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At The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store, we believe that sharing is caring. Along with the countless freebies, promo prizes and consistently great value deals that we have become famous for, we wanted to give back to the community in yet another way: Via our awesome, profitable new affiliate program.


Start earning commission from The Vault today


Our affiliate program gives you the fantastic opportunity to turn the Vault’s strong, dominating online presence into profits for you. It’s a no-brainer and a win-win situation for all involved: If you have a website, just represent us with a banner and text link and we’ll pay you back for every bit of business that you help to bring our way – no advanced technical knowledge is required and we’ve made it super simple for you to get started.


Even if you don’t have a website but perhaps a strong online audience or a targeted audience within the Cannabis Industry, this could work for you.  You can even add this link to your social media pages, anywhere really.


Sign up to our affiliate program now, or get in touch via our quick and easy contact form today if you’d like to send a message to our affiliates manager.

Cannabis Seeds Affiliate


How does the program work?


It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  • 1) As a member of our affiliate program, we’ll supply you with a number of banner image links and text links which you can place within your website.
  • 2) Once a site visitor clicks one of these banner images or text links, they’ll be brought to our website.
  • 3) Each click-through we receive will be tracked by our affiliate software, which shall ensure that you’ll be able to earn a commission based upon your commission type.


We’ll keep you in the loop

Our user-friendly affiliate system makes it easy for you to track your sales, traffic, account balance and to monitor the performance of your affiliate banners and text links: This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Just log in after registering with us and our system will keep you up-to-date.


Our program details are as follows:

Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale, 10% for each and every sale you deliver Initial Deposit £10.00 GBP – And that’s just for signing up! Pay-out Requirements £100.00 GBP – Minimum balance required to receive a pay-out Pay-out Duration Payments are made once a month, for the preceding month


2 Tier CommissionsPay-Per-Sale, 10% for each and every sale you deliver PLUS you will also earn 10% from any sub-affiliates you sign up as well
Initial Deposit£10.00 GBP – And that’s just for signing up!
Pay-out Requirements£100.00 GBP – Minimum balance required to receive a pay-out
Pay-out DurationPayments are made once a month, for the preceding month


Sign up today to start turning your website real-estate into real profits!

As you can see, there’s fantastic potential for you to turn those spare bits of ad space into a money-spinner that can bring profits your way. The earlier you get started, the sooner you can watch those fat stacks pile up. Click here to sign up now.



If you would simply like to trade a Vault Goodie bag in return for some promo or have any ideas on that front then please email [email protected] to discuss in more detail. Please let us know what Social Channels you are on and what the audience numbers are and yur geographic area etc.

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  1. I really love how you offer many different strains by many different breeders (photoperiod and auto) and the excellent customer service.

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