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SinCity Seeds

Las Vegas, 2010 where it all began. A group of underground breeders with a passion for medical marijuana (MMJ) set out to change the way the world sees cannabis from a therapeutic perspective. That group of visionaries is known today as Sin City Seeds. They exist for the sole purpose of producing unique, DANK varieties with impressive yields.

Enthusiasts of all description agree on one point: Sin City Seeds is succeeding famously in meeting and exceeding their own goals. Their members form a true dream team with a wealth of experience and cannabis breeding skills.

Sin City draws from a huge store of some of the finest clones and seed collections from California. They adhere to strict breeding standards with particular care lent to the selection of male specimens. Every new strain goes through a strenuous testing process to ensure optimal results every time. These seeds are extremely reliable with a near 100% germination rate and respond well to virtually any growing method.

There is one important consideration when deciding to work with these seeds. Sin City takes a purist approach to breeding. They do not force feminised or auto-flowering varieties in their breeding projects. While feminised and auto-flowering strains may be easier to handle, Sin City Seeds believes that less modification to the parent strains produces a better product. Experienced growers will have an easier time with these seeds but they also present a great opportunity for new growers to develop more advanced skills.

The medical cannabis strains produced by Sin City have a variety of THC to CBD ratios for use in a broad range of therapeutic applications. As breeders of medical marijuana, they strive to deliver an ever-increasing variety of high-yielding DANK hybrids while maintaining an ethical and humanitarian approach to what they do. This is one breeder that understands the value of cannabis for medical applications. They strive to make available the best possible products to people who need them and keep prices well within reach for the masses.

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