Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen To High

Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen To High

Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen To High


Funnily enough, there is a peculiar connection between true crime podcasts and smoking weed. Or at least, a lot of people who enjoy one enjoy the other. Listening to true crime has been a huge thing over the last 5 years and the popularity of podcasts is skyrocketing still. Constantly new podcasts are coming out about various types of crimes, murders, serial killers, cults etc. Some are serious, some have a little more comedy, some even bring in cryptids and aliens. As a true-crime fan myself I know which podcasts I prefer enjoying while having a smoke and doing a little bit of crochet. So let’s have a look at the best true-crime podcasts to enjoy while high. 


Last Podcast On The Left


I’m starting with my personal favourite, a podcast that has its own strain of weed. Two of the gentleman on the podcast are fans of smoking pot and the podcast itself is perfect for it. I love this podcast because it’s funny, genuinely informative, covers fascinating and varied subject matter, and honestly, the hosts are amazing. Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski are all old hats at this sort of thing. The balance of Ben’s adorable yet powerful personality, Marcus’ fantastic research skills and Henry’s bizarre and dark comedy style makes this a perfect podcast to listen to stoned. No matter what you’re into when it comes to true-crime this podcast will have something you like. Sometimes I want a regular serial killer, maybe a classic like Richard Chase or Albert Fish. Or maybe I’m in the mood for a cult such as The Children Of God or Jones Town. Then if you are more of an alien or cryptid fan there are plenty of episodes as well as short side episodes about the weirdest recent true crime cases. This is definitely my number one pick for the best true crime podcasts to listen to high. 


My Favourite Murder


Often considered the sister podcast to Last Podcast On The Left, My Favourite Murder is another one that is a lot of fun to listen to. This podcast goes hand in hand with the modern fascination with true crime as the hosts make you feel happy and welcome to be in that curious space. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are a lot of fun to listen to and their friendship dynamic really comes through. The show is funny, enthusiastic and informative so perfect if you maybe want something a little less hardcore and a bit more fun while still learning all about the nastiest true crimes. They also have a pretty fantastic book out called ‘Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered’. 


Dr. Death


With this podcast things get a little bit serious and a lot creepy. Rather than being a podcast that touches on a variety of crimes throughout history, this follows one particular case. It is in-depth, fascinating and terrifying. This is perfect for all my murder fans who like getting involved in a mystery. Hearing all of the evidence, finding out new pieces of information, terrifying twists and turns while occasionally being reminded that it all really happened. This is a fantastic option for sitting, smoking and just lying back in bed being swept away by the story. This definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but I suppose not a lot of true crime is. Buckle up for a chilling story about greed, murder, medical lies and all sorts of other fascinating stuff. 


Up and Vanished


This mysterious podcast looks into the cold case of Tara Grinstead. This podcast started as an exploration of an unsolved murder and ended up being a major part of the search for the truth. In 2005 the teacher and former beauty queen Tara Grinstead went missing from her home in Georgia. For 11 years there were no arrests involved in the case and it was a complete mystery. This podcast was partly responsible for opening up new leads and actually two suspects were arrested in 2018. This is a fascinating and incredible human interest story that is perfect for anyone who loves a good mystery and wants to follow along with bringing real-life murderers to justice. 


Most Notorious 


If you love a little bit of historical crime then this is a great option, educational and fascinating. This is another great one for just getting comfy, lighting a spliff and just relaxing into an evening of historical serial killers, bandits and villains. Every episode takes the listener back in time to some great crime event in history, some well known and others you might never have heard of. Just as modern true crime can be thrilling it can also be a little stressful. If you are just trying to get stoned and learn about some bizarre historical figures that did messed up things then this is the ideal podcast for you. 




This was one of the earliest podcasts of its kind to come out so it’s great for anyone who likes a classic. Unlike the other podcasts, this one will focus on one case over an entire season. This means you get to stretch your legs in a story but also get some variation between seasons. Not only does this podcast look into the crimes as well as the investigative procedures of the crimes. So if you like the technical and professional aspects of crime investigation this is a good one. As you follow along you can try to figure out clues, follow along with the investigation as it goes and learn about fascinating true crime cases. Each episode takes you deeper and deeper into the mystery and pulls you into the lives of the victims and their killers. This is definitely the go-to long-form true crime podcast. Perfect for a perkier strain that is still relaxing but will let you focus on the clues as they show up. 


Whatever kind of crime you like, if you enjoy a smoke and a little bit of murder, mystery or just plain messed up nonsense then enjoy these fantastic podcasts. 


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