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Should it be Legal to Sell Cannabis Seeds?

There has always been a bit of controversy surrounding the selling or marijuana seeds when it is not legal to grow them. Of course at first thought this just seems plain silly, like buying clothes and not being allowed to wear them. However a shop in Sussex has pointed out, when told off for selling seeds to their customers, that they are selling for collection purposes not growing ones.

We are all hoping that soon the government will realise that legalising marijuana is the only sensible thing to do and when that time comes what's the harm in having a ready collection of seeds for all of your legal growing needs. The legalisation of marijuana just makes sense with positives arising such as quality control, age control, not to mention the amount of money that would be taken away from illegal drug dealing syndicates. However until that time shops should be perfectly entitled to sell seeds safely and legally.

The shop in question, UK Skunkworks, is getting in a fair amount of trouble from the media, and really anyone who cares throw in their extremely unique anti marijuana opinions without having the slightest idea what they are on about. The manager has told the press that the seeds are for collecting and not growing, they are in no way encouraging people to grow illegally but what's the harm in having them around for when they are needed.

Many people are making comments such as if they don't want people to grow them then why is the growth period on the box, mad right? Yes obviously if people go out and do something illegal with the seeds it’s the shops fault, just like if an outdoors shop sells an axe it’s their fault if it’s used to murder someone.

People will try to find any little thing wrong with the selling of seeds, such as the world famous White Widow Seeds, purely because marijuana is such a very dangerous drug. Oh yes, remember all of those teenagers who overdosed on weed, or those other ones that went on a violent hassling spree around their local shopping centre? No neither do I. The only dangerous marijuana is marijuana that is being purchased from sketchy drug dealers which has been mixed with god knows what in order to spread out their produce. With the legalisation of marijuana comes an end to this sort of selling. People won’t need to buy from dealers any more; they won’t need to risk smoking something that they didn't intend to.

So personally I don't think that there is a thing wrong with selling the seeds, they are already implementing their own age and quality control. If you ask me they are doing more to keep marijuana safe, in a recreational sense, than making it illegal has ever done. There is nothing wrong with being hopeful and as long as no one is breaking the law or encouraging others to do so then what the hell is wrong with that.

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