Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms

Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms

Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms


Muscle spasms or cramps affect many people in the US, especially old and overweight people. Muscle spasms are also frequent among people who do a lot of physical activities. Athletes have a high chance of being affected with muscle spasms and about 67 percent of triathletes always battle with muscle cramps.


The duration of spasms vary. Some people experience it for a few seconds, while others experience it for a few minutes or even hours in some cases. Spasm usually affect the legs, arms, back, and different muscles all over the body. Severe spasms can tear up your tendons or ligaments, mainly if the region is weak or broken.


Consistent spasms can soften your tissues and make affected muscles viable to injury. When your joints become stiff, it may hinder you from doing certain activities.


Why Medical Marijuana Works for Muscle Spasms

Medical marijuana is now approved for the treatment of muscle spasms in many states across the U.S.


States including Alaska, Connecticut, Pennsylvania have approved the use of medical marijuana for muscle spasms resulting from unrelated conditions, such as MS. The state of Massachusetts has also approved medical cannabis for muscle cramps if its recommended by a physician recommends it.


Marijuana can decrease inflammation which leads to muscle spasms. According to a study by the University of South Carolina, the immune system’s reaction to muscle injury is lessened, and THC terminates inflammatory proteins of the system.


Medical marijuana binds cannabinoid receptors in your ECS with THC and CBD. When this happens, THC begins an anti-inflammatory reaction which stops inflammation and muscle spasms after an injury.


Another research on MS further proves that medical marijuana treats inflammation. The study shows that THC and CBD decreased the phenotype that generates inflammation in MS.


Further research on muscles spasms showed that oral cannabis extract enhanced the patient’s spasticity or muscle cramps in contrast to prescription pills. According to another study, on 500 people, it was discovered that more than half of the people showed a high rate of improvement in spasticity after receiving Sativex for over a month.


However, there is a need for more pharmaceutical companies to conduct more research on how and why medical cannabis affects chronic muscle spasms resulting from underlying conditions like MS.


The effectiveness of medical marijuana to treat inflammation and muscle spasms makes it a preferable alternative for patients. Therefore many states are now considering the legalization of medical marijuana for the treatment of different health issues.


How to Use Medical Marijuana for Muscle Spasms

Medical marijuana for muscle spasms can be used in different ways. Popular methods include smoking, edibles, topical application, tinctures and more.


The use of topical medical cannabis creams for muscle cramps leads to great results. When medical marijuana is applied on the affected area, it numbs spasm and relaxes your muscles. Topical medical marijuana creams need about 30 minutes to become active.


All medical cannabis strains for muscle cramps come in indica, hybrid and sativa strains. There are more than 100 medical marijuana strains which are approved for the treatment of muscle spasm.


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