Emerald Triangle Seeds Promo – Win FREE Cannabis Seeds

Emerald Triangle Seeds

Emerald Triangle Seeds


420 may be just over, and boy was it a big one this year! But, of course, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store never slows down, we are committed to bringing you more cannabis seed competitions and promos than anyone else and we have some of the best cannabis seed promotions around so you get more for your spend at The Vault than anywhere else!


Next up for you we have 4 packs of 3 Candyland Feminised Seeds from Emerald Triangle Seeds to be won!  But first lets have a look at the breeder Emerald Triangle:


Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seeds

Emerald Triangle


With breeding experience going back over two decades, the team at Emerald Triangle Seeds is known for their incredible attention to detail, their all-natural techniques and the resulting high reliability of their prized strains.


Whilst Emerald Seeds have produced a vast selection of strains over the years, including some top-notch feminised varieties, they are most well known for their regular strains:


This is part of their commitment to establishing a long-lasting legacy of the most stable seeds around without neglecting the use of the male chromosome in their breeding techniques.


Win a pack of 3 Candyland Feminised Seeds from Emerald Triangle Seeds:


To enter simply leave a comment on this blog post in the comments section below, let us know if you have any experience with Emerald Triangle and or their strains too!


We will have 4 winners, each receiving a pack of 3 Candyland Feminised Cannabis Seeds and a obligatory Vault Tee Shirt.


Winners will be selected using random number generator and announced on the 19th of May. Winners will be contacted via the email address used to post with but this will remain private.


Winners, chosen by random number generator from all the entries are:







I have sent you an email via the address you used to comment with to arrange delivery of your prizes!


Why not head on over to The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store now and pick up some Discount Cannabis Seeds, whilst taking advantage of the discount code Emerald15 for a whopping 15% off ALL Emerald Triangle seeds!


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Legal Disclaimer: The competition winners will have their prizes sent to them via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition prizes, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


240 thoughts on “Emerald Triangle Seeds Promo – Win FREE Cannabis Seeds

  1. I’ve never tried Emerald Triangle seeds and I’m a first time grower. Candyland sounds delicious!

  2. Hey, I haven’t had any business with Emerald Triangle or your selected stains, but sure would like to try my hand at it. Thanks
    Stay safe

  3. Emerald Triangle Candyland is a Dandyland a mental playground where all the rides are OPEN…….

  4. Well well well i am stuck in The Emerald Triangle………Don’t send help!……A lovely lady with a pic-in-ic basket would be very delightful…gracias

  5. Never have tried this brand I’ve tried about five different brands so far all was premium fast42 was the only ones that didn’t have 100% germ rate love them all

  6. Hi! I Love Emerald Triangle and first encountered them in my grow research several years ago. They are a great company and support a lot of the local businesses in northern California. I remember I was working a Music Festival a couple years back called Enchanted Forest and it was located next to one of their grows. People from Emerald Triangle ended up coming over and giving away free joints and awesome gear for all the workers and during the night while enjoying the gifts from Emerald Triangle, a pig from a nearby farm had gotten loose and was causing damage all throughout the festival and eventually got tamed by a campers cooler full of beer ( true story). After the pig was tamed, the farm and dr bronner’s had a nice session to end the night! I wasn’t able to grab genetics from the guys locally through all the madness so I would love to try these out in my living soil setup and complete the Emerald Triangle story!

  7. Nunca probé ése banco de semillas, pero me encantará ser uno de los afortunados ganadores.
    GRACIAS por la oportunidad de participar.
    🔥💜🍀MUCHA SUERTE🍀💜🔥

  8. Nunca probé ése banco de semillas, pero me encantará ser uno de los afortunados ganadores.
    Muchas Gracias por la oportunidad de participar, y muchas gracias por los sorteos que hacéis, GRACIAS George.
    🔥💜🍀🍀MUCHA SUERTE🍀🍀💜🔥

  9. Haven’t tried them yet, though I heard that part of Cali grows banging product! Also love you guys at the vault stay safe in the UK!

  10. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any Emerald Triangle products as of yet. I’ve only ordered from seedzmen seeds and heavyweight seeds so far. I’ve only ordered once. Candyland sounds Amazing.

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