The Vault: Free monthly medical cannabis seeds for worthy causes

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A charitable giveaway

As all of our buddies know, The Vault is more than just a leading cannabis seeds store: We’re a bunch of human beings that really care about the greater good of the global cannabis community – and who believe that what goes around, comes around…

Do you have a good cause that we can donate medical seeds to?

At The Vault, we get all kinds of messages from happy customers, loyal fans and people from all walks of life. Among these interactions, we encounter many people who could benefit from a helping hand…

• We hear from people who are seriously ill, with no means to treat their symptoms without receiving charitable contributions from caregivers.
• We hear from those whose loved ones are unable to get the medicine they need.
• We hear from veterans whose only solace from PTSD can be found in nature’s miracle herb…

Few can argue against the fact that Medical marijuana seeds can offer a real lifeline for those in dire straits: And with this in mind, The Vault is proud to announce the arrival of our latest monthly giveaway…

Introducing free monthly seeds for worthy causes

Here’s how it works:

• The Vault will be giving away free medical seeds right here on a monthly basis.
• The winners will be picked at random, to keep things fair
• We are counting on the ethical nature of the community to shine through and only those who need the seeds the most, or who know someone in genuine need to enter this monthly giveaway.
• Prizes will be announced at the start of each month.
• Each winner will also receive a free T-Shirt.

How to enter the giveaway

If you could benefit from free medical marijuana seeds, all you have to do to enter the monthly giveaway is leave us a comment on this thread: That’s it!

37 thoughts on “The Vault: Free monthly medical cannabis seeds for worthy causes

  1. I’m 69 and disabled with Peripheral Neuropathy. The only way I can cope is with the pain cannabis. Some medical seeds would be great. The only way I get cannabis is to grow it myself

  2. This is a wonderful thing you are doing.
    I have a two-fold situation to my story.
    I myself am a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD and I also have a degenerative back disorder that is very painful. I have tried to find a strain that allows me to avoid opiates but this has been difficult. Unfortunately, most of the strains, I have tried, do not do well with my PTSD. When I began to hear about the benefits of CBD I had to try it. It has been wonderful for pain management. The paranoia side effects are greatly reduced and my pain is manageable.
    I know a lot of breeders claim that their high THC strains are medical strains but without equal or higher %’s of CBD, there is very little evidence of any benefit.
    Since paranoia is so predominant with PTSD I have had to search out high level CBD strains that work well for pain and minimize paranoia. These are very difficult to locate and usually very expensive. It is alarming as to how few actual medical strains are available in this market, especially since there is evidently such a high demand for these strains.
    The second part of my tale involves my friend Joe. Joe is now in stage 4 of a particularly nasty form of cancer.
    It is my goal to produce enough 1:1 CBD:THC oil to give my friend a chance of beating this. Our research points to the 60:90 regimen. That is 60 grams of oil administered over 90 days.
    Despite my best efforts we have been unable to get seeds for a high% strain with the 1:1 ratio. Everything we have tried so far is both difficult to work with and low in production. We have been waiting patiently for over a year to obtain some promising strains from SinCity but that has been unfruitful to this point.
    Incredible Power, Treasure Island, Cancer’s Nightmare and Thunderstruck are high on our wish list. I am sure there are some other similar strains but I wanted to give you an idea of what we have been looking for to meet our need for a high level CBD/THC producer.
    We will be grateful for any help you give us if we are chosen.
    Well that’s my story. I know it isn’t a spectacular story but I don’t have many friends and I want to do everything I can to help him and if I can treat my pain along the way and not have a life on opiates, well that is good too.


  3. I have a Neurological Ailment & more Health problems.Lost my job due to health.I must have taken thousands of pills over the last 4 years.When was offerd medicinal MJ from a friend it is far superior than pills & relaxes body & pain subsides for an hour or 2..It was a 1 off as didn’t realise that there was a medicinal version(Now know there’s lots of strains by looking online)..Started to do small grows & have had 2 or 3 harvests using medicinal strains .Better than any dealers & the few hours releif is a Godsend!! Enjoying my new hobby,Just wished I knew about medicinal strains ages ago!.It’s a pity our Countries Demonized Cannabis & I can’t ever see it being legalised in my lifetime.If win the lottery i will be emigrating to any state in the USA that’s Cannabis Friendly!!!

