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Reggae Seeds

Reggae Seeds

If you are looking to add some premium-grade genetics to your collection, Reggae Seeds is a seriously passionate breeding collective which you most definitely need to check out!

By selectively picking prime genetics and making superb-quality crosses, it has become possible for Reggae Seeds to create an impressive library of seed strains which possess incredible medical potential, rock-solid stability and superb genetic characteristics.

Let's take a look at some of Reggae Seeds' most popular seed strains…


This is an award-winning strain (10 awards in just 4 years!) which was created by crossing Juanita la Lagrimosa with Kalijah to stunning effect.

For a Sativa-dominant strain, Dancehall is incredibly speedy, with a 60/70 day flowering time allowing it to generate a medium to high yield.

Taste-wise, Dancehall delights with earthy, incense-like aromas, delicious fruity notes and a sumptuous, potent flavour of its own.


This incredible strain has earned its truly awesome name, as respect is definitely due to Reggae Seeds for what they have created. By taking their famous Juanita la Lagrimosa and blending it with Cannalope Haze, they have produced a strain with an incredibly complex flavour profile, high yield potential and rapid flowering time of just 55/65 days. Notes of citrus fruits, candied peel, rich wood and exotic spices mix together to create a truly tantalising aroma with a sweet and delicious taste.

As a strain which possesses high CBD levels, Respect is packed with medicinal potential. A true gem for any collector looking for strains with a real laid-back, feel-good factor and a strong social buzz.


By working with some of the most respected seed experts in the world - and by taking the care and time to masterfully combine Reina Madre with Kalijah genetics, Reggae Seeds has produced a Sativa heavyweight which generates fragrant banana aromas with earthy undertones: A true delight - and that's before the high even kicks in: 100% sativa, the effects are brilliantly energising, social and creative, with an uplifting buzz: Pure reggae magic!

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