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8 Ball Kush Feminised Seeds
Barneys Farm
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Amnesia Lemon Feminised Seeds
Barneys Farm
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White Widow x Big Bud Feminised Seeds
Female Seeds
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White Widow Feminised Seeds
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O.G. Kush Feminised Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds
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Pure AK Feminised Seeds
Female Seeds
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Northern Light Automatic  Feminised Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds
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Blue Cheese Feminised Seeds
Barneys Farm
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The Vault

We say that the public should have access to top-quality #cannabis seeds without having to break any local laws. #420

The Vault

The Vault

Pot oil "miracle in a bottle" cure could land mom in jail

The Vault

The Vault

The Vault's GrassCity Exclusive competition is still open (Closes on the 25th November 2014. The lucky winners will be announced on the 26th November 2014)

The Vault

The Vault

Congratulations, the winners of the Dutch Passion Promo are: Jason Hendel Sharon Jarrell Stewart Colman Andrew Perry Anthony Santistevan You all win: 5 x Dutch Passion Surprise Mix Seeds A super-cool packet of Dutch Passion king-size rolling papers A handful of awesome Dutch Passion baggies and stickers Please PM us to arrange delivery of your prize. Thanks to all who entered, plenty more promotions, competitions and fun coming soon. Thanks again to Dutch Passion for this promo. Legal disclaimer: The winners will be contacted by PM on Facebook and will have their seeds sent via recorded delivery. If you win but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition seeds, so you will have to raise this with your local delivery service (for example, in the UK, this would be Royal Mail). Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries: Therefore, it is our duty to urge you to obey all of your local laws. The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, novelty or collection purposes.

The Vault

The Vault

We've developed links with top suppliers of legal #cannabis seeds, enabling us to offer the most competitive prices around.

The Vault

Yeah, 5k followers milestone achieved, thanks all, Winners of the Dutch Passion promo will be announced soon :) and a new Vault exclusive promo following that in a few days, feels like Christmas already

The Vault

The famous #WhiteWidow strain is prized for its remarkable potency, interesting back-story & unique genetics. http://wu.to/Rsx2uM

The Vault

The Vault

Shout out to our friends at https://www.facebook.com/AutismExodus

The Vault

The Vault

The best #cannabis seed prices you'll find anywhere on the web: guaranteed! http://wu.to/7JLUni #420

The Vault

Smile if you love The Vault :)

The Vault

Happy Birthday Timoti Rodriguez :)

The Vault

Afroman has released a new Version of his hit song 'Because i Got High'!!! Thanks to Weedmaps

The Vault

The Vault

Rest assured that we're devoted to protecting your privacy in every possible way. http://wu.to/eHDs7f #420

The Vault

Here's a little video to keep you entertained, and of course includes a discount code - http://youtu.be/dHsFCdUjWTQ like comment and share with your friends

The Vault

Legal Seeds

The Vault

The Vault

Read, like, comment and share. More people need to know the benefits of this medicine

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Feminised Cannabis Seeds http://t.co/jKn8Px6xTT

A collection of ladies bring your attention to a 10% discount for new customers at The Vault - www.c http://t.co/UcQCSQZjbh

RT @MarijuanaDP: Marijuana Banner Advertising with multiple 420 sites http://t.co/tdJlVzTk7w @stonerjesus420 @plural_ways @SENSISEEDBANK @…

RT @stonerjesus420: The Stoner Jesus Show LIVE – Interview With @miakhalifa [11/17/14] « http://t.co/Z5Ox12By6c #potcast

We deal with all of your details in a discreet manner which fully respects your privacy. http://t.co/CMWAbaFP9H #marijuana

We offer a free 'Quick One Automatic' #feminised #cannabis seed for all orders over £100! http://t.co/GpPsPEa7Op

We sell a huge range of strains from some of the world's top breeders. http://t.co/f331EvsjfF #420

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/6e98W2HMa5 The Vault Shipping Review from a GrassCity Member

At The Vault, we believe that laws – and attitudes – need to change regarding cannabis. As reform http://t.co/MV1UsQ7lvv

Legal White Widow seeds: From modern remixes, to classic golden-oldie versions, we've got a strain for everyone! http://t.co/WhLCnSNnUB

By securely storing legal #cannabis seeds, valuable genetics may be preserved for the future. http://t.co/57izbud7dD

We carry a number of #WhiteWidow variants, including awesome crosses from some of the world's top breeders. http://t.co/JO7rnkvR0i

You'll be sure that the genetics of each seed comes from a fine pedigree. http://t.co/48ml4QMZVO #420

With a huge choice of popular favourites, hard-to-find classics and new hot-shots, we have something for every collector.