    1. I meant to say that what your doing is fantastic & it shows there’s still good out there & sympathetic views ( I take MJ for medicinal purposes but having to keep it quiet & secretive is like a Guilty Pleasure,Kinda sad in this day & age hear in the UK……Johny after years of trying nearly every pill & all methods of alternative therapy I was offerd Ketamin Infusions in Hospital (Gives great releif for pain & helps with mood disorder)I get it on the NHS .I get it every 8 weeks & for the First 3 weeks is a great help in subsiding chronic pain).Sadly I have to wait another 5 weeks till next appointment as it’s only Available & Administered on a 8 week schedule due to cost policy etc..Good Luck with your Health in the future…

  4. I think this monthly give away for patients truly in need is awesome. You guys here at the vault are too kind hearted. I hope your precious beans make it into the proper hands of those in need. I wish everyone the best of luck. I will b watching from the sidelines as I’m not in need and others might b. Great stuff vault!

    1. Great to know that all of us without conditions warranting help but we Love that the Vaults’ compassion helps those in need and without funds. I moved to Michigan to legally grow up to 72 at a time, for 5patients & I. I’ll support The Vault for my patients’ high CBD strain needs and humbly ask breeders’ cross high CBD strains with Ducks Foot so medicinal plants will stealthily grow Everywhere

  5. My brother and I both have neurological ailments and my state does not offer medical marijuana so I have to secretly grow some in my closet for him and I. It’s not a pill, and it works great, why does America need to stand against it when it helps so many people?

    Keep it up guys.

  6. I currently have 2 aunties who are wheelchair bound ( one also has lupis ) , both have tried to get sativex spray only to be told its not for them , so me personally speaking would love to hook both of them up good and proper, so i know i could do them some justice with CBD strains , of which unfortunatley i dont have. So thanks for doing this giveaway from and on behalf of my aunts and whoever does win lets hope they aint tryin just to bag some free seeds

  7. First, let me say this type of “giving to the community” is FIRST RATE! I could write a book on how this generosity is unsurpassed and is what the MMJ industry and community is all about, giving those in need the access to the medications they need. I myself was in an auto accident on July of 2014 and left with neurological issues that impact my right side, but prior to that, I helped supply relatives suffering from breast cancer the medicine that helped to improve their quality of life. Unfortunately I lost these two family members to the terrible disease, but through their network of breast cancer support groups I have helped several other patients in my area with quality medications that have made the quality of their life with treatments a little easier to deal with. My greatest reward is helping others. It was a shock to become a patient myself, but the opiates the doctors prescribe make me sick, which is what I have heard from the cancer patients I help. Even if I am not a recipient at some point, I need to say THANK YOU for what you are doing.

  8. I have had anxiety over 3 years and its really shitty thing if you can not communicate other people beacause of anxiety. If I smoke weed I can be i can be a normal person in society.


  9. I am 64 with arthritis,Degenerative bone and joint dealing with pain since my early 20s.I am on disability and had pain meds taken away A year ago Cannabis is my only relief. But it is very expensive. It would be great to have quality seeds to grow my own.

  10. Hi George and Jack plus The Vault,
    I donate seeds to people with Cancer plus other conditions
    and diseases.
    I try to help out people by buying seeds to give to them.
    When I found The Vault it made my day because you have the lowest
    prices on seeds.
    It has been tough lately because even though I try to help as many
    people as I can I run out of seeds.
    I can’t describe the feeling I get.
    I feel like I let these people down.
    If you ever find a pack of seeds that are damaged or anything like
    if you find a pack that fell between a shelf and the wall and are now
    getting old.
    Please know that I will get them to someone that needs them bad.
    Sure I get to see the joy that seeds bring.
    But I also see an empty chair when a person dies.
    I believe that we all must stick together.
    We all must help one another out.
    We must help out our Brothers and Sisters.
    I lead by example.
    Thank you for having a great company.

  11. I am a 50 year old disabled veteran. I fractured my back 2 years ago and I am sick and tired of taking opiates to control my pain. I pray that the powers that be get their act together and legalize this miracle drug for 100% of the United States of America. You all do Gods work…keep up the good work!

  12. This is a wonderful idea you have! I am suffering from psoriatic arthritis. And suffering is what I do. The biologic medicines work for a few months then stop. I have difficulty walking most days. Most of the thing’s that I enjoy doing, I can’t anymore. Jewelry making, baking, canning, all of the things that make my soul fly. True happiness comes from being creative.
    Anyway, hoping for help and laws to change.

