £25 on top of all our other offers! Check it out at

  1. Hi there ,love the site very fast shipping , I just wanted to inform you since you have updated your website to ask if you are over 18+ Before entering the site , I can no longer access your website as that page does not refresh after you tick the box and continue .

    1. I will pass this to a developer to look at now buddy, If its not resolved for you in a few hours could you pop me an email please to [email protected] so I can investigate further

      It may be because your internet provider has parental controls enabled and now its over 18 its blocking it, you can call them and get that removed in a few minutes, or use private browsing on your wifi to bypass it 😛

  2. George,I haven’t received my seeds from the Twitter contest test I won. Could you please check on that for me. Miles

    1. yes, i have a note to check this for you buddy, please allow me some time though as Mondays are crazy busy so i need to focus on getting orders out first, ill drop you an email by tomorrow

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