7 Tips to Extend Life of Your Vaporizer Battery

7 Tips to Extend Life of Your Vaporizer Battery

7 Tips to Extend Life of Your Vaporizer Battery


Unknown to many people, one of the essential parts of a vaporizer battery is the battery. It affects your overall vaping experience, making it necessary to go the extra mile in caring for your battery.

An unhealthy battery that goes off right in the middle of enjoying a puff can be frustrating. This makes it essential to do all in your capacity to care for your vaporizer battery. Your management of the vaporizer battery determines how long it will last and the overall experience.

It can also save you from the need to replace the battery constantly. Here are seven maintenance tips that can help you:


1.   Avoid completely Draining the Battery.


You enjoy your vaping session so much that you ignored all the warnings from the battery. As a result, you completely emptied the battery before giving it a fresh charge. Such a habit is harmful and detrimental to battery health as coming up from zero every time you charge is a lot of work for the battery. Besides, it stresses the battery unnecessarily.


Once your battery drops to 20%, stop using it and get it charged. With this, you can maintain its health and make it easy for the battery to come up every time you are charging. Every time your battery dies entirely, bringing it up will require more power.


2.   Keep Your devices Clean.


Vape pens need a high amount of power to heat the juice at a high temperature. As a result, there is a high demand for vape batteries compared to other devices. This makes it essential to observe the best heating practices to prevent the battery from dying too soon.


Cleaning every part of the device, including the battery connector, is a good call. You should also clean the filter to get rid of residues that could choke the outlets, which will make the device work harder. Choosing your vape pen makes sure there are many removable parts as it allows for easy cleaning. This ensures that you get the best from your vaporizer, especially when vaping for medical reasons or using a concentrate vape pen. It also reduces the probability of reheating and overheating old bud residues.


3.   Store Your Batteries Properly


Many vapers do not mind how they store their batteries after use. Some people carry their vape device in their pocket all day and sometimes remove their battery inside their pocket. Such habits will make dust and dirt gather on the nodes.


By the time the battery gets inside the vape pen, the dirt will disturb the link between the battery and the terminals of your pen. As a result, the battery will need to supply more power than required for the device to work effectively.


This makes it essential to store the device and batteries properly. There are vape pen cases that can safely and comfortably house your device, keeping it in good condition.


4.   Regularly Use Your Device


Batteries, whether rechargeable or not, are meant to be used. A battery left for long without use will gradually lose its efficiency. This is due to the degradation of the materials present in the internal cells of the battery. Unknown to many people, a battery left idle degrades faster compared to the one used regularly.


Batteries present in modern devices like smartphones and your vaporizer are considered smart batteries. As a result, they only perform excellently when used continually. Even if it is for a short while, constant use of your e-cig battery will go a long way to keep it in top condition.


5.   Avoid overcharging your device. 


Leaving your vape devices plugged in overnight might be a good idea. Even though this seems convenient, it is the wrong way to manage your battery as it reduces the overall efficiency. When your battery is fully charged, you should remove it. However, leaving it plugged in after getting to 100% will damage the battery. With this, make it a habit to unplug the device after every full charge.


6.   Avoid Extreme Temperatures


How you store the battery, alongside where you store it, affects the health. Batteries are made of various chemicals that display various behaviors and reactions at different temperatures. This makes it essential to avoid storing the battery at extreme temperatures, especially cold or hot.


A battery stored at a high temperature could leak. On the other hand, keeping the battery at a freezing temperature could encourage internal resistance. This affects the battery efficiency and reduces the overall power. As a result, make sure not to store your battery in the glove compartment of your vehicle or leave it hanging around during winter.


There are specialized battery cases designed for storage.


7.   Use the correct charger.


If you want to extend the life of your vaporizer battery, make sure to use the charger specified by the manufacturer. Several chargers might charge your device, but it doesn’t make them the ideal choice for your device.


Don’t forget that vape devices come in different specifications and designs, which means that their charger differs. As a result, charging them with the specified charger will preserve them. When you need to replace the charger, ensure to return a reputable retailer dealing in similar products like yours.




Your vaping experience is indirectly tied to the strength of your vaporizer battery. You can take helpful tips to preserve and extend the life of your vaporizer battery. This article has explored several different tips that can make your vape battery last longer.


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*Article written by Jessica Smith

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