  13. This is a stellar idea and a thoughtful way to give back to the community. I’m a MMJ patient who manages a seizure disorder with high CBD medical marijuana. Also, I treat PTSD and chronic pain with indica strains. Currently, I’m finishing my very first grow room and would benefit greatly from some charitable seeds from your premium Vault genetic sources. Thank you kindly for this fantastic opportunity and good vibes to the other posters.

  14. Maybe I can get in on July’s? I provide medical cannabis to those with breast cancer, started over 10 years ago once a family member was diagnosed. It grew from there as I met others through her treatments and the support groups. Can’t understand why anyone withholds medicine that improves the quality of life to those in need. Hard to explain what Chemo and Radiation does to a person until you see it in person. It makes a strong, vibrant person week and drains the life right out of them. I have unfortunately lost 2 family members to breast cancer, but still give to those in need, all I ask is for some pots or soil, but only do that when they insist on giving, as I wont take cash. Recently started helping those with crohns as well, but learning what works best for them I can’t believe that The Vault GIVES and GIVES, when so many don’t. Thanks to Team Vault!

  15. Hi great thing you guys are doing will help many people me personally I suffer with intense back pain if it wasn’t for a friend who lets me put one auto in with his I dont know what I would do can anyone recommend a good auto for pain relief thanks the vault

  16. Hello what a great thing your doing here @vaultteam. im entering on behalf of both my parents who both suffer from cancer. Chemo just doesnt help and makes it so my mother cant keep food down what great people you are hope i may win some strains to offset the cost of the strains Ive bought to try to help them

  17. Hi i suffer a debilitating arthertic condition called ankylosing spondylitis, it not only fuses the spinal joints together but has a whole host of other issues,
    Please excuse my copying from the nass society website.
    What is axial spondyloarthritis / ankylosing spondylitis?

    It’s a painful, progressive form of inflammatory arthritis. It mainly affects the spine but can also affect other joints, tendons and ligaments.

    Other areas such as the eyes and bowel can also sometimes be involved with AS.

    What happens?

    Inflammation occurs at the site where ligaments or tendons attach to the bone. This is known as enthesis.
    The inflammation is followed by some wearing away of the bone at the site of the attachment. This is known as enthesopathy.
    As the inflammation reduces, healing takes place and new bone develops. Movement becomes restricted when bone replaces the elastic tissue of ligaments or tendons.
    Repetition of this inflammatory process leads to further bone formation and the individual bones which make up your backbone (vertebrae) can fuse together.

  18. I could use it for helping the people better then I am able to already. Since I give my medicine away for free it is always hard to find good quality seeds at a fair price. So for free would really help.

  19. I’m 70yo and due to the NHS I have been self-medicating for a long time.. I have a load of different things wrong with me but Broken Neck (Overlooked by the hospital after the crash I had in 1984)and back and left hip were also missed. I have very little neck left as all the discs have collapsed and an op to fix it has 95% failure..This means my throat/breathing/eating are all difficult as they are compressed along with my spinal cord. I can’t (due to changes in my benefits) afford to by seeds or their their product. I rely totally on my kids to try and help Dad but they can’t always get it… Help me please

  20. Thankyou so much for the opportunity. I’m trying to produce cbd for my mother who has suffered chemo more than once.its wonderful how It works and It all starts from a seed

  21. I just wanted to thank the guys at The Vault, they helped me out, i was diagnosed with cancer in april 2017, and these guys helped me with support, respect and sent me a gift, these guys are rock solid and true gentlemen, thanks.

  22. I’m in need of medicinal cannabis seeds living in a hypocritical country like the uk I am forced either see street dealers for poor quality smoke. I suffer with most mental health conditions and need variety to deal with pain, anxiety, insomnia, helps to keep the ptsd under control and stops me getting schizophrenic or psychotic thoughts when all I can do is remember and relive the abuse I had as a child, modern medicines answer to all this is medication that kills off brain cells, rots bones and structure stays in your system for stupidly long time, the price of cannabis in the uk has become extortionate especially considering the very poor quality and very little choice, I’m all for natural medicines we should all say NO to hypocracies modern medicine theory as its full of s#*t natural meds all the way wake up world stop believing all the lies

  23. I am a medical cannabis patient in the U.S. And my states laws are so bad I can no longer afford my medicine.. I use it for pain, in a few areas, along with depression and adhd. It’s a miracle what it does for me. I have already pawned everything I have because I am unable to work.. It’s time for me to put my gardening skills to use .. If you can help I would be forever grateful and would definitely be a lifetime customer. Thank you! ✌️?

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