Which Pick ‘n’ Mix Cannabis Seeds?

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Choices, choices…

You’ll be hard pressed to find a legal online cannabis seed supplier which carries as many high quality strains as The Vault…

With a massive selection of popular favourites, new hot-shots and hard-to-find classics, we have something for every collector.

The only real trouble with having such a mammoth hoard of cannabis seeds to choose from is that sometimes, deciding what you’d like to add to your collection can be a bit of a challenge;

Take your pick

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find all your favourite strains in one handy location? Where you could collect a few choice seeds at a time, instead of being forced to order complete packs?

The Vault has been asking these questions – and now has the answer…

In order to enhance your shopping experience, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Pick ‘n’ Mix section!

How it works

When you visit our Pick ‘n’ Mix section, you’ll be greeted with a choice selection of some of our most popular seed strains; you’ll be given the freedom to add individual seeds to your basket (or sets of multiple seeds if you prefer: The choice is yours!)

This is a great way of introducing fantastic new strains to your collection, without costing you a fortune.

What strains are available?

Our Pick ‘n’ Mix section is packed with great strains, like:

Northern Light Automatic Feminised by Royal Queen Seeds

A high-tech twist on a classic strain, this variant of the legendary Northern Light has been masterfully developed by the world class breeders at Royal Queen Seeds; add this strain to your mix bag and you’ll not be disappointed!


Zamaldelica Feminised by Ace Seeds

This alluring strain can trace its genetic roots to La Réunion Island: A tropical paradise situated in the Indian Ocean.  The genetic wizards at Ace Seeds have crossed the mighty Zamal strain with the ferocious Malawi Killer to produce a feminised super-strain which will add a unique genetic presence to your seed collection.


Dance World by Royal Queen Seeds

By blending Mexican and Afghan genetics with the fabled Juanita la Lagrimosa, Royal Queen Seeds has created a marvellous medicinal strain for the ages: Get with the groove and add a few of these seeds to your collection!


What are you waiting for?

The seeds mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg: visit our Pick ‘n’ Mix section today and get ready to add some amazing new seeds to your collection!

8 thoughts on “Which Pick ‘n’ Mix Cannabis Seeds?

  1. What a fantastic company, ordered 12 noon one day and my seeds arrived before midday the next. Highly recommended company, I will be spreading your name around and asking the local grow store to promote you tooooo. Thanks

  2. Heard lots of wonderful things about this company, can’t wait to see for myself. Talk to you later…

  3. team vault are a great company but should make all seeds a pick an mix option cause i know i dont like buying full pack i like to buy 1 seed an then make my choice just an idea as i see so many other companys doing this option kind regards

    1. Hi Buddy,

      Unlike some of our competitors we dont open up packs of seeds to sell. This way when you buy from The Vault everything comes in the original breeders packaging so you know you are getting the real seeds!

      But we do have a pick n mix cannabis seeds section at https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/pick-and-mix-cannabis-seeds this lists all the seeds that are available in packs of 1 and is very popular as you can build up a wide variety of seeds in your basket to try out (or keep as souvenirs if your country’s laws are behind the times still)

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