Discover our #AutoFlowering seeds - Meet the T-1000 of the #weed world! http://t.co/xUwZauUCop

The Vault #Cannabis Seeds Store is your one-stop-shop for all the latest and greatest legal #weed seed strains. http://t.co/mFaRAwYJfx

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/JuWigUTrkf The first GrassCity promo winner draw.

RT @stonerjesus420: Imagine creating your very own pipe out of ice, and smoking out if it! http://t.co/tS3ssASY0L get your @FrostPipe1 http…

All transactions made through us will show up on your statement as originating from: 'The Vault Supplies'. http://t.co/dQnlaog5tI

Did you know? #Skunk is actually a specific strain , not a generic term for strong #weed. http://t.co/GChMvSYRmU

If there is something you want us to provide details on, please just ask and we'll get one of our highly experienced team onto it.

Cannabis Seeds http://t.co/FASIeZddqu

Another Vault Hottie http://t.co/mVS1VZ4xnH

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/v274UkQt2T The Vault Cannabis Seeds Video Promo 2014

Our regular seeds offer #cannabis connoisseurs traditional, classic & old-school inspired strains. http://t.co/M9P36GorTG #420

For true collectors, our extensive variety of #feminised seeds is a real cornucopia of high-quality genetics.

RT @pacoboss13: The Vaults Winter Warmer Competition: Exclusive for Grasscity members http://t.co/5mBgkTzz0f via @The_Vault_Seeds

We've worked hard to maintain an enviable line-up of brands which reads as something of a 'who's who' in the #weed breeding world.

#Autoflowering #weed seeds have been specially bred to provide the ultimate combination of simplicity and speed. http://t.co/BdvplISNXe

We're dedicated to providing customers with a reliable, discreet & secure online source of quality, 100% legal #cannabis seeds.

Questions about cannabis seeds? Please e-mail us via the contact form on our web page.

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/vqjTB2W6mK The Vault blonde leoparde

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store offers legal #weed seeds from a number of the most talented breeders in the world. http://t.co/4vTIcU4W7v

RT @micnews: Every pin-up calendar needs a model like this http://t.co/n50DjDWnIU http://t.co/4zvUtnJGVQ

The Vault blonde leoparde: http://t.co/vqjTB2W6mK via @YouTube

The Vault elves have been in work since 5.30am in anticipation of our new delivery girl. What do you guys think? RT http://t.co/82s3QX3HQR

The White Widow strain is admired for its impeccable genetic heritage & complex nature. http://t.co/2qV9yhAhD2 #420

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The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is your one-stop-shop for all the latest and greatest 100% legal weed seed strains, reliably sourced from a choice selection of world-class breeders;

Order in confidence - You can rest easy when you place an order with The Vault

  • Your payment details are protected by our robust, industry-standard, security systems.
  • We handle all of your details in a discreet manner which fully respects your privacy.
  • All of our deliveries are fully guaranteed, so that nothing will ever come between you and your order.

The best cannabis seeds prices you’ll find anywhere on the web: guaranteed!

If you happen to find a better deal online for any of the seeds we offer, we will refund you the difference and supply you with 2 white widow seeds, completely free of charge, with your next order: now that should get your spider senses tingling!

Feminised Seeds - Fall to the charms of the fairer sex

For serious collectors, our extensive range of feminised seeds is a veritable cornucopia of fine-quality genetics, each of which represents a master-class in modern weed seed breeding; When quality matters, don’t accept sub-par imitations: click here to view the best feminised seeds which were good enough to meet our exacting standards!

Regular Seeds - As wholesome and natural as a bag of organic trail mix

Whilst each of our feminised seed strains could be described as modern miracles in their own right, there is another female who should never be underestimated: Mother Nature…Our regular seeds provide cannabis connoisseurs with more traditional, classic and old-school inspired strains: all of which are provided exactly as nature intended: Click here to view the full range now!

Auto Flowering Seeds - Meet the T-1000 of the weed seeds world

Seeds in this category have been specially bred to provide the ultimate combination of speed and simplicity, with the potential to achieve results that will knock your socks off. Click here for a closer look at these high-tech auto flowering beauties!

The best cannabis seeds brands all in one place

At The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store, we have worked hard to secure an enviable line-up of brands which reads as somewhat of a ‘who’s who’ in the weed seeds breeding world; With prestigious names like: Afropips, Alpine Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Seed Co., Seedsman, Sensi Seeds, The 7 Dwarfs,  The Joint Doctor, and many more, you can be sure of a wide selection of high-calibre (and often award-winning) strains to choose from. Click here to view our complete list of top-notch brands now!