Best Strains For Making It Through Squid Game

Best Strains For Making It Through Squid Game

Best Strains For Making It Through Squid Game


The show that everyone is talking about, so I decided to watch it while I have this horrible cold. I haven’t finished it yet but I can already definitely recommend strains that will help you get through it, especially if you are a full baby with too many emotions like me. If you are somehow not familiar with Squid Game it is a Korean survival drama that involves…well just a bunch of really messed up stuff but in an amazing way. If you haven’t watched it yet I really want you to go in knowing as little as possible, but I also want to prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster you’re embarking on. So if you decide to watch Squid Game, which absolutely do it please I really mean it, these are the strains you should have to hand. 


Shiatsu Kush


This is a fantastic strain for watching Squid Game because of its long-lasting, powerful and relaxing effect. If you struggle with high anxiety situations or generally have an anxiety disorder then this strain might make it easier for you to get through certain high-intensity aspects of the show. Medicinally this strain is used to fight depression, insomnia, pain, loss of appetite and PTSD. She has a THC level of 24% so don’t overdo it. You want to feel calm so you can enjoy the show, not pass out during it. The strain is a combination of Indica and Sativa so hopefully, it won’t make you particularly sleepy unless you want it to. Shiatsu Kush has a flowering time of 8 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 




This strain is a little less intense but still has a calming and uplifting effect with a nice energetic hit. This is perfect if you are planning on binging the entire series in one go. It should let your brain take in everything that’s going on while keeping you calm and focused. We don’t want to take away the drama of the show, so with a THC level of 11% this is a really fantastic option. It also has a deliciously tangy flavour of mango, apple and orange which is just a nice touch. Overall this strain is one of the best all rounders to help you chill out during the intense bits without losing the drama. Jillybean has a flowering time of 8 weeks and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 




If you decide to watch the show in the original Korean rather than the dub, this is a perfect strain. Many Korean speakers have recommended watching the show with subtitles as apparently a fair bit of the dialogue gets mangled in the dubbed version. I watched it dubbed because my attention span does not go well with having to look at the screen constantly to know what’s going on. I can certainly manage a film but anything past that is just pushing my ADHD to its limits. If you also have trouble focusing then Pinewarp might be the strain for you. It is a Sativa that is usually recommended to help with focus. It is also a medicinal strain that helps deal with depression, inflammation, headaches, stress and pain. So if you are struggling to focus because of any of these you’re golden. This strain has a THC level of 21% so it isn’t the weakest on the market. Newer smokers should definitely watch how much they use if they want to keep focusing on the subtitles. Pinewarp is usually at its best when grown outdoors. 


Cherry Pie


This strain is great for pretty much every aspect of the show, but you may definitely need it for episode 6. Famously this episode has been messing with everyone and if you haven’t seen it yet just buckle right up. Cherry Pie is a happy and uplifting strain with a nice relaxed back. It is Indica dominant and has an average THC level of 18% so it shouldn’t completely destroy you if you go a little overboard. This strain is often recommended for TV watching as it does provide a soft focus along with its upbeat effect. This also makes it great for anyone who is generally struggling with depression, stress or anxiety, not just from Squid Game. And trust me, this episode will absolutely cause all three. Cherry Pie has a flowering time of 56 – 70 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 


Pineapple Express


This strain, which was made famous by the film of the same name starring Seth Rogan, is a perfect companion to TV watching. It is uplifting, a little giggly, and very optimistic so maybe a good one to use in the last few episodes of the show. My hope is that it will somewhat counteract the effects that the episodes have on the slightly more delicate viewer. I find that if I get too emotionally overwhelmed watching something it can actually lessen the experience. Mainly because I can’t see through the literal waterfalls coming out of my eyes or the blanket I’m hiding behind. So if you are like me you might benefit from a little uplifting background buzz while trying to process what you are watching. Pineapple Express has a flowering time of 60 – 65 days and will grow well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. It also has a lowish THC level of 14% so it won’t knock you sideways. 


Amnesia Haze


This last one is for anyone who has been reading this and thinks “that’s not me, I can handle anything”. Well clever clogs let’s turn things up a notch. Amnesia Haze is famous for its psychedelic properties whilst also being cerebral and euphoric. If you feel like challenging yourself then have a go at watching Squid Game with all of your senses cranked up to 11. For some of you this will be a welcome addition to watching this show. Though I would still recommend you don’t go overboard towards the end of the season or you may have a small melt down. This strain has a flowering time of 77 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.


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