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Yumbolt Regular Seeds

Yumbolt is a cannabis seed that brings back the classic flavour from the famous hills of Humboldt Co. in California. It has a calming effect and a pleasant outdoor scent, often making people feel sleepy but content. The taste remains consistent from the first hit to the last. With large and juicy flowers, this strain fulfills the desires of every grower. It is highly sought after by cannabis enthusiasts for its captivating powers. Yumbolt is said to have originated from the Himalayans of Afghanistan and adapted to the Humboldt County mountains in the late 70s. Sagarmatha obtained the seeds in the early 90s and cultivated them in Holland. The strain even received recognition in a Cannabis Cup competition. A customer's outdoor sample in 2001 had similar qualities to the ones smoked in Humboldt in the early 80s. These buds often look like dense, slightly golden frosted pinecones. Another impressive feature is the formation of trichome tunnels on the tiny curled leaves surrounding the tops. Yumbolt will transport you to the hills and give you a taste of authentic Californian sunshine.


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Flowering time:
60 days
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
Indoors 350 gr/m2 (Dried)
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