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Kilimanjaro Regular Seeds

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Kilimanjaro Regular Seeds

This African sativa gets its name from the area where it grows wild: the hillsides of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. This early-finisher is the product of years of cultivation by native people who refer to it as the "elephant killer."

This strain has a long and mystical history as being a variety of cannabis that was routinely used as part of religious rituals among the indigenous peoples of the region. If you are looking for a truly spiritual experience, Kilimanjaro is your go-to.

Outdoor growers will love how well these plants stand up to various weather conditions, but they should definitely make sure to give them plenty of long, sunny days to produce their finest product possible. Early to plant, early to harvest and the plants do finish quite quickly for a pure sativa: just 60-70 days and your wait is over.

Indoor growers are urged to only attempt an indoor grow if the grow room has high ceilings and ample floor space. Greenhouses are a much better indoor environment for these plants than a basement. They prefer natural light but will produce just fine under a 600 watt bulb on a 12/12 cycle.

With high THC levels, the effect of Kilimanjaro has been described as trippy and stimulating and these seeds are very stable - no surprises here, just consistently hardy plants with great genetics for the ultimate buzz. Some of the improvements to these plants over their wild counterparts include predictably high resin production, and stronger flavour and aroma.

Kilimanjaro is a novice grower-friendly strain that grows nicely even under less than ideal conditions, but veteran growers will really appreciate just how much product they can get with just a little extra effort, as well as the plants' ability to resist mould and fungus.



CBD Content:
Cerebral, Energetic
Flowering time:
9-10 weeks
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Citric fruit
THC Content:
Seed type:
Regular Seeds